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More Dodger prospect rankings

We saw Dodger prospect rankings from Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus on Monday, and now here’s a list from Marc Hulet at Fangraphs today. Zach Lee, (above, via tops both lists. Comparing the top 15s:

Site BP Fangraphs
1 Lee Lee
2 Eovaldi Eovaldi
3 Webster Reed
4 Reed Webster
5 Gould Gould
6 Withrow Withrow
7 Silverio Silverio
8 Pederson Pederson
9 Castellanos Federowicz
10 Sanchez Lindblom
11 Tolleson Santana
12 Baldwin Tolleson
13 Federowicz Baldwin
14 Martin De Jesus
15 Lindblom Miller


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  1. Anonymous

    I know our farm system is weak, but where on the list is the cutoff for prospects projected as at least “big league regular”? 

  2. Well, for starting pitchers, I’d say Lee is almost a lock, while everyone from Eovaldi to Withrow is “we’ll see how they do longterm.”

    For position players, we’ll be lucky if any of those guys are regulars.  Pederson, maybe, though he’s a ways away. Castellanos, it would help if he could convert back to second base (subject of a future blog post).

  3. james jack

    thot Eovaldi did quite well last season as a starter & believe we’ll see him again in this role before the end of the season

    • I agree. But he still has some stuff to prove as to whether he’ll be a permanent part of the rotation past this season. I’m certainly hopeful.

  4. What Santana is that at #11 on FG’s?

  5. Interesting to see DeJesus on FG’s list, where they say “he should be a solid big league starter at second base.” That seems a little out of touch with everything else I’ve heard.

    • If I’m not mistaken DeJesus had attitude/entitlement issues a few years back. That may be a stat that isn’t reflected on prospect lists, but is in the dugout.

    • Perhaps because 2b is mostly a weak position? I don’t know.

    • Seemed weird to me as well. 

    • Definitely out of date, or at least against the grain of how the Dodgers appear to view him. Heard he’s had attitude problems, etc, or hasn’t wanted to learn, something like that… given the dearth of solid infielders in the org lately that’s a real shame, for him and the Dodgers.

      • Attitude aside, I’m just not sure the talent/skills have been there since the broken leg.

        • Yeah that’s what I wondered, too. Though it seemed like he was perfectly healthy last season, and was relatively productive in AAA. The whole thing seems odd and frustrating given he was once a highly rated prospect. 

          • Anonymous

            I would guess that earlier evaluations of him probably based much on raw talent and potential.  He broke his leg pretty badly.  While it has healed, it has likely to have diminished some of the flashiness and edge that we were struck with earlier.  I remember that ST before he got injuried and he looked pretty darn good, not Dee good, but good.

    • Anonymous

      If that were a current assessment of DeJesus, I would think he would rank much higher in a weak system. A solid big league starter sounds like  a great prospect to me.

  6. From last thread, WBB: Chris Pettit you shouldn’t know anything about, so the joke works. Melissa Leo you should know something about so we’ll wait here while you go watch something she’s been in. ;) Like Homicide [scene with Ned Beatty

    • Anonymous

      As I replied in the previous thread, I did see Melquiades Estrada, but she just didn’t register the way Tommy Lee Jones and Levon Helm did.

      • Anonymous

        Loved that movie (and I remember her).

      • Yeah in that film, she was good though not quite the standout that she can be (in Frozen River and The Fighter, both Oscar nominated, though I thought she was a tad too hammy in the latter; or 21 Grams, or Homicide or Treme…)

        • JeffreyThomasIII

          Yes! Watch Tremé! Everybody should be watching that show.

    • Anonymous

      I watched the clip, and she still doesn’t ring a bell.

  7. Btw, I like Eovaldi too, but #2 seems a bit high for him at least when you compare upsides. Although they haven’t done anything in the bigs yet, unlike Nate, Webster and Gould would seem to have a higher ceiling, from what I’ve seen and heard about their stuff.  At any rate, the org is clearly solid and deep with pitching, and still weak positionally. Hope that changes soon. (Some guys, like Silveiro, Van Slyke and Songco, for instance, could end up being surprises and maybe that will make it look better.)

    • Seems like it might be a matter of personal preference. Eovaldi is more of a sure thing, which has to be worth something in the rankings too.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t realize that Eovaldi hadn’t pitched above A-Ball until last year. To jump all the way to the Show, not bad and certainly a good sign if he can just get a little more seasoning in the minors, maybe he and Webster turn into a good 2-3 type guys and then get Lee as your 2 with Kershaw as 1, and then all Billingsley has to do is pitch like a 5. That has the potential to be a great rotation in a year or two!

      • And don’t forget Rubby! The future looks bright, pitching-wise at least. (Depending on how things crumble, cookie-wise.)

        And I’ll go out on a limb and say Billingsley will definitely pitch better than a 5. :)

        • Anonymous

          Wow how did I do that. One of those guys is gotta end up getting traded to get some bats

  8. Anonymous

    Lindblom didn’t make the BP list.

    • Fixed.  I was surprised that Lindblom was still classified as a prospect, given his service time.

      • The various prospect rankings get a little squirrelly on this. Most claim they don’t use service time, so Lindblom is still a prospect then, but OTOH, the only reason Javy Guerra isn’t a rookie still is because of service time. Hard to argue that Guerra should still be considered a prospect though.

      • Anonymous

        I was surprised when I read that in BP also.  My other surprise was how low they see his ceiling.  Granted, he may never close, but he can be a solid 7th/8th inning guy in the way the Angels used to use Scott Shields.

  9. Anonymous

    Love the new site.  Glad it is still here to enjoy.  How can you put someone who has already proven he can contribute at a high level in the majors, Lindblom, at #15?  Even if he is just a reliever, he has great potential, and has grown a lot over the past few years.  Would Jansen and Guerra be down on the list as well if they were still rookie eligible?  Our season, at least at the beginning, is riding on the shoulders of those three, so it seems odd for Lindblom to not be near the top.

    • I think it has a lot to do with their long-term potential. Lindblom, people sort of know what he can be. But if you can become an everyday starter, that would place you higher.  Not saying I agree with both sets of rankings entirely, of course, but they’re basically about max potential.

  10. TMZ reports that L.A. City Attorney is not pursuing case against James Loney “due to insufficient evidence”

  11. Anonymous

    I’ve made it over!

  12. 2012 Dodger Blogger softball tournament schedule, thanks to @thelfp_blog

  13. Anonymous

    I had the pleasure of watching Griff Erickson play at Rancho Cucamonga before he was promoted to Double-A Chattanooga and believe that he has the talent to be an MLB catcher. He has good offensive power but still needs work on his defensive skills. He was invited to Big League camp for Spring Training and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does.

  14. so many pitchers, where are the power hitters

  15. can we trade some of these pitchers for power hitters?

  16. Jon Truman

    Had a heck of a time signing in, but I like the new site Jon

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