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What’s next for the Dodgers’ new owners?

My initial thoughts on the sale of the Dodgers can be found at

Dodgers fans, you can come out of your hiding places.

I can’t promise what you’ll find on the outside, but it’s time to tiptoe back into the world.

Tonight’s announcement that Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers, pending approval by federal bankruptcy court, is unequivocally a new door being opened to fans of the franchise, even if McCourt is regrettably remaining a partner (though thankfully, not the sole owner) in a separate group that will retain control of the land surrounding the stadium.

There is every possibility for things to go wrong under the new ownership, fronted by local hero Magic Johnson and underwritten by Chicago financial firm Guggenheim Partners, but there are also primary reasons to have faith that things will go right. …

Read the entire piece here.


SOLD: Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten acquire Dodgers


Variety interview with Peter Guber


  1. “There’s already talk in the Dodger front office about adding players this summer,” says @Buster_ESPN on SportsCenter.

  2. Anonymous

    I still want to know why the logo for the Guggenheim Funds, based in Chicago, is of Half Dome.

    •  Easy. Same reason Prudential’s is Gibraltar. “We’re a solid investment firm,” Pru’s “The Rock” says, and the same goes for that huge hunk of granite in Yosemite.

  3. Anonymous

    For Dodger fans, Magic and Stan Kasten just disproved “money can’t buy happiness.”

  4. Anonymous

    Guggenheim recently purchased EquiTrust Life, a company I write life and annuity business for. They have 125 billion in assets under management. 2 bil is alotta dough. 125 is a whole lotta dough. Sunny days ahead.

  5. Guggenheim Partners happens to be a parent company of The Hollywood Reporter. 

  6. I am happy tonight.

    That is all.

  7. Thanks, ESPN video autoplay, for waking up those who were sleeping within earshot of my computer.

    • Anonymous

      I constantly turn that off and it turns itself back on. I keep it muted tho and that does work.

  8. Anonymous

    Nice job on the

  9. Anonymous

    First, I’m as giddy as a school boy.  Instead of teaching today, I want to dance like Snoopy.  This was the owner group I wanted.

    So now, with Kasten on board presumably as president, on to checkmark 2.  What is NedCo’s shelf life?

    • Anonymous

      I think Ned gets this year and that’s it and maybe not even that long if the team starts badly.

  10. Not good enough. Frank remains connected to the Dodgers. My boycott continues.

    • He made good money running the team into the ground and then being forced to sell.

    • Sorry but at this point on it’s your loss.  But yes, I am bitter he’s made a ludicrous amount of money for screwing team over, basically contributing no money to but them and then making a fortune at the end. I will maintain my bitterness but won’t let it get in the way of my happiness at the new regime who are all far more competent people.

  11. Hmmm, Rovell was just on Mike and Mike and said this is a huge overpayment…a statistical outlier, comparing it to the A-Rod contract.  That applying these metrics to the Cowboys would value the ‘Boys at over 8 billion.
    Are they planning on starting their own cable network or planning on giving some equity to Time Warner for example to do it. 
    I think that Magic is the key, his involvement instantly wins back much of the LA market share and mind share that had drifted away over the past 3 years, either to the Angels or just away in general.

    • Anonymous

      If Jerry Johnson wants to sell his team for $8 billion, then he can ask the NFL to let him out of the TV revenue sharing deal and just put all his games on the Cowboys Broadcasting System.

  12. I think one of the keys is making sure The Vin is happy and that they have the best broadcasters they can find.  Dodger fans do tune in for their broadcaster, and the disappointment and drop-off without The One are palpable.  Great piece, Jon.

    • Anonymous

      As a transplanted Dodger fan who listened to everyone from Steve Stone to Chip Caray, Dodger fans will always be spoiled by their announcers.  Vin and Jaime have no equals…and no one even approaching.  Get used to disappointment because there is simply no one in the world who is not a huge dropoff from these two.

  13. Anonymous

    I’ll be going to the games again–hooray–but I’ll still park on the street.

    If the Dodgers are worth $2 billion, with merely the prospect of their own cable network, what must the Yankees be worth, when they already have their own station and hours and hours of Yankeeography content?  

    Jon: do you remember your initial reaction when McCourt bought the team?  When Fox bought the team?  As I recall, people were pretty stoked when Frank first took over, but I wasn’t living in LA at the time, so I got only an out-of-town view.

  14. Anonymous

    If they weren’t before the IRS will be coming for Frank now.

  15. Anonymous

    The Mariners lead the pack in the AL West now. They are an unstoppable force.

  16. Anonymous

    Will there be a walk in the second game in Tokyo? There were none last night? Who will draw the first walk of 2011?
    Ichiro had the first hit. Brandon McCarthy recorded the first strikeout (Justin Smoak was the batter).  Jemile Weeks stole the first base. Dustin Ackley hit the first home run.

  17. Anonymous

    And will anyone ever remember Tom Schieffer?

    I was asked by for a small feature whether Ichiro would get 200 hits again. I honestly had no idea, but I looked at the numbers and said that he could.  I was the only one saying so. But he only needs 196 more, and it’s not even April. 

    • Agree he’ll surpass 200.  BTW has there ever been a more consistent hitter in so many categories?  In 11 season he’s missed only 30+ games?  The only stat he’s lacking is power and he’s still managed over 600 RBI’s and is 5 HR’s away from 100.  Perhaps someone can figure this out – he’s 3 seasons away (14 seasons total) from 3000 hits.  Has any player hit that number quicker?

  19. We can’t know for sure what this ownership group will do, but it’s definitely time to give the team our support.  I’m cautiously going over to the site now to see about renewing my old 20-game package. (Or at least some tickets; arthritis is not making that stadium any easier.) 

    I am still confused. I’m seeing conflicting stories re: ownership of the parking lots. As in, WHO will be pocketing our parking fee?I guess it’s academic, with McCourt retaining part ownership of the land, but I want to understand this.


  20. Buster Olney talking about Kershaw on ESPN2 right now if you’re home. (On Baseball Tonight, this morning.)

  21. Anonymous

    I was very, very happy when I heard that Magic’s group had would be the new owner of the Dodgers. I’m disappointed that they had to pay so much and that Frank McCourt is part of the group that owns the land around the stadium.  However, I tend to be an optimist and its still spring training time so I’m feeling very positive about the Dodgers’ future!


  22. Tommy Lasorda:  “I’m not sure what position Magic will take.”


  23. Holy $hi…
    RT @BillShaikin: Source: #Dodgers deal is all cash, no financing. MLB review will be formality because of no debt added to team liabilities.

    “Take your money and go home, Frank. Good bye.”

  24. Also new Baseball Today podcast:
    Eric Karabell and Keith Law talk to Molly Knight about the sale of the Dodgers and what it means for MLB.

  25. foul tip

    From  “Starting third baseman Juan Uribe was a late scratch from the starting lineup Tuesday. Manager Don Mattingly said Uribe apparently was struck in the groin with a ball he bunted.”

    Is there no end to this?  Did some witch doctor stick a pin in the appropriate place on a Uribe doll?  Could one have put a hex on him right after he signed with the Dodgers?  Uribe does hail from the Dominican Republic, after all…

    • This is one of the things I said before we signed him. Not only does he suck, but in 11 seasons he has played 145 or more games 4 times. And he is over the 30 (which means 40 in Dominican Republic years)…

  26. Ok so looks promising but why in the hell would you spend 2.2 bil and then agree to make LA public enemy # 1 your gatekeeper?  BIZARRE?  GET READY TO PAY 25.00+ JUST TO PARK!

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