Predictably, the Dodgers have re-signed reliever Mike MacDougal to a 2012 contract with a 2013 club option.

According to The Associated Press, MacDougal gets a slight raise from his 2011 salary this year, to $650,000. If the Dodgers pick up his option for 2013, he’ll get another $2.35 million, which means the Dodgers will pick up his option over my suspendedly animated body. But if things go according to Hoyle, MacDougal will get a $350,000 buyout after the coming season.

MacDougal returns to a bullpen that figures to also include Kenley Jansen, Javy Guerra, Scott Elbert, Matt Guerrier, Josh Lindblom and one other.

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… MacDougal not only ended up pitching more innings for the Dodgers than all but one of those names, he finished the year with the lowest ERA on the entire staff: 2.05. Now, if you were paying attention, you’ll know that latter figure is tainted: He allowed 17 of 51 inherited runners to score. It was actually much worse before the All-Star break, when he allowed 13 of 33 inherited runners to come home – nearly 40 percent. His second-half numbers (4 of 18) were respectable. He struck out 6.5 batters per nine innings but allowed 13.1 baserunners. So, he was effective, but then again he wasn’t, but considering his $500,000 salary, then again he was. …