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Dodgers pitching to contact, winning

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Dodgers 5, Cubs 0

  • Following Ted Lilly’s three innings today, here is the combined line for Dodger starting pitchers in their past three day games: nine innings, six hits, two walks, zero runs, zero strikeouts.
  • Tony Gwynn Jr. and Matt Angle each had a hit and two RBI.
  • Trent Oeltjen had two hits and two runs.
  • The Dodgers’ embrace of the iPad and in particular an app from Bloomberg called “Sport Pitch Review” is chronicled in interesting detail by Ken Gurnick of
  • Cory Sullivan is attempting a comeback of sorts after taking much of last season off to spend quality time with his daughter, writes Gurnick.


Fields emerges as leading Spring Training underdog


We’re talking about what now?


  1. Anonymous

    Hurrah for Aussie Trent!

  2. Anonymous

    Weird about the strikeouts. But the rest of the line score is pretty sweet! 

  3. Anonymous

    I’m late to the Fields bandwagon on DT, but I’ve said elsewhere that I think he’ll be this year’s Rivera once one of the AARPers goes down.

  4. Anonymous

    An interesting analysis of the curveball’s effect on the arms of youngsters:

  5. Anonymous

    I saw somthing yesterday about, “KC reliever Jonathon Broxton”.  It just didn’t look right.  I understand the decision but I’m sad to see him go.

  6. Anonymous

    The Orioles just sent ex-Dodger Josh Bell back to AAA. That’s a 3B option that I think could be had pretty cheap.

    • Anonymous

      Probably for a reason.  Nice AAA player, but not an everyday major leaguer.

      • Anonymous

        He’s 25 and has about 200 MLB PA’s and he has some power.  Seems like a low risk with a potential high return.  He is on the 40 man but I don’t know how many options he has left,

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