Chad Billingsley close to three-year contract extension

The rumblings first came from Joe McDonnell of Fox Sports, aided by Roberto Baly of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy. Now, Tony Jackson of is reporting, based on multiple anonymous sources, that the Dodgers are close to extending Chad Billingsley’s contract through 2014, with a possible 2015 option.

Billingsley, who is earning $6.275 million in 2011, would be the first Dodger of the current young core to be signed passed his free-agent years. Billingsley could otherwise become a free agent in November 2012.

We’re still waiting on precisely how much Billingsley will get, but it’s a tremendous sign of faith that the Dodgers have in Billingsley, who was dropped from the starting rotation for the 2009 playoffs.

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There’s an argument that Jamey Carroll should get the Opening Day start at second base after all, instead of Ivan De Jesus Jr. Though I’m hoping De Jesus seizes the day (or month, or year) at second base, I’m fine if Carroll starts — it’s important for De Jesus to get off to a good start, and having his first game be on Opening Day against Tim Lincecum on ESPN stacks the deck against him pretty strongly. Maybe Carroll can work a walk …

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Angels at Dodgers, 7:05 p.m.

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