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It’s time for the Rose Parade

According to a tweet from the Rose Bowl game (not yet on the parade’s feed), Vin Scully has been named grand marshal for the 125th Tournament of Roses to be held as always in Pasadena and, most of the time, on January 1. (It’s on January 2 if the 1st is a Sunday.)

Not counting Jackie Robinson’s posthumous selection as grand marshal in 1999, Vin Scully will be the first baseball-related grand marshal since Hank Aaron in 1975. Or you could argue for Danny Kaye, who once owned part of the Seattle Mariners, having the job in 1984.

Presumably, Vin will fare better than 2011 Grand Marshal Paula Deen.

From the press release from the Tournament of Roses:

PASADENA, Calif. (September 5, 2013) – Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully, an icon in American sports history and “the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers” for 64 years, was announced today as the Grand Marshal for the 2014 Tournament of Roses, themed “Dreams Come True.” Scully will ride in the 125th Rose Parade® presented by Honda and toss the coin at the start of the 100th Rose Bowl Game® presented by VIZIO on January 1, 2014, as well as participate in a number of Tournament-related events throughout the month of December 2013.

Tournament of Roses President R. Scott Jenkins made the announcement at a press conference and public event at Tournament House in Pasadena. In his remarks, Jenkins referred to Scully as being in a league of his own and literally the best in his field.

“Vin Scully is incredibly accomplished and yet still so down to earth,” said Jenkins. “His own life is one in which many dreams have come true and even more importantly, he has been at the microphone describing for listeners everywhere the dreams of others coming true. I couldn’t be happier that he accepted my invitation to be the Grand Marshal. I know his fans everywhere are cheering right now.”

“I am deeply humbled and greatly honored to be the Grand Marshal of the 125th Rose Parade,” said Scully. “I look forward to sharing this wonderful moment with my wife, Sandi, and the millions who will be watching.”


Other than that, it’s an off day. The Dodgers won’t have another one until September 23.


The day and week ahead


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  1. Bob_in_Vegas

    Last night was an off day . . . let’s hope there are only a few more (if any) of those in September . . . and none in October!

    And yay for Vinny! I will have to make sure I watch coverage of the parade!

  2. TAFKA_Gagne55

    And after today we’ll no longer be saying something-point-five for the Dodger’s lead. Or at least until Sep. 12

  3. ASW1

    Cool – I always turn the Parade on 1st thing in the morning – usually don’t pay much attention to it, but I might have to pay some more this time around.

    I like games like tonight’s Gnats, Snakes game – whoever wins / loses turns out to be a good thing – either the Snakes get pushed back even further from the Dodgers commanding lead, or the Gnats get pushed back into sole possession of last place. Think I’ll root for the Snakes.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I’m rooting for the Giants — lock it up officially, no Rockies/Rocky run against improbable odds, get the sick healthy, assess the questionables, and be ready for October.

    • dalegribel

      Both don’t sit well with me, but AZ is the least distasteful.

    • scooplew

      When my daughter, who is now grown, was a little girl, we also used to turn it on early in the morning. The appearances of cartoon characters were always a high point.

      • ladodger34

        It’s funny.. I loved the Rose Parade when I was younger. I think it had something to do with my grandma living in Arcadia (Pasadena was right around the corner), working on floats when my grandma worked at First Interstate, and just the general awe of floats from being a kid.

        Of course, I lost interest later on in life, especially in my 20s (sleeping off hangovers or some such had something to do with it). Now that I have kids (oldest is 5, middlest is 3, and baby is 6 months), my interest in the Rose Parade has been renewed. As much as I would like to sleep in, my kiddos don’t believe in that sort of thing.

        With Vin being the Grand Marshall, you can bet I will br tuning in this year. By the time Jan 1 rolls around, I will be jonesing to hear his voice.

  4. btimmer

    Clayton Kershaw won the Branch Rickey Award, which is given out by, of all groups, the Rotary Club of Denver.

    • Bob_Hendley

      I demand that the irony committee review the tape of that one.

  5. dalegribel

    I know Jon posted this link a few years ago, but seem appropriate again today.

    • John_from_Aus

      First Mr Ed, then now Bewitched. Ahh the things I miss :)

    • ladodger34

      Awesome.. So was Vin, Vin back in ’66? I was born in ’77 and he has always been the best for my whole life. True story.. my dad got a walkman back in ’82 or 3 that had an FM tuner. Luckily we lived in Ontario at the time and KQLH (which is now KFRG for my IE folks) was part of the Dodgers Radio Network. I used to fall asleep listening to Vin, Ross, or Jerry on that old Walkman.

      On that note, when we first moved to the boonies in ’84 (Moreno Valley), our program guide (remember those?) used KQLH as background music. During the baseball season, I could put on the program guide and listen to Dodger Games. For you youngsters out there, this might seem goofy, but in the 80s and early 90s, Dodger games were only broadcast when they were on the road. Even then, it seemed like not all road games were on TV. The only time we got to see the Dodgers at home was when they were the game of the week, or they played the Braves or Cubs.

      • Bob_Hendley

        Ha! Yougin’. Back in the day it was only games from Candlestick that were televised.

        • ladodger34

          Wow.. I’ve lived a charmed life I guess! I could be wrong, but I don’t think that the Dodgers were on TV for all 162 until McCourt bought the team.

        • dalegribel

          I remember that well. If we were real lucky, a couple of home games in the last week too. KTTV Channel 11.

  6. WBBsAs

    Don’t forget that Danny Kaye recorded the immortal “D-o-d-g-e-r-s” song:

  7. michaelgreenlasvegas

    The Vin once said that Ms. Montgomery was afraid of heights and so, to get to the top of the grandstand and the broadcast booth to describe the parade, she climbed on his back and he carried her up there. Yet another reason to envy our Vinnie.

  8. SaMoDodger

    Hard to believe Shirley Temple Black has been grand marshal twice, and yet Vin has never had the honor.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Ha! Yeah, but the first time as the Little Princess and the second time as Ambassador.

  9. Bob_in_Vegas

    Speaking of Vinny — always a nice topic! — has anyone heard how he will be affected with postseason coverage if the Dodgers make it? (There’s a difference between negative waves and trying not to upset the karmic balance!) I’m assuming there’s no local TV, so will he do radio?

    • btimmer

      He usually does radio games. Usually the first three and last three innings.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Thanks . . . for supplying the info AND that it’s good news!

  10. John_from_Aus

    What happened to Paula Deen in 2011?

    • btimmer

      Nothing much in 2011. But 2013 has not been her year.

      • John_from_Aus

        Sorry, I wasn’t sure who she is

        • btimmer

          I can’t imagine that someone who specialized in rich, fatty Southern U.S. cuisine would be very popular in Australia.

  11. btimmer


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