This, I like

Sunday’s three-error man Brooks Conrad got a standing ovation today during batting practice from Atlanta Braves fans, reports Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fanhouse. Adds Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk:

… Braves fans, as I have said on numerous occasion, are not the best fans in the world. They have to be cajoled to show up. They have to be cajoled into cheering. In some ways they’re worse than fair weather fans because they don’t even show up in fair weather unless it’s seen as the fashionable thing to do. And don’t even get me started on the Chop. Dear GOD I hate the Chop.

But they’re decent people for the most part. They don’t boo guys. That might offend a lot of you because, hey, sometimes people need booin’, but it fits my temperament just fine. They generally understand that athletes are human beings with their own lives and stresses and concerns. It’s hard to get amped up for a Braves game in that environment, but it’s nice to know that the person sitting next to you is probably a decent human being.

See, there is an alternative to booing. And ask yourself, if Conrad makes it into tonight’s game, is he more or less likely to screw up now that he knows his fan base has his back?

Giants at Braves, 4:37 p.m.

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