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Game 2 chat

Dodgers at Padres, 7:05 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Juan Uribe, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Chad Billingsley, P

In theory, the live Win Probability Graph from Fangraphs should update from Thursday once tonight’s game starts. We shall see …

Source: FanGraphs


Looking ahead at 2012


Billingsley hurls Dodgers to victory


  1. Anonymous

    After leaving the game in favor of Guillermo Mota, Lincecum has an ERA of 8.44.

  2. Anonymous

    LATed a link to an article on property tax re-accessments and how money can be saved if the old owner retains no less than 50%:
    In Jon’s top post there is a link to a Forbes article which discusses some tax benefits gained by new owners of a MLB team especially when the team is to become part of a larger corporation. After reading that article I noticed a link to… which discusses the savings in property tax due on the parking lots because of McCourt retaining 50% ownership.

  3. KT

    well I only have the Madres feed tonight…still haven’t heard Vinny this year

  4. KT

    Now that my son and I shared a drumstick ice cream we are now ready to watch the game together

  5. KT

    Wow Dee just watched 3 straight strikes go by

  6. KT

    Nice Mark…come on Matty

    • Anonymous

      I still can’t believe that dick enburg is the padres’ play by play guy

  7. KT

    AZ looks like they are ready to put away SF 5-4 top of 9th

  8. KT

    Matty just missed one…the dead air stopped it

  9. KT

    Nice Juan…but just a single from that one?

    Come on Dre

  10. Anonymous

    I thought Kemp had one there.

  11. KT

    YES!!!!! Dre

    2 run double

  12. Anonymous


  13. KT

    Jon not that it matters but the fangraph isn’t updating …just letting you know

    • Anonymous

      and it bogs down tablets, too.  just fyi, jon.

  14. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, with DTV, I am only getting a Padres feed and they seem to be at least mildly homer.
    I guess that’s not a lot to complain about when you get most all the games. But my son thinks that MLB TV may be cheaper and get me more game feeds.

  15. KT

    good K Billz

  16. Anonymous

    Bills–thats the way you used to pitch

  17. KT

    K, backwards K, K

    Nice inning…it’s been a long time

    • Anonymous

      I sympathsize with you KT. When you are used to Vin, most bias sounds really disgusting

  18. Anonymous

    Hard to start a season better than Bills just did. 

  19. KT

    that’s what falling behind a batter gets you

  20. KT

    Did you guys notice how far off the 1st base bag juan was playing

  21. Anonymous

    it is at bats like this that makes Cbill’s pitch count go through the roof

    • KT

      At least he got the inning ending DP to save the count a little bit

  22. KT

    not far enough Dee

  23. KT

    Heads up ball Mark…way to be alert

    Come on Matty

  24. KT

    Another heads up play by Ellis…I like they way he plays

  25. Anonymous

    Sloppy Padres.

  26. Anonymous

    San  iego Pa res?

  27. KT

    Pulled in D gives us another run…just like last night

    Come on Dre…do it again

  28. Anonymous

    Jeez. Luebke is jinxed. I’m not complaining.

  29. KT

    At least the Padres announcers backed up Dre on the 3rd strike call

  30. Anonymous

    How can the Pads get out of the inning—–Have someone like Hairston at the plate apparently.
    That was the weakest at bat I’ve seen so far. and I admit thats a small sample.

  31. KT

    Wow another inning where billz strikes out the side..nice

  32. Anonymous

    They say Bills has the stuff. A bit of confidence could put him on the track—-I sure hope so.

    This Friers pitcher has been making some great pitches. Its not his fault the way this game has gone.
    He is to be respected I think.

    • KT

      Let’s hope so
      Yea that’s why the Padres signed him to a 4 yr extention

      Another K for Billz

  33. Anonymous

    another vinism, “it barely died of exhaustion” . . .

  34. KT

    Billz at 61 pitches after 4…not too bad but we could use an easier inning to save the bullpen

  35. KT

    Nice double Dee :<)…we hope

    looked safe too me…He was

  36. Roadrunner gets his first hit of the year. Let’s see if he mneep mneeps. 

  37. Anonymous

    I suspect I’m not the only one who thinks Bills is bringing the freight tonight because Kid K toughed it out yesterday.

  38. Anonymous

    he was safe!

  39. Replay shows Dee Gordon was safe stealing second. 

    • Anonymous

      holy crap.  we had run stolen last night . . . .

  40. Anonymous

    Dee robbed again. If I was realy paranoid, I would think the Dodgers were being targeted.( Ethier, Dee and others). But I don’t believe this. However, random errors could be enough to kill a new age of the stolen base..

  41. KT

    DRE  AGAIN!!!!!

    just missed a HR…He’s having no trouble with this lefty

  42. Anonymous

    Dre smoked that! Wo.

  43. KT

    The box line goes 202020 …all in line with the top of the lineup

  44. Anonymous

    Sweet Dreness! If he and Bills can keep it up, this could be a very good season.

  45. Anonymous

    uribe is such a bust.

  46. Anonymous

    FRUSTRATION – Okay, Why has Juan Uribe began exactly where he left off last year.  He swings for the fences, and in this particular atbat, he swings at the first pitch when Owings is missing at the corners of the strike zone and not going after hitters.  Doesn’t he know any better?   But of course, I asked that same question, last year.

  47. KT

    Dee burned his forearm on that diving attempt on Hudson’s foul ball

    That was an easy inning I called for earlier…maybe Billz can go 7

  48. KT

    10 K’s now for Billz

    16 of 20 1st strikes for Billz tonight

  49. Anonymous

    Glad to see I’m not alone in my frustration with Uribe. He’s the lone minus on a large list of pluses for me.

  50. KT

    What do you think? Bring Billz back for the 8th with a 90 pitch count this early in the season? 

  51. KT

    Come on Dre let’s get the HR out of the way

  52. KT

    swung at ball 3 come on Uribe…0-4…I know it’s early but his attempts look bad…I see no change from last year

  53. Anonymous

    Please see my previous comment on Uribe. Seems he’s always making the last out.

  54. KT

    Wow even if Billz doesn’t get the complete game…this one has been an outstanding job through 8
    They actually drove the ball that inning

  55. Anonymous

    Well at least Uribe didn’t strike out. He has that going for him. What a great 8 innings by Bills. Do you think he comes back out for the 9th?

  56. what a great outing by Chad! 

  57. Anonymous

    Tremendous performance for Bills.

  58. KT

    And that’s it for Billz after 108 pitches
    Fantastic game by Billz and Dre and J Rivera!!!
    Got to put the little one to bed…Night all

  59. Anonymous

    great outing by Billingsly, but I really do hate the idea of taking him out at that spot.

  60. Anonymous

    meanwhile, at Staples, Bynum is getting tossed from another game…

    • Anonymous

       How did that happen?

      • Anonymous

        two technicals, the second for taunting the Rockets’ bench after making a shot

  61. Anonymous

    Great game. Good night all.

  62. Anonymous

    Great start by Bills, Dre continued his spring training performance, I like it!

  63. Anonymous

    A great night of Billingsley, Ethier and Vinnie. What a great way to kick off the weekend.

    Good night all.

  64. Anonymous

    The quest for perfection continues! Great game by Billz.

  65. Had to catch up with the game late (on tape delay as it were) but boy, what a masterpiece by Bills. Just as we’d hoped and prayed especially after the flu-shortened stint by Kershaw yesterday.  I know it’s San Diego, he does well there, but his stuff looked superb. Here’s to a hopefully reborn Billingsley — and Ethier. D looks good, too, esp compared to the Padres. Keep it up lads! 

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