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Last year’s Spring Training revisited

Did last year’s Spring Training stats mean anything for the Dodgers? You be the judge.


Will Dodger Stadium again avoid naming rights buzzsaw?


Troncoso departure leaves Elbert as dean of Dodger bullpen


  1. Anonymous

    Well, they tell me that you will have a medium season if you have a medium Spring.

  2. I would say the bottom left list is the key for sure. Why I am always skeptical even if the Dodgers sometimes aren’t skeptical enough.   And from what I’ve seen so far, Uribe appears to be swinging the bat (literally) better than he was last year, even though he had a better ST statistically last year. Who knows but a sign his work with Hansen could pay off, and not to worry about the numbers too much. Sands has been disappointing, however, and seems destined to start the year in AAA, which may be for the best. 

    • KT

      I must be missing what you’ve been watching because every at-bat where I’ve watched him, He’s been terrible…no line drive outs or great plays, either weak popups, can’s of corn ( I could stock a small grocery shelf) or strikeouts

      • I’ve seen some of those too :) but I absolutely have seen him hit line drives + well hit line fly outs and hard hit ground balls, in addition to those frustrating popups and Ks, yes. I’ve watched a lot of their televised ST games online so far. But, really, who knows with him, who knows. I just know he’s been working with Hansen to not swing quite as over-powerfully and adjustments take a little time. Games against texas and the Angels he had both hits and near hits and looked okay to me. We’ll see.

  3. I was hoping that this list would provide clarity on whether we can expect Ethier’s red hot spring to carry over into the regular season. What I’d like to see is how Ethier fared in the spring before his peak years, if there is a trend there, it might be helpful. Because a crazy hot Ethier batting behind Kemp, who should have Gordon on 2nd by the time he gets up, could be just what the doctor ordered. Here’s to undying optimism! Huzzah!

    • Anonymous

      I would take the point of the graphic to be not to read much of anything into ST results, as they aren’t really indicative of much.

      Ethier’s career spring training OPS – .914
      Ethier’s careers regular season OPS – .847

  4. Anonymous

    “Did last year’s Spring Training Stats mean anything for the Dodgers?”

    I don’t think so, the top left of your graph are high cealing (sp) guys, although I didn’t expect Kemp & Jansen to have the type of years they had. Looking at the graph, the injuries really really hurt us, its amazing when you really think about it how much of a true team sport this is. it’s a trickle down affect when somebody gets hurt…

  5. Speaking of the graphic, didn’t you just love the revolutionary presentation of this data?

  6. Anonymous

    You might want to note that the offensive numbers refer to OPS.  At first, seeing Jerry Sands’ .999, I thought maybe you were referring to fielding percentage.

    • Anonymous

      To field .999, you need to have 1000 chances and make one error. Which would be a really busy position in the spring. It took James Loney 150 games to get 1208 chances last year.

      The single season record for chances is 1986 by Jiggs Donahue in 1907. (Or possibly 1998, sources vary.) 

      • Anonymous

        91 years is a lot of variance.

        • Anonymous

          His 1846 putouts at first base are a major league record. And I doubt anyone will break that unless players are forced to swing 45 ounce bats or they start playing with a clincher softball.

      • Anonymous

        666 successes divided by 667 attempts is .9985007 which I assume would be listed as .999.

      • Anonymous

        “a really busy position in the spring”
        Especially for an outfielder. Even if you counted every ball put in play as an opportunity for an outfielder to make a play, I doubt Sands could have had 1,000 chances.  Most games have less than 50 plays per team, but players typically don’t play more than five or six innings of a spring training game.

    •  Yeah, I should have done that.

  7. Anonymous

    I just read the list of memorable moments and boy are they generous with the definition of the term “moment”.

  8. Anonymous

    Pretty much just shows that most guys performed as expected (Medium) and that will probably continue except for the occasional breakout guy like Kemp. Now if Kemp has .924 OPS we’ll just call it a medium season….and if Loney has a .800+ OPS we’d call it a big season for sure (at least the 1st year)…
    Anyway interesting analysis at least on the off-day during this rather boring ST!

  9. Dodgers just DFAed one 2009 relief hero in Ramon Troncoso, put another, Ronald Belisario, on 40-man roster.

    • Anonymous

      Just moved one for the other?

    • Anonymous

      I liked them better together as a “Belicoso” package.  Very fierce indeed.  

  10. Anonymous

    If McCourt holds onto the parking lots, you can hold your nose in protest by taking the shuttle from Union Station again this year.

  11. Anonymous

    Is it just me, or does it feel like Ethier will be in the upper left corner this year?

    • Anonymous

      It does.  As long as he continues to hit in spring training.

  12. Anonymous

    Kendrys Morales had two hits today for the Angels.  I know they’re the other team in town, but I hope he can make it back.

  13. Anonymous

    If anyone interested, the No Mas throwback shirt that says “Keep the  Dodgers in Brooklyn” is on sale at a 3rd party site called JackThreads (  If you want to see what it looks like, this is the picture from No Mas: Just thought I would pass it along for us fans.  It’s a pretty clean looking shirt.  I’m waveing in buying their Cassius Clay shirt.

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