Far be it from me to blog about TV

But I doubt that a TJ Simers inspired sitcom will be a ratings bonanza.

From Sports Business Journal:

“The series is about an old-school reporter in a medium that is quickly evaporating and a daughter who is a participant in the new media,” Tollin said. “Ultimately, it will be a comedy focused on their relationship and the relationship they never had because he was always on the road and was kind of an absentee dad. He’s kind of trying to make up for lost time. She’s trying to teach the old dog new tricks.”

There have been two successful sitcoms that have prominently featured sportswriters: The Odd Couple, which had the advantage of being based on a famous play and film and with great actors, and Everybody Loves Raymond, where the main character was a sportswriter who seemingly never left his own home.

I refuse to acknowledge the series My Boys as being successful or featuring a sportswriter who actually worked as a sportswriter does today.



  • Anonymous

    This sitcom idea makes me want to rend my clothes in despair.

  • Anonymous

    Who plays Jeff Kent?

    • Anonymous

      Marcus Thames.

  • Anonymous

    Van Slyke to DL.

    Step Right Up.

    You can be a member of the 2013 Dodgers. For just $1,995, plus shipping and handling, you get to run onto the field and have a ball signed by a player in the Dodger starting lineup. Then, when that player goes on the disabled list, you get to take his spot.

    • Anonymous

      Withrow up also, Sellers back down. The Three Stooges are running this club…

  • jim hitchcock

    Hi, Bob!

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