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Dodgers’ offensive roll continues

The results of Spring Training games might not mean anything, but I’ll take good over bad in any form that it comes.  The Dodgers are 6-1-2 in March following today’s 9-1 victory over the Angels while doubling up their opponents in runs, averaging 6.44 per game while allowing 3.22.

Juan Rivera doubled and homered to drive in four runs, while Justin Sellers had a pinch-hit three-run homer in the sixth, leading the Dodgers’ attack. Center fielders Matt Kemp and Trent Oeltjen combined to reach base four times and score three runs.

Aaron Harang allowed a run on three hits in three innings and, in a landmark for Dodger starting pitchers, struck out two. Chris Withrow threw 2 2/3 shutout innings in relief, allowing four baserunners. Four other Dodger relievers threw scoreless ball.

Angels starting pitcher Jered Weaver faced 12 batters, and half reached base.


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  1. “Ivan DeJesus made a tremendous defensive play at third base in the
    eighth inning. He ranged all the way over to the guard railing along the
    Dodgers’ dugout to catch a pop-up off the bat of the Angels’ Doug
    Deeds. DeJesus hung on to the ball despite tumbling head over heels into
    a photographer’s booth.”

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