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One new feature at this Dodger Thoughts home is the selection of tabs near the top of the page. So, for example, if you’re only here for the Dodger content, click “Dodgers,” and there you go.

Teaser: I’m planning to add a new tab next week!


‘A Very Carson Christmas’


Hunch bets on whether Dodgers will improve


  1. I like a Tab or two.  Sometimes hard to find and if you find one, it’s an acquired taste.

  2. Anonymous

    Just a little leery about clicking the “Life” tab.

  3. I was cleaning out my garage last week and I found a box of old soda cans it it, still unopened.  There was one can of Tab.  Even though it was unopened, though, most of the liquid had evaporated away.

  4. Anonymous

    The new tab will be a salute to sodas that aren’t around anymore, Pepsi Light, Aspen, Nesbitt’s.

    • Jack Dawkins

      Btimmer, what say you about the Mahler last night?

      • Anonymous

        We quite enjoyed it. I liked how at the very end, Dudamel wasn’t going to lower the baton to end the concert. One cellist was looking at him like “Dude, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure this is over.”

        I hope the recording they made removed all the coughing. Lots and lots of coughing during that.

        • Jack Dawkins

          If you think that was a lot of coughing, you should go to one of the afternoon concerts.  Sounds like you are with Hans Castorp and 2000 of his fellow patients in the sanitarium on the magic mountain.

    • Verners, Fresca, RC Cola…

    • SteelMohawk

      Crystal Pepsi and Clear Coke.  or whatever they were called

  5. Buster Posey not 100% but he’s optimistic.

    • Anonymous

      If he’s lucky, he’ll have a Tommy Davis career. If not, probably a Bobby Valentine career.

  6. Today in Jon SooHoo: “It is my goal to get a reunion together of the entire 1988 team someday.”

  7. I can’t give you a tab unless you order something.

  8. Anonymous

    I would gladly trade Tuesday a Brew 102 for a Tab today.

  9. Anonymous

    There is a place in Riverside that sells old fashion soda: cola, berry, sarsaparilla, etc.  Old fashioned except for the narcotics.  Anyone ever been there?

  10. Andrew Shimmin

    My last remaining grandparent is dying, now. She’s had a series of progressively more catastrophic strokes, over the last three days and hasn’t, and very likely won’t regain any semblance of consciousness. Her advance directive indicates she doesn’t wish to be kept alive with tubes and machinery; it’s being honored.

    I’ve been trying to write this letter to a friend, but the words won’t come, so I’m trying here. I’ve seen
    people do this over the years, and it feels right, somehow, even though she was an unrepentant Twins fan (and was rather cruelly dismissive of Eric Gagne; she said saves were a made-up statistic, and that, anyway, everybody knows Joe Nathan is better).

    Susan Shimmin was born on a farm in North Dakota, the oldest daughter of twelve children. Her mother
    didn’t believe in education for girls, but she did, and she became an RN by way of the Army, during World War Two. She married my grandfather and didn’t divorce him when he was stationed in Alaska, even though it was Alaska. They raised four children in Minnesota, even though it was Minnesota. Their kids got post-secondary educations. Even the girls.

    My grandfather died twenty years ago. They’d always planned to travel, once they retired, but he didn’t
    make it. She’s told me a few times, that, when he died, she was angry at him for leaving her alone. He was conscious and present, till near the end of his life, though it was clear what was coming. He taught
    her how he did the bills (that had been his responsibility in their division of labor), how all of their investments worked, how to take care of a car. In the weeks before he died, he kept planning to buy a
    new car for her. A Cadillac. He’d always wanted one, and he wanted her to have one, after he was gone.

    She bought a Buick, after he died, because it was more sensible. But she did travel. She wanted to see
    the trees in New England, in the fall, and she did. She went to London and Paris, and took a cruise through Greece, all in her 70’s and 80’s.

    She spent, I think, three years (it may only have been two) of her retirement in North Platte, Nebraska,
    caring her parents, as they declined and died. Her father lived to be 101; he was bumped from Al Roker’s birthday wishes because even older people shared his birthday. Her mother passed her final years having
    strokes and becoming increasingly unpredictable an combative.

    When my cousin was married in Italy, last year, I help-desked my grandmother through downloading and
    playing the wedding pictures flash-video. Every time I sent her an email (I wish I’d made more time for this), she responded within a day, from her dial-up AOL account.

    For many years, she’s walked to the gym (even in the Winter, in Minnesota) to swim. Didn’t drink, though she did accept a champagne flute the night of my parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary. She had knee (and then hip) replacement surgeries, which meant that every time she flew anywhere, she was treated to secondary security screening. I was there, once; she was kind to the TSA agent. She had a heart attack, four years ago, and, even though much of it was stupid, she went along with the rehab program.

    She made the best pie I’ve ever had and she had the worst singing voice I’ve ever heard: thin, piercing, and
    worbley. She had absolutely no sense of humor about her Governor Ventura. She made every quilt I’ve slept under; I suspect that’s true of each of her eight grandchildren.

    She’s dying now, in a hospital in St. Paul. There’s not a single thing I can do to ease her way, but, attention must be paid and all that. The world will be immeasurably poorer for her passing.

    • Anonymous

      Wonderful words. May those quilts always remind you of her.

      • Anonymous

        Being a few years beyond you, this resonates in my case with my own mother.  As an East Texas farm girl, she had always wanted to fly and was able to do so as her contribution to the war effort.  I bow to that generation.

    • Sam Sokol

      Thank you posting this and sharing her story Andrew; through it your grandmother’s amazing life touches and lives in on even greater circle.

      My 11 yo says you would learn to be a very strong person with 11 little brothers and sisters! 

      We are thinking of you and your family.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing this Andrew. I’m sure you feel that you wish you had spent more time with her now, but it sounds like you did get to know her very well. And what you wrote honors her greatly.

    •  That was tremendous, Andrew. 

      You hope that you and your partner will have those golden years together … other than losing a child, I can’t imagine a tougher adjustment than losing that.

    • Anonymous

      Late to the party…but very nicely written, old virtual friend.  I lost my last two grandparents the past year, so this resonated with me.  Feels like our generation is officially “on the clock” now.  Best wishes.

      • Anonymous

        Icaros! Good to read you

        • Anonymous

          Thanks, Marty.  You too.

          • Sam Sokol

            Now I’m stuck trying to figure out whether to make porn star or flight attendant jokes that no one will get.

          • Anonymous

            Haha, I’ll get them, Sam.  Those were great times.

    • Anonymous

      Andrew,  What a wonderful story of your Grandmother.  I too, lost a loved one just before Christmas.  My daughter  passed away from lung cancer.  I wish I had done many things but you can’t go back my friend.  God Bless you and your family.

      • KT

        I’m sorry to hear that your Daughter died, hopefully she wasn’t sufering too much at the end. My prayers are out to you and your (her) family

    •  She’s a lady I’d like to have known, Andrew, and through your words I feel as though I do, just a little.

    • Anonymous

      On Super Bowl Sunday, thanks for reminding us who the real heroes are.

    • Daniel Zappala

      Andrew, thanks for reminding us about what’s important.  It’s wonderful to see how much you’ve loved her.

  11. Anonymous

    Andrew, that’s a very kind, honest and touching tribute. It’s so hard when it comes time for them to go. I wish your grandmother a comfortable transition. And I wish peace of mind and soul to you and your family. God bless you all.

  12. Anonymous

    I heard it once said that you can learn alot about a person by observing their children and grandchildren. You have done will Susan. Peace be with you.

    • Sam Sokol

      >I heard it once said that you can learn alot about a person by observing their children

      Uh oh . . .

      • Anonymous

        Now that mine are all past 25 I welcome what one can learn about me by observing my children.  For those with two year olds and teenagers, don’t be too hard on yourselves. 

  13. Anonymous

    Old Friend Brad Penny will become a Fukuoka Softbank Hawk.

    • Andrew Shimmin

      Is it physically possible to drink a gallon of soy milk in an hour?

  14. Anonymous

    How do you turn off the emails I’m getting in these threads?

    • Anonymous

      You can go into the e-mail and select “turn off notifications.”  I just did it myself.

      • Anonymous

        Presumably, Marty just got an email telling him how to get rid of emails that he doesn’t want to get.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, can’t believe I missed that

        • Anonymous

          Well, it’s not like you’re a professional IT guy.  Oh wait…

  15. Anonymous

    It’s supposed to have two “b”s. As in Tabb.

  16. I’ve dreamed of betting on the first score of a Super Bowl being a safety. It’s been a while. Super Bowl IX, I think.

  17. My semi-traditional Super Bowl Slurpee has worn off. End of this game now seems very far away.

  18. Is this Madonna concert really happening, or have they gone Capricorn One on us?

  19. Anonymous

    Yes Jon, it is the original Bluebleeder, your humble correspondent.  :0)

  20. Anonymous

    Reading the thread, it’s very nice seeing some old friends.

  21. Giants are two safeties and a rouge from tying this sucker.

  22. Anonymous

    I can’t wait until football season is over.

  23. Daniel Zappala

    That was a fun game.  Couldn’t care less about either team, but it’s a great excuse to spend time with family.

  24. Anonymous

    That Clint Eastwood commercial was excellent.

  25. New post up top. 

  26. Andrew Shimmin

    Thanks to everyone who read my brick of prose, and to those who responded.

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