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Save the date?

Believe it or not, the 10th anniversary of Dodger Thoughts comes Saturday, July 21, which seems like as good an occasion as any to have a gathering of the site’s readers and friends. (Above is a photo by Rob McMillin from the first Dodger Thoughts gathering in 2006.)

The Dodgers will be on the road July 21, playing a day game in New York with a 10:10 a.m. Pacific starting time. If you have any interest in getting together, would you be more interested in assembling

a) Saturday morning and playing ball at a park with the game on the radio?
b) Saturday afternoon or evening at a park for a barbecue or some such?
c) on a different day at Dodger Stadium and catching a game together, perhaps July 28 against the Giants (6:05 p.m. start).

Just curious about your thoughts – thanks.


St. Bobby


Changes in MLB come too fast for long-term predictions


  1. I vote A->B. I’m In Kansas these days, but would easily try and fly back for this.

  2. Ten years is quite the momentous occasion. I vote you celebrate by burning an effigy of Gio Carrara, who blew the game on your very first day by allowing a 9th inning dinger to Tom Goodwin, of all people:

    I’ll probably be at the real Dodger game that day, actually.

  3. Wow, I was shocked — amazing how time flies!

  4. Anonymous

    I vote A. I also vote to have a different expression Photoshopped on my face.

  5. Is that Suffering Bruin next to Jon?

  6. Eric Stephen

    I would vote A or B over C, but mostly I am wondering what Suffering Bruins is doing these days.

    •  I ran into him at a game a two or three years ago. He was doing well, still teaching, and his son (who is barely visible in the picture above) had grown to be like nine feet tall.

  7. My fourth post indicated a different direction the site could have gone. Including typos.

  8. Anonymous

    I am down, if I am around, meaning in town

  9. Anonymous

    Is that upper reserve section 12?

  10. I have a bunch of friends having weddings around that time, but will definitely try to make whatever you put together.

  11. Phil Gurnee

    I think an occasion like this deserves all three. I look angry what a shock.

  12. John Blanchard

    Frick, I say ‘A’. I’d show up for that. Bring sandwiches for after/during. And as a member of the SOSG softball team, I’m obligated to bring a keg or something. 

  13. Anonymous

    The DT wolfpack needs to make a run to Vegas

  14. Darnit, I think that’s when I’ll be backpacking in the Sierras, but if anything changes I would love to come down for that. If not, I will be coming down for a game in LA at some point this coming season at least… 

    Also, annie happiversary! Er, happy anniversary!

  15. Anonymous

    I vote (d) pack the stands at Citi Field for the game that Saturday afternoon.  :)

  16. Anonymous

     Great photo. I moved to Berkeley in 2007 so don’t get to LA often, but it was good to remember great times at Dodger Stadium.
    Don (formerly “deburns”

  17. If you’re looking for something to be at once detailed and superficial, here you go …

    • Anonymous

      Bowden is ridiculous, yet most likely preferable to Ned

      • Actually, I think I would prefer Ned if those were the options presented.

        • Anonymous

          Have to agree with Terry on this.
          Anyone beside me think that last year was a bit of a fluke for Arizona?  I still think the Giants’ and Dodgers’ pitching makes them the teams to beat in the West.

  18. KT

    I vote C, B, A in that order since I would much rather see a game with you guys then try to participate in the other events {can’t do any types of sports/physical activities any more & getting a lap band in March or April so that rules out eating :<) }

  19. Anonymous

    A post I wrote is being delayed because I edited it- to fix a typo; that’s a strange policy.

    • Jon Weisman

      Do you think I have a policy against editing? Just sounds like a minor glitch.

  20. I’m very impressed. Nobody has yet suggested a bar.

  21. Anonymous

    I’d vote C, but wouldn’t object to either A or B.

  22. Anonymous

    Great photo.  Congrats on the upcoming anniversary.  That looks like the reserve section.  Or is that the top deck after its conversion from red to blue seats?  I think it’s the reserve.  2006  Grady Little days!

  23. Anonymous

    I’d go with A or C. Though A would be very reminiscent of a storybook fairytale… if only Vin did East Coast away games.

  24. Anonymous

    I vote for A with a BBQ after the game.  B and C would work as well.

  25. Aaron Wiens

    Just FYI regarding option C: you mention 7/28 at Dodger Stadium but they are up north in SF that night for a 6:05 game

  26. Anonymous

    My daughter and I had such a good evening at the book signing meet up game a few years ago. At the ballpark sounds good!

  27. Jon,

    Honored to be pictured on Dodger Thoughts! I do like the idea of playing a game on Saturday… as long as the wife (and baby) are okay with it, I’d most definitely would like to be part of whatever is planned.


  28. Love the Blog Jon, Congrats on your ten year Mark!
    I would vote for C

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