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C is for California

My kids have a new book, C is for California, from WestWinds Press. Twenty-six pages, starting with “A is for Alcatraz,” “B is for Beach” and “C is for Cinco de Mayo.” How many of the remaining pages can you name?

Warning: “V is for Central Valley.”


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  1. Heard this during my 9-year-old’s recap of her day: “… role playing about the Stamp Act.”

  2. If “D” isn’t for  for Dodger Stadium then that book isn’t worth the paper it is printed on!

  3. If the title is C is for California, why would they use Cinco de Mayo? I really need to start writing kids books…these authors are terrible.

    •  The book was compiled from a list of kids’ suggestions.

      • lol, well, in a way it proves my point because this book, that was written from suggestions from children, is about equal to the ones written by adults….Then again, these suggestions still had to go through multiple adults before they were put on pages, so it really isn’t an excuse that it is based off of children’s suggestions.

  4. Really? V for Central Valley? That really seems like cheating. Let’s try a few .  . .

    G is for Golden Gate Bridge?
    M is for Malibu? or Missions?
    R is for Redwoods?

    They should have just had V for Valleys in general, or Ventura.

  5. Matt is correct on R.

  6. Anonymous

    I wonder how the author approached the letter S.

    S – 

    is for San Francisco, San Clemente, San Isidro, Santa Catalina… 

  7. Jon, do a Dodgers version of this book. I would but am too lazy.

  8. New baseball post up top, but please continue to make your guesses here. 

  9. Dave Alden

    D has to be Disneyland.  Although Dodger Stadium would have been a better answer.

    S is for sunshine?

    O is for oranges?

  10. Dave nails D and O in one shot. 

  11. Dave Alden

    H = Hollywood?

    S = Surfing?

    I guess I’m playing alone.  Everyone else seems to have wandered away.

  12. Some of them are hard, but you guys are missing some easy ones.

  13. Jon Weisman

    I gave you A!

    • Dave Alden

      Oh yeah, good point.  But I like avocados better.

    • Dave Alden

      L = Los Angeles? 

      And with the final guess, I’m calling it a night.  Thanks for the late night game of “Are you smarter than a fifth-grader?”

  14. Jon Weisman

    Yes on L!

    • Dave Alden

      So I got O, L, and D.  Perhaps that explains why I feel old this evening.  I look forward to learning the missing letters tomorrow.

  15. Anonymous

    Z is for San Diego Zoo. 

  16. Jon Weisman

    Yes on Z

  17. Anonymous

    E is for earthquakes
    F is for freeway
    G is for gold rush
    I is for  Inland Empire
    M is for Mojave Desert 
    P is for Pacific Coast Highway
    Q is for Queen Mary
    S is for Stanford :-)
    U is for Universal Studios
    V is for Vineyards
    Y is for Yosemite

  18. Jon Weisman

    Yes on E, G and Y

  19. K is for Knott’s Berry Farm.
    M is for Malibu.

  20. Anonymous

    M is for mountains
    W is for Walk of Fame

  21. Dave Alden

    If I tally correctly, we have A, B, C, D, E, G, L, O, R, V, Y, and Z.  And Jon gave us four of those.

    T = Tahoe?
    S = San Francisco Bay?
    W = Wine? (Perhaps inappropriate for a children’s book, so maybe Wine Country)
    U = University of California?

  22. Anonymous

    P is for Poppy?
    S is for Sacramento? or Sequoia?
    Q is for Quail?

  23. Anonymous

    M for movies or movie stars?

  24. Dave got T.
    Ghost got P, Q and narrowed it down on S – Sacramento.

  25. You need F, H, I, J, K, M, N, U, V, W, X.

    A few of those are gettable; after that, I’ll reveal the rest. 

    • Jack Dawkins

      F = Fresno
      H = Humbolt
      M = Mission
      N = Napa
      U = Universal studios
      K = Killer Whale

      Hard to think like a kid on these.

  26. Jack gets N  – Napa Valley

  27. Anonymous

    F = fun, fire, freeway, or forty-niners

    H =  hills (surprised its not Hollywood) or high tech
    I = Ice cream, or Irvine
    J = Japantown (for those Bay area residents)
    K = Kerntucky, or Kiwis (grown in the northern central valley)
    M= Mission, movies or Monterey
    N= nothing, or nuts
    U= Universal Studios
    V= Central Valley
    W = west coast, wildlife, or (San Diego) Wild Animal Park

    X= x-box

  28. Anonymous

    J=Junipero Serra

  29. Anonymous

    K= Knott’s Berry Farm

    Amusement parks seem to be popular

  30. F is for San Andreas Fault?

  31. Anonymous

    X=X Games?

  32. Anonymous

    X = X Games

  33. Anonymous

    F=Fabulous Forum

  34. H=Hearst Castle, X=Xanadu, W=West Coast

  35. SaMo gets J with Father Junipero Serra. 

  36. Omr, yes, H is Hearst Castle.

  37. Dave Alden

    I = Indigenous people/Indians?

  38. I think we’re down to F, I, K, U, W, X.  As soon as someone gets F I’ll reveal the rest. 

  39. F is for San Fransisco

  40. Anonymous

    f=Franchising, you know, because kids love McDonalds.  

  41. Anonymous

    Water rights?  
    Water skiing?
    Waterworld, a film so old that no kid born after 1999 has even heard of it?  

  42. Anonymous

    K=Kiss, the screen version, not the Gene Simmons version.
    As long as it’s not Kardashian, I’m ok with being wrong.

  43. Anonymous

    I= In-n-out Burger

  44. Nathan Cash

    W = Mt. Whitney

  45. F = forest fires
    I = imagination
    K = Krispy Kremes
    U = umpire
    W = waterfall
    X = X-Factor

  46. OK, you’ve all suffered enough:
    F: Fisherman’s Wharf
    I: Indigenous people
    K: King’s Canyon
    U: Ursus Californicus
    W: Wind (don’t ask)
    X: eXtremes

  47. Anonymous

    I should have guessed Fisherman’s Wharf, Kings Canyon (its not far from here as the crow flies), and maybe California Grizzly, but I wouldn’t think that kids would know scientific names!   Those Santa Ana winds can wreak havoc, that’s probably why it’s on there.

    • Anonymous

      King’s Canyon makes sense, but the others all bite.  Everywhere has indigenous people. . . well, except Antarctica.

    • Dave Alden

      I like Ursus Californicus and am unhappy I didn’t think of it.  Of course, it’s the mascot of my alma mater.

  48. Anonymous

    Why quail?  I gather there’s something called a California Quail, but is it so special?  Aren’t there California versions of other animals?  Or was Q just too hard to come up with anything else, like ex-Dodgers who play for the Rangers?

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