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Series of Great Import, Part I Game Chat

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15 pm
Mark Ellis, 2B
Shane Victorino, LF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Adam Kennedy, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Josh Beckett, P

Tonight’s pinch-hit game chat is in honor of Manny Mota.

The captain has turned on the “Fasten Seat Belts” sign, so please return to your seats. We will be going through some turbulence for the next several hours. We hope to find some smoother air later on.

Other games people might be interested in:

Cubs at Pirates, 4:05 pm, Wood vs Burnett

Brewers at Cardinals, 5:15 pm, Gallardo vs Lohse

  • Adam Kennedy’s lifetime 8 for 21 against Tim Lincecum gets him a start at third base in place of the 2012 model of “Dodgers Folk Hero,” Luis Cruz. The Dodgers also welcome back Alex Castellanos from Albuquerque.
  • According to, Paco Rodriguez has been assigned #75 and his photo looks like it was taken with a cell phone. Rodriguez will become the first Dodger player to have been born in 1991. Nathan Eovaldi was the first Dodger to born in the 1990 (February 13, 1990.)
  • Did you know that McCovey Cove is not a cove? Coves are usually set off from bays or other bodies of water by a narrow entrance. However, it does sound nice. It is akin to people saying Death Valley instead of Death Graben.
  • Hanley Ramirez is listed among the top 10 most likely candidates to commit MLB’s 500,000th error.
  • The Giants have recalled pitcher Yusmeiro Petit and activated outfielder Jason Christian from the disabled list. The Giants have 18 pitchers on their roster now, as well as 18 position players. And Clay Hensley should come off the disabled list soon.



Can history repeat itself? Or does it just have a bad memory?


Dodgers waste a lot and end up wanting


  1. Omid Majdi

    I wrote a piece on our line-up with all these new faces.  Let me know what you think:

  2. Excuse me while I go try to find how Cruz has fared against Lincewhateveritis this season, since that’s all that really matters given how poorly he’s pitched and how betterly Cruz has hit.

    • Anonymous

      Cruz is 0 for 2 against Lincecum.

      • Just looked it up, thanks. I guess I don’t understand managing. I’d play the player who’s been playing the best right now. 2ABs doesn’t seem to be enough to make a judgement.

      • Anonymous

        Benching a 300 hitter because he is 0 for 2? Wow!!

        • Anonymous

          In favor of a guy who’s 8 for 21 against a pitcher who, for most of that time, was one of the best around?  Sure, I’d do it 10 times out of 10.

          But I might have benched Mellis instead of Cruz.

          • Anonymous

            good post, M. Ellis vs RHP this year before tonight 232/324/309
            also Victorino same basis 239/302/340
            A.J. Ellis 294/394/438; it’s not reasonable to bat M.Ellis and Victorino first and second against RHP and also not reasonable for AJ to hit 8th.

    • If you want to get all technical about it, WBB Jr. has three hits and a double in 13 at bets against him for a whopping .231 BA. (I don’t know all the slash line thingees you smart people use). A double! Maybe we should bat him…. I need to get some rest.

  3. My favorite Manny Mota story is when a friend saw him being picked up in the parking lot after a game in a ’63 Galaxie with 7-8 family members already in the car.

  4. This is certainly a huge series…but to me the big enchilada is the St. Louis series next week. Obviously, they have to just win, win, win…but at the very least, they need to be within 1.5 games of the 2nd wild card going into next weekend, just like they are now. To me, the 1st wild card is more out of reach than the division (no games left against the Braves), so it’s all about the division and the 2nd wild card. Take 2 out of 3 or sweep this weekend and the division is still in play…lose 2 of 3 or get swept means the focus must be St. Louis.

    The thing that makes this all so maddening is that I can’t pull up a picture in my minds eye of this team really playing well. I mean where would we be without those two walk-offs this past week? I’d feel a hell of a lot better if Matt Kemp would square up a pitch or two tonight. Geez…baseball. Perhaps I need another hobby….

  5. Anonymous

    Once they announce a change in game time for ESPN to show it on Sunday night, that’s final, and they’re not going to change it back again… are they?I want to make sure, before I change my plans for my return from Cincinnati.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never heard of ESPN changing a Sunday night game pairing after announcing it so late in the year.

  6. KT

    BT there is a link at the top of the comments section that looks suspicious…Let me know if it’s alright

  7. Anonymous

    “McCovey Cove is not a cove.”  
    Is Chavez Ravine technically a ravine?  

  8. Anonymous

    The Cubs have jumped out to an early 4-0 lead over the Pirates thanks to three Pirates error, two in one inning by left fielder Starling Marte on consecutive plays.

    • Anonymous

      Never count on the Cubs, and you’ll never be disappointed.  :)

  9. Anonymous

    New Frenemy Russell Martin hit a 3-run homer to give the Yankees a 3-0 lead over the Orioles in the battle for first place in the AL East.

    • Anonymous

      And Steve Pearce followed two batters later with a 2-run homer to make it 5-0 Yankees.

  10. Anonymous

    Rain in St. Louis is delaying the start in the Mound City.

  11. Anonymous

    Great to see you shouldering a bit of 
    Dodger thoughts. Thanx Btimmer

  12. Anonymous

    I’m terible at tracking this stuff–what do the Cubs and Brewer’s games mean???

    • Anonymous

       Draft pick priority

    • KT

      wild card chances

      Pit vs cubs Pit. = tied with us

      Stl vs Brewers Stl. ahead of us

      • Anonymous

        Thanx guys: Draft pick and wild card. The way things have been sliding, unforch. that wild card may be important. And for my interest in The Mileague system, draft is critical! 

  13. Seriously….Adam Kennedy??!!

  14. Anonymous

    Maybe Kemp should go back to hitting third.

  15. Anonymous

    The Pirates through six innings have a line score of 0 1 6.

  16. Anonymous

    And now the Pirates are showing a 0 1 7.

  17. Anonymous

    I wish the Dodgers could obtain Headly from SD if Ramirez plays short.  I also like the idea of having a speedy player playing third who has power and therefore would like Ramirez to play third.

    Cruz would be great at short  or second next year if he continues to hit.

    • I agree….I don’t see the advantage of playing Ramirez at short…Cruz is much better defensively.

      • I guess the advantage is as a SS his OPS is .891 and at 3b it’s like .765. Maybe that’s random, maybe not. But they had him at 3b and then moved him. I agree though Cruz is much better as a SS. The flip side is Cruz at SS his OPS is .655 and at 3b it’s .893! again maybe random I have no idea of course

  18. Anonymous

    Beat SF !
    Beat SF !!
    Beat SF !!!

  19. Anonymous

    If the Giants have 18 pitchers now on the roster and their bullpen has been pretty much “nails” all season – except ever so recently – couldn’t the Ds call up some more troops – or is this as good as it gets?!?

    • Anonymous

      Who, exactly, would you like to call up?  The 40-man roster is full, and the only pitchers not called up are Rubby (a PTBNL), the injured (Guerra, Elbert), and Fife.

  20. Anonymous

    Donnie back to playing the percentages with Adam Kennedy. Yikes, more like Adam West at third!

    •  I guess he values defense (which works for me) cause Victorinio lifetime vs Timmy is .222 hitter. Juan Rivera is hitting like .500 or something. Vinny mentioned it and i’m too lazy to look at numbers right now

    • Anonymous

      I hope that was not part of the reasoning as Lincecum has been better against LHH both this season and last. 

  21. It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiime for Dodger base-ball!!

  22. KT

    ump giving the low strike

  23. Anonymous

    The Reds led the Astros 3-2 in the ninth, but Matt Dominguez took Aroldis Chapman deep for a 3-run homer. Go figure.

  24. KT

    come on Gonzo

  25. KT

    9 pitches…I thought after Pagan it was going to be in the teens

  26. this year vs Lincecum when the count is 3-1 the opposition is hitting ..wait for it (per vinny) .917

  27. KT

    that looked like a pitchout…For Kennedy????

  28. KT

    Does Beckett have hamstring problems?

  29. Anonymous

    Lately, win or lose, our offense seems to start very slowly as far as scoring runs is concerned.

  30. KT

    18 pitches…I like the symmetry

  31. Anonymous

    Just in case anybody’s wondering, I heartily acknowledge and endorse tonight’s hit-and-run plays.

  32. KT

    Way to start it off Mark

  33. KT

    Way to get on Shane

  34. KT

    At least that’s one

  35. Anonymous

    According to the Giants’ broadcast, the Dodgers are hitting .234 against S.F. with RISP overall this year, and .180 in S.F.  We went 0-for-3 in that category in the inning just completed

  36. Pagan has killed the Dodgers this year.

  37. Anonymous

    We were lucky to score one.  They were unlucky to score only one.

  38. Kemp and A-Gon have been disappointments this month.

  39. Anonymous

    It wasn’t too long ago that every time Kemp came to the plate, I expected a hit.
    Now, sadly, every time he comes to the plate, I’m expecting an out.
    Terrible turn of events.

  40. Anonymous

    There doesn’t seem to be a Unicode character for a backward “K”.

    • That’s because the dude that was supposed to design that was so mad at Kemp striking out so often lately that he broke his keyboard in the middle of programming it.

  41. Anonymous

    The Dodgers have lately become relentlessly aggravating, and Kemp is currently killing us in the middle of the lineup.  Beckett will be able to keep the Giants at bay (at cove?) for only so long.  We are playing like we are heading for a 3-2 or 4-2 defeat.

  42. So frustrating.

    Beginning to believe that we maybe honoring the team’s history and waiting ’till next year.

  43. Beckett is looking pretty good, though… Of course, it proves the point that pitchers have the advantage when batters haven’t seen them before. Is that true for vets? Or just the kids that have been pulled up to pitch for a couple of games?

  44. KT


  45. Anonymous

    NOW can we stop hearing complaints about Kennedy being in the lineup?

  46. Anonymous

    Mattingly + Kennedy = Blind Squirrel + Nut

  47. Mattingly should ask the umpire to test Mota for PEDs as soon as he hits the mound.

  48. KT

    Cruz would have gotten him…Kennedy giveth big taketh away small so far

  49. KT

    Come on DP

  50. Anonymous

    Cant handle being beat by angel pagan again…

  51. Anonymous

    I guess he didn’t want to get hurt by Posey

  52. Anonymous

    Much as I’d love to add post#100 in the cruz v urineddy wars…

  53. Anonymous


  54. Anonymous

    What Kennedy giveth, Kennedy taketh away.

  55. KT

    Then he (kennedy) giveth away big

  56. Blue-eyed Gal

    AUGH  AUGH AUGH you don’t have to commit an error just to give back the gift run from the Giants’ errors!

  57. Now would be an excellent time for the “offense” to break out, huh?

  58. Anonymous

    It was a tough play  to begin with.  Even if he picks it up cleanly I don’t think he throws out Pence.

    • Anonymous

      Pense doesn’t appear to run that well anymore — one stolen base base and one triple this year — so I think Kennedy had a good shot.  Two questions:  Did he try to barehand the ball?  If so, was that necessary?

      • Anonymous

        He tried to bare hand it.  The ball was to his bare hand side.  And he was playing back.  Plus as Vinny said the grass seems to be extra soft, so the ball doesn’t bounce.

  59. Jibin Park

    Hard to blame Kennedy on that especially when the ball dies on you like that…

  60. Pagan is on my I can’t stand you cause you seem to kill us list. Like I feel like if he gets on (1 outs, 2 outs, o outs whatever) he scores.

  61. Jibin Park

    Really, Mattingly?  Two-strike bunt?????????

  62. Is Victorino drunk? whatthesamhouston was that?

  63. Mattingly should bench him for that. That was really really awful. I’ll forgive the Kennedy thing there, because the ball died and it would have been hard, but that was freaking ridiculous.

  64. Anonymous

    Bunting on two strikes with a position player like Victorino is stupidity beyond belief.

  65. Anonymous

    Lincecum has thrown 114 pitches and has walked six.   If we can’t get to him this inning with the meat of our order, that would be a big shame.

  66.  No way Donnie gave him that sign right?

  67. Anonymous

    Time for Kemp to snap out of his malaise.

  68. Lincecum had NOTHING and we get 4 lousy hits. Pathetic.

  69. Anonymous

    Kemp would get a bigger zone if he would front less tude with the umps.


  70. Kemp is grimacing as he swings…dude ain’t right.

    • Anonymous

      Rumors are that he is hurting, and, if so, ballplayers who are injured hurt their teams.

  71. Anonymous

    We could pay me to go up there and look at strikes.

  72. Hanley just making sure they are called 3rd strikes. 

  73. Anonymous

    These games are numbingly repetitive.   That’s enough for me tonight.  I will find out in the morning what happened and, if we lost, I will not have suffered any more during this game.  G’night.

  74. KT

    Come on DP

  75. Jibin Park

    Up to Beckett to make his $15.5 million right about now…

  76. Anonymous

    Gotta be one of the more disappointing teams I can remember.

  77. Jibin Park

    Maybe it was League time…

  78. Anonymous

    What a disgrace, thats how you play baseball dodgers. watch as your rival rips you apart

  79. KT

    To me maybe because it is a long season but AJ has lost his luster…maybe the aches and pains of almost catching everyday

    • KT

      And to cover for AJ they give Dre the error on a perfect albeit short hop throw

  80. Anonymous

    Bad managing does not help.

  81. KT

    League comes in and IBB a person and he usually is wild anyway…makes no sense

  82. Anonymous

    Stick a fork in this Dodger team because its done. They play to lose- Giants play to win- its been that way for a month.

  83. Jibin Park

    IBB are generally bad…. leads to big innings… two in one inning is badder.

  84. Matt kemp needs a day off, maybe 15

  85. Jibin Park

    If you’re going to bring in League (you’re hottest pitcher), bring him in the most leveraged situation.  Hard to figure out if Beckett was done or not, but he looked pretty spent to me.

  86. we were given 8 walks tonight and still barely scored 2 runs so far. It’s just aggregating for sure. For weeks now it seems were just sorta beating ourselves. We can’t get a hit when it matters..

  87. Jibin Park

    At least AJ Ellis brought his A game…..

  88. Anonymous

    Well it was an OK season for a rebuilding year, get things sorted out for 2013 (coaches, more pitchers, etc).

  89. Anonymous

    0 for 10 :(

  90. Anonymous

    Another called third.  I want a job.

  91. Ellis seemed to get screwed over on that at bat. 

  92. On the plus side, the 2, 3 and 4 hitters are due up in the 9th … that’s a positive, right?

  93. You know thank the big man, woman or jedi upstairs for Adam Kennedy. After all, it could be 4 to 1

  94. Alex Chavez

    that’s why you throw to 2nd on that bunt.

  95. Anonymous

    A blooper to right and an infield single lead to 3 runs.  It’s a maddening game.

  96. Jibin Park

    Walk, Walk, Walk, HanSlam, please.

  97. Victorino attempting to bunt in the 7th killed the Dodgers mojo.
    Also hurts that Adrian Gonzales is doing his best Loney impersonation.

    5.5 for the division…i think that over.
    If if the Cards win tonight, its 2.5 in the WC.

    • Anonymous

      I think tomorrow if the defining game.  Another loss and I agree the division is lost.  Painful :(

  98. Victorinio


  99. Jibin Park

    Why am I a Dodger fan?

  100. Anonymous


  101. Anonymous

    Let’s keep some perspective. I can remember 1962, when the Dodgers were clearly the class of the National League, but the injury to Koufax and a team-wide slump (sound familiar?) let the Gnats tie them on the last day of the season. Even then, the Dodgers had the three-game playoff won until a combination of bad bullpen decisions by Alston and BABIP by the Gnats sunk them in the ninth. 

    That was the last chance for the Gnats, who took the Yanquis to seven, but it took nearly another half-century before their luck would hold up enough to win a Series. In succeeding years, talented players like Cepeda, Mays, Marichal and McCovey were productive but never again seriously challenged the Dodgers. In 1963, of course, the Dodgers were healthy and rebounded to sweep the Yanquis, and they won again in 1965 over the Twinkies.

    I’m not conceding 2012, even though the Dodgers have lost Bills for the year and have a decimated bullpen. Still, they are poised are poised to dominate the division and, as the hangover from the McCourt debacle recedes, we can be optimistic about the immediate and long-term future.

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