Another painful Spring Training for De Jesus

Very sorry to hear that Ivan De Jesus Jr. has a left-oblique tear, three years after the March broken leg that derailed his career.  Star-crossed kid.

  • Good tidbit on longshot bullpen contender and Royal High graduate Scott Rice, from Ken Gurnick of “He’s easy to find in the Dodgers’ clubhouse, and not just because he’s 6-foot-6,” Gurnick writes. “His locker is located in the section assigned to players that are generally the first to be cut. Sure enough, eight lockers to his right are now empty, as are five lockers to his left.”
  • Dee Gordon needed only a home run for the cycle today.
  • Andre Ethier: still on fire.
  • Grant Brisbee is as entertaining as usual in his look at the 2012 Dodgers for Baseball Nation.
  • Wednesday at 9 p.m., NBC premieres a new sitcom, Bent. The Peacock, as we say at Variety, is racing through the entire six-episode order in three weeks – putting the premiere against Modern Family, no less – so you might think the network is ashamed of it. But I think the show is worth watching and only grows on you. TV critics Brian Lowry at Variety and Alan Sepinwall at HitFix agree with me. So check it out.
  • Anonymous

    “Dee Gordon needed only a home run for the cycle today.”

    Dee will forever be on an orange alert for the cycle.

    • Andrew Shimmin

       Well, now. That’s big. If Dee Gordon ranks a BT official orange with an HR lacking, that’s exciting.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, we have 6 dodgers from numbers 401 to 500 of the top 500 players in baseball. (i’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing!!)

  • Anonymous

    Really feel for Ivan Jr.

    • Anonymous

      Never been one of his supporters, but I agree.

      • Anonymous

        Sure, understand.  I was more recalling the promise that he was and hoping he could get back to it.  That Spring three years ago he had come off a pretty good season at AA and a hot Winter in Puerto Rican ball.  Seemed to have a spark in camp before he broke his leg.

  • Anonymous

    Btimmer the dodger shuttle from union station has received funding by something called the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee. Another entity the old South Coast Air Quality Management District needs to give final approval on april 6th. Quite a bureaucratic pain but it beats coughing up 15 bucks to Frankie :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s always fun to see long shots like Rice get their chance, but Angel Guzman has really pitched well.  If not for injuries, the Cubs never would have let him go (not sure if that is a postive or a negative).  Barring injury or blow up, Guzman would seem to be the front runner.

  • Jon Weisman