While determining who will succeed Rob Neyer in his national blogging spot at ESPN.com, members of the Sweet Spot blogging network are rotating through the mix. Today is my day, and I’m starting things off with … a post about the Giants.

Even the best teams usually need a lot of things to go their way to win the World Series, a run of good luck that can come to an abrupt end the following season, especially if you stand pat.

The San Francisco Giants mostly bring back the same team that won the title last fall. Although they no doubt peaked at the right time, there’s actually room for improvement from some key personnel. …

It could go either way for San Francisco, with health perhaps emerging as the biggest factor. Discussion of the Giants still begins with the pitching staff, but the rise of Buster Posey, the possible leap forward of Brandon Belt and the enigma that is Pablo Sandoval have made them much more interesting to me than in past years.