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Happy birthday, Youngest Master Weisman

My littlest guy is 4 today, which means he has a new favorite number: 4. That’s how he rolls. Happy birthday to a dashing young man.


Kuo’s future again uncertain after release by Mariners


Question time


  1. Happy Birthday to him! My oldest is now 4, but I’d love for time to slow down so he stays 4 for a couple years longer. Unbridled imagination plus undying curiosity with a dash of complete innocence can be a beautiful thing.

  2. Happy birthday to him! He doesn’t look a day over 3.75! (No idea if this is true, it always just feels like the right thing to say. People are so vain about their ages. ;) )   May there be lots of cake.

  3. Happy Birthday to the little guy! :)

  4. Anonymous

    Congrats to the youngling. It really is a shame that places like the magic kingdom do no see them as children when it comes to ticket prices.

  5. Anonymous

    Feliz cumpleanos, young Master Weisman!

  6. Anonymous

    Happiest of days to young Weisman. Heres hoping for a year filled with grass stains, exploring for bugs, and wiffle ball smacking..

    On a baseball side of things: it looks like the Phillies may be taking a close look at Mr. DeWitt to plug the hole that Utley will likely leave this year.

    I still think of DeWitt as a younger, higher ceiling Adam Kennedy, but apparently out cup runneth over with bench players already, and the chances of getting him back I’m assuming are zero.

  7. Anonymous

    NPUT & Happy Birthday Young Master Weisman

  8. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to the youngest Master Weisman!  March birthdays are the best!

  9. Anonymous

    i know how you feel i have a sister who is 6. But everything seemed to happen when she was 3. 3 this, 3 that, when i was 3…. I would LOVE to hear another number than just 3

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