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Home sweet home?

Postseason records for the five NL contenders in their current home parks:

  1. St. Louis — Busch Stadium III – 15-8  .652
  2. Los Angeles – Dodger Stadium – 32-23 .582
  3. Atlanta – Turner Field – 15-22 .405
  4. Cincinnati – Great American Ballpark – 0-4 .000
  5. Pittsburgh – PNC Park – 0-0
I would have made that into a nice table if I were so inclined. Which I am not. Most likely because I’ll find out I miscounted. But I’m pretty sure about the Reds and Pirates!

The Dodgers went 7-1 at Dodger Stadium in the 1981 postseason. It’s somewhat difficult to lose more than 3 or 4 games in any one postseason however. Until the 2010 Rangers lost 6 games at homes during the postseason (2 in the division, 1 in the ALCS, 3 in the World Series).


Getting out of Ohio


Here kitty, kitty, kitty


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

  2. Bob_in_Vegas

    Home — let’s hope the Dodgers appreciate it as much as Dorothy did . . . and they cross it several more times than AZ does!

  3. btimmer


  4. Casey Barker

    The Reds were terrible last year in the NLDS.

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