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With Paco Rodriguez coming in to pitch in the eighth inning of tonight’s game against the Giants, the Dodgers have now used 50 different players on their big league roster.

Jon will be quite happy.


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  1. Anonymous

    Motion looks a little like Kershaw’s.

  2. A little pause in his delivery…I liked it. Always like seeing new players.  This current group of Dodgers reminds me of the Fox years though.

  3. Anonymous

    Perhaps Mattingly knew we weren’t going to score today, so he decided, wisely, to hold Kershaw back a couple of days.

  4. T.M. Brown

    I am genuinely looking forward to the glut of overreactions in the pipeline after this showing! 

    We’re 1.5 games out of the second wild card spot after playing without our best player for half the year, slugging .371 as a team, and having a pretty up and down rotation from day 1. It’s a tough game but baseball has always been about marginal victory in the face of overwhelming defeat (the old 3 out of 10 adage is applicable here) so everything is going to be step-by-step and it looks like there’s not much digging left to be done. 

    • Anonymous

      I understand what you are saying, but after staring out 42-25, which was far better than expected, we’ve now gone 32-42, which is worse than I expected, particularly after we acquired Ramirez and Gonzalez.   If there is a lot of negativity that is posted, I think it is because there are a lot of cranky Dodger fans out there, including me.   “See” you all on Tuesday.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Basically two 25 man rosters and we still can’t score :(

  7. Are you sure there were 50 “different” players.

    They all looked pretty normal to me, the few times I saw them:-).

    “Different” is this year’s challenge to “going forward.” in the Empty Noise sweeps

    As for expectation and disappointment, I always expected this to be a .500 team,
    give or take a couple of games.

    If the Cards, 4-6 in their last ten, just like the Ds, continue apace, and the Ds do, and one of them gets to play an extra day, I’ll have to recognize that I was wrong about them being of playoff caliber.

    Great outfielders do not bang into walls.  Pistol Pete Reiser was a fan fav, but he was not a great outfielder.  They are called “warning” tracks for a reason.

    That Kemp was so dominant in a year his team wasn’t, and now is so often absent in a year when they have something at stake, gives me pause…

    Adrian, in spite of some crucial hits since arriving, is still OPSing less than Shane.  Wow!
    He’s got to make September his, at a mere quarter billion in ransom….

    • Anonymous

      Pete Reiser was named the best NL CF of the 1940’s by Sports Illustrated.

  8. Anonymous

     Maybe AGon can’t fill the hole left by the coveted combo of Juan Rivera and Loney at first!

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