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Pigs in a news blanket

Above: How the story of the Three Little Pigs would be covered in today’s world, as presented by the Guardian.


  • Vin Scully tops the broadcaster rankings of the national readership of Fangraphs.
  • Ramona Shelburne has a nice piece at about Francisco “Chico” Herrera, a Dodger bat boy who went to today’s open tryout.
  • James Loney ranked behind only Oakland’s Daric Barton defensively among first basemen in the statistical rankings provided by David Pinto at Baseball Musings.
  • Chad Moriyama presents his top-25 Dodger prospect rankings at his blog.
  • Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal has an extensive article on a very real issue for many sports fans — the challenges in maintaining an effective wireless system at ballparks and stadiums.
  • David Schoenfield of looks at baseball’s scheduling imbalance problems.
  • Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports gave a good interview to Jason McIntyre of Big Lead Sports.


Video: Clayton Kershaw pitches to Matt Kemp


Fangraphs fun and frolic


  1. Glad to see Loney ranked so highly by Pinto. I keep getting told by some wags that his D is overrated–and I’ll grant you, it often hasn’t been enough to override his often disappointing offense, and his range to his right isn’t always his best quality–but he sure has seemed like a damn slick fielding first baseman, which I’ve always appreciated.

  2. Anonymous

    You don’t appreciate a good-fielding first baseman until you see a bad one.

    • Anonymous

      I watched Adam Dunn play 1st for the Nats.  I loved it when he came to bat but cringed when the ball was hit to him.  He was ok at digging out low throws but his footwork around the bag and decision making about when to go for the ball and when to go to the bag was questionable. 

  3. Thanks for the Grauniad clip. It’s an absolutely spot-on representation of today’s media/political climate.

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