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Series of Great Import Part II Game Chat

Dodgers at Giants, 1:05 pm
Mark Ellis, 2B
Shane Victorino, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
Juan Rivera, LF
A.J. Ellis, C
Chris Capuano, P

This pinch-hit Dodger Thoughts post is in honor of Lenny Harris.

Enjoy the stylings of Matt Vasgersian and Tim McCarver on this Saturday afternoon on Fox. Get ready to hear Ken Rosenthal say the word “jell” a lot. I’m missing this game because of work, but I think it will be a pain in the aspic.

Matt Kemp, 3 for 29 since he came up second in a battle with the fence at Coors Field, is out for the remaining two games of this series. And potentially more as an MRI on his shoulder is planned, according to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times via Twitter. Time to reacquaint yourself with the excitement that is Juan Rivera, although don’t be surprised to see Bobby Abreu or Alex Castellanos wandering around left field if the situation with Kemp persists.

The other outfielders on the 40-man roster who could still be recalled include Scott Van Slyke and Matt Angle. Officially, Jerry Sands and Yasiel Puig are on the 40-man roster, but they are both likely off-limits. Elian Herrera, who can play many positions, although maybe not any of them particularly well, could also be recalled.



So, you want to start following the wild card race?


Dodgers lose Kemp, win game, confuse fans, and run bases in unusual manner


  1. Anonymous

    I know this team looks to have no hope, but if we can win these next two games, which SHOULD be doable, 3.5 back can be erased in a week. The offense needs to step-up. Now. Otherwise just start the AAA lineup again.

  2. Anonymous

    Bob:  Enjoyed your lead-in.  I presume Sands is off-limits because he is part of the Red Sox trade, but why is Puig likely off-limits?

    • Anonymous

      Lack of pro experience.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe this is a silly question, and maybe it’s been answered already, but…  Why did the Dodgers need to add Puig to the 40-man?

        • Anonymous

          That’s what his agents negotiated.

          • Anonymous

            Aha!  Thanks.  Contractual requirement, so that it starts all the procedural stuff like options and arbitration eligibility.  The advantage is all his, not the team’s, which is why it’s almost never done upon signing. I guess we wanted to sign him badly enough (and he was in sufficient demand) that we were willing to start those clocks to get him to sign with us.  Makes sense.

  3. If the Dodgers get swept in this series it will do what two oral surgeries in two months (one major, one not-so-much) haven’t done: it will drive me back to liquor and cigarettes.

    • Anonymous

      Liquor is OK, within reason, but don’t let the Dodgers put you back on cigarettes.  They aren’t worth it.

      •  Well, I’ve been off booze since 2000. Off smokes just for two months. It would be a lot easier to slip back to cigarettes. ;)

        • Anonymous

          Good for you.  You may have only three weeks remaining to hang in there before this season ends, anyway.

          •  Impending cancer surgery is a great motivator. ;)

            (It worked, they say. Not a sign of any more cells anywhere.)

          • Anonymous

            Here’s wishing you an unending series of such cancer-free reports.

          • Anonymous

            Congrats and stay strong. Its too bad this team can drive a saint to drink.

        • KT

          Good job you can do it
          I’ve been off cigs since 84 and booze since 87…you don’t need them

  4. Anonymous

    I believe Chris Capuano’s pumpkin is double-parked.

  5. Anonymous

    Same old, same old. 

  6. Anonymous

    E5 IMO.

  7. SteelMohawk

    Does Uribe get an at bat before all of the 10 not-on-the-DL OFs on teh 40 man roster do?

  8. You almost have to laugh. The Dodgers have had 3 baserunners in two innings, but the minimum number of hitters after two DPs and a CS. That’s efficient! :-/

    With all the key guys banged up, have to feel like we’re cursed basically. Maybe it was a two-for-one Magick ritual that the Giants performed, to give their seemingly average lineup super powers while bewitching our own. 

  9. At least Cappy’s settled down after  2-4 hitters. 

    Hope it’s not too late! :-/

  10. Anonymous

    Self-acknowledged Rule 7 violation follows:   A saving grace for the Dodgers is that a team cannot hit into more than one DP in an inning.

  11. Another silver lining, or a miracle really: Retired Pagan the first two times! Seems like he’s more of a devil for the Dodgers. But here’s where Cappy struggled the first time…

  12. Anonymous

    The Dodgers have gotten Marco Scutaro out. This is not a drill. The Dodgers have gotten Marco Scutaro out.

    • Anonymous

       Like Jon, you are making this stretch bearable.

    • Anonymous

      Currently Marco Scutaro has more HR’s for his new team than Adrian Gonzalez has for his new team.

      • Which is sad. That said, I’m still happier to have AGon long term than I would be to have Scutaro long term.

      • Anonymous

         Scutaro is an underrated player, but he’s also been phenomenally lucky.

  13. Cappy’s not so crappy now!  

    Our offense has taken over that mantle.  

  14. Anonymous

    I do believe in miracles. I do I do I do, but this team is starting to get the look and feel of anything but destiny’s darling.  Ownership has done more than enough. Donnie has me second guessing the lineup (why Kemp in the four hole and not third) and HanRam at SS rather than 3B, but bottom line the timely hitting is non existent as is the bullpen. Would love a 18-7 march to end the season, but I don’t feel it – at least tonight!

  15. Anonymous

    To:  SteelMohawk, regarding your question “Does Uribe get an at bat before all of the 10 not-on-the-DL OFs on the 40 man roster do?”  The Dodgers’ lack of usage of Uribe — he has not appeared since August 26 — brings to mind how most teams used to carry three catchers.  The third catcher played sparingly.  I think he was used mostly to warm up pitchers in the bullpen.  I don’t think clubs had bullpen coaches then who did that.  Our host Bob would probably know about that.To: SteelMohawk

  16. Anonymous

    According to C.C. Sabathia, “pitching is 100% mental.”  Which is why I’m such a great pitcher.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like what Yogi Berra said: “90% of the game is half mental.”

  17. Anonymous

    A.J.!  Sensational.

  18. This team is just bad.

  19. Anonymous

    Perhaps that remarkably bad call by the umpire at first base or the great play by AJ Ellis at third base will provide an emotional lift for the Dodgers, who seem uninspired.  What I find maddening about this team — among other things — is that no one seems to exhibit any fire.  I would love to see someone return to the dugout after making an out and throw a helmet. Or break a bat over his leg.  I wouldn’t mind if someone got tossed for getting in an umpire’s face.  Where is the exuberance of a Mickey Hatcher or the burning anger of a Kirk Gibson?   This team seems like a group of attache-carrying executives who board the Long Island Rail Road for work everyday, and don’t even play bridge because it would be too exciting.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  If anything, this is why this team must keep Dee Gordon in its plans.

      • Anonymous

        Dee, despite his Deeficiencies, needs to be a part of this team.  Is he still in Triple-A for the PCL playoffs?

        • Anonymous

          Dee Gordon is at Alburquerque. He’s also still on the 60-day DL, so a roster move would have to be made to bring him back.

        • Anonymous

          Yes. For some reason.

    • KT

      I actually think the 3rd base umpire corrected the 1st base umpires mistake.  Blanco just ended where he should have been in the 1st place…on the bench. Blanco was safe at 3rd but the baseball gods told the ump to correct the situation because of the importance of the game

  20. Anonymous

    I believer Vasgerian just said that the Dodgers got Mark Ellis in a trade deadline deal last year with Colorado.  Didn’t we sign him in the off-season?

    • Anonymous

      He went TO Colorado last year.  A month before the deadline.  Not to mention that he called him A.J. Ellis too.

    • Anonymous

      Good to know that Matt Vasgersian pays attention to all those news stories he reports on about baseball. EVERY DAY HE GOES TO WORK.

  21. Anonymous

    That’s the kind of pitch that Garvey used to strike out on.

  22. Anonymous

    Charlie goes wild on the WP.

  23. Anonymous

    0-for-16 now with RISP in this series?

  24. Anonymous

    Forgot to mention this earlier, but Ken Gurnick reported that it’s likely that Adam Kennedy is done for the season: 

  25. Anonymous

    Go, go Gonzo!

  26. Anonymous

    The long RISP hitless drought has ended.

  27. T.M. Brown

    Tim McCarver is just. He’s so astoundingly bad at his job.

    • Anonymous

      You must be mistaken McCarver is the recipient of the 2012 Ford C. Frick Award, elected to the Broadcaster’s wing of the Hall of Fame.[1]Contents
        [hide] 1 Early playing career1.1 St. Louis Cardinals1.2 Later career2 Broadcasting career2.1 Criticism3 Music career4 Honors and awards5 Works6 In popular culture7 See also8 References9 External links

  28. KT


  29. What on earth was Ramirez thinking?

  30. Anonymous

    Are you serious?

  31. Anonymous

    NO Giants, YOU win this game, WE DON’T WANT IT.

  32. KT

    What’s up with the base running….missed signs or stupidity?

  33. Anonymous

    There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to watch the next half inning because of those two moves.

  34. For that matter, what the heck was Ethier thinking? He’s no base stealer.

  35. Anonymous

    When I was coaching JV baseball, if a player on my team did what Ramirez did in trying to steal third with no outs and in that situation in the game, I would have privately taken him aside after the game and gently but firmly explained why that was such a poor decision.  Will anyone on the Dodgers braintrust do that?

    • Anonymous

      How about if his uniform tomorrow say batboy…will that send a message?

  36. KT

    Alex does not seem like a sure fielder to me….this is not his 1st shakey attempt

    • This IS San Francisco, with the winds we all remember all too well. It may not be Candlestick, but . . .

    • Anonymous

       That was not an easy play in an unfamiliar park.

      • KT

        ok but I’ve watched almost every inning of every game and I think I see all the innings he’s played left and He’s not a sure outfielder…If I was playing softball and he was in the field I would be picking on him

  37. Jibin Park


  38. KT

    Can’t any game be easy for us…my heart is strong but i hate testing it
    Let’s take the series tomorrow

  39. Anonymous

    So much for my prediction of a sweep.

    • Anonymous

       I thought it was favorable. Historically, the Dodgers have done well against Gnatt Cain.

  40. Anonymous

    There’s NO video for this game on Gameday.  Huh?

    • Anonymous

      there never is on nationally televised games (perhaps only for the Fox games we can see on Sunday). I think they show up after 90 minutes.

  41. Anonymous

    Well the defibrillator worked and Im breathing on my own. My goodness why is winning a game so complicated?

  42. Anonymous

    They’re underway in Pittsburgh, with the Pirates taking a 2-0 lead in the first, and in St. Louis.

  43. Anonymous

    MLB Network will be showing Saturday’s game vs STL nationwide.

  44. Anonymous

    I didn’t see the game, Braves were on; listened to Steiner who didn’t shut-up for more than 15 seconds the whole time, poorly called the Gonzalez triple and the Ramirez steal. If management thinks he and Colletti are doing a good job one has to doubt their judgement.
    On the Castellanos play which I didn’t see-we have Gwynn at AAA who must be a better fielder and might even be a better runner. I realize Gwynn is not on the 40-man but Matt Angle could be DFA’ed or brought up rather than Gwynn as I have read he is a fine CF.

  45. Anonymous


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