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Can you spare a square for the Dodgers’ next Jami?

Rangers at Dodgers, 1:05 p.m.

Over at Variety, I indulged my TV-Dodger nexus with a short post on the potential that actress Jami Gertz could end up in the Dodger owners box. Here’s a quick excerpt …

With Tony Ressler a principal member of one of the final four groups currently in the running to buy the Dodgers, that leaves open the possibility that the franchise could have a new first lady from the world of television: Ressler’s wife, actress Jami Gertz.

GertzGertz has spent three decades in show business, but for me, she is famous for two particularly square roles: as one of the stars of early 1980s TV series “Square Pegs” (with Sarah Jessica Parker) and from the memorable “Seinfeld” episode, “The Stall,” as the girlfriend of Jerry’s (and phone sex operator on the sly) who couldn’t spare a square of toilet paper for Elaine. …



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  1. KT

    Nice job by Dee on his steal of second in the previous thread…now that is really picking the pitchers pocket q : < )

  2. Anonymous

    I think having Dee in the lineup from day 1 at the top of the order is a very important upgrade from last year (with the injury to Furcal).  I think that the speed up at the top will immediately lead to more runs.  It means singles by Kemp or Ethier will bring home runs after a Gordon stolen base, which was severely lacking last year.  I see an extra 15-20 RBIs from Ethier and Kemp because of stolen bases at the top of the order.

  3. A Jim dandy bomb! I like Jim Loney much better than that James guy who has no power. 

  4. PS: Muffy Tepperman lives!
    Loved Square Pegs.
    Did you remember that she was also in a couple episodes of HBO’s “Dream On”–use to love that show, too–and a show called “Dreams”?

  5. Anonymous

    Can’t forget Lost Boys and Listen to Me.  Classic 80’s films.

  6. Anonymous

    Hairston tries to blow ball foul't surprise me that he failed.  He wasn’t much of a gasbag in person. 

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