That was a heck of a lot of walks. Matt Kemp had four by himself. And yet, after Andre Ethier’s grand slam gave the Dodgers an 8 2 0 linescore in the second inning, it was a surprisingly narrow 8-5 escape over the Padres on Tuesday.

I didn’t see the second inning tonight, but I gather it was about as long as Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past.” Don’t feel bad though, Tim Stauffer: I couldn’t get out of the second inning of that book, either.

Update: I’ve made the following inquiry – How often in baseball history has a player had the first two hits in an inning, as Ethier did in the second inning tonight?

The Dodgers’ 12 walks, by the way, were their most in a nine-inning game in more than 30 years, notes the team PR department.