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Game 3 chat

Dodgers at Padres, 5:35 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
James Loney, 1B
Adam Kennedy, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
Chris Capuano, P


Billingsley hurls Dodgers to victory


A.J. Ellis, Dee Gordon carry Dodgers to winning finish


  1. Anonymous

    This piece by Chad Moriyama on GM $-efficiency is worth reading as is the link that inspired it which he provides.

  2. Anonymous

    I was just thinking that given the way Billz pitched, it is at the Capuano spot that the Dodger starting pitching began to fall off. This felt discouraging until I looked at several other teams 3rd starter, and all the ones I checked were not that good.( I’m sure I avoided the best staff). But anyway C.Capuano looks a bit better than the Pad’s Mosely

    • keep in mind that, for what it’s worth, Capuano isn’t the Dodgers third starter. He’s just their 3rd guy right now after moving up with Lilly on the DL. It will normally be Kersh, Bills, Lilly, Harang, Capuano. And while the last three won’t make anyone cower in fear they are all pretty solid and maybe even underrated. And yeah, as a 5th starter, Capuano looks even better. 

      Anyway, hope he’s decent tonight!

  3. Adam Luther

    Would like to see SpeeDee get his first SB tonight.  He’ll help his chances if he can draw his first BB.

  4. Will have to watch the game in the archives later tonight but good luck to the boys in blue. Would love for them to take 3 out of 4 so just splitting these next two games would be a  pretty decent result.   I like sitting the righties today, Rivera especially often needs a day off here or there. 

    • KT

      But Rivera’s hot UD and I always go for the throat when an opponents down…We want a sweep

  5. KT

    Padres feed just showed yesterdays lineup for today including Chad

    • Anonymous

      It’s a Rudy Martzke-like dreaded glitch!

  6. Anonymous

    Old friend Hiroki Kuroda is already down 4-0 in the bottom of the 3rd in St. Petersburg. Presumably, Yankees fans are preparing effigies to burn already.

    • Anonymous

      And old friend Andruw Jones has driven in a run to get one of them back for the Yankees.

  7. Anonymous

    OK, here we go!

  8. Anonymous

    Got it!

  9. KT

    Nice hit and stolen base Dee…Good job moving him over Mark

  10. KT

    Way to manufacture a run Dee

  11. KT

    looked like Ethier beat that throw…late by half a step

  12. Anonymous

    Always wondered if Yonder has a sibling named Hither.

  13. Andrew Shimmin

    Weird color socks for Capuano. Wonder what that’s about.

    • KT

      doesn’t quite match the rest of the blue he’s wearing…didn’t notice till you said something…Looks cubbie blue

  14. KT

    good start by Chris

  15. Anonymous

    Vin didn’t mention that nutmeg doesn’t grow in the Nutmeg State.

    • KT

      I’ve got to subscribe to mlb radio just for when the dodgers play the padres…just so I can listen to Vin for 3 innings

  16. Andrew Shimmin

    Hey, it’s Adam Kennedy, again. Not sure I’m going to get used to seeing him. Then again, I’m not sure I’m going to have to.

    • Anonymous

      I am reminded of the two guys and the grizzly.  He only has to be better than Uribe.

  17. KT

    Nice play DEE!!!

  18. Anonymous

    I am really beginning to think that Gordon will become a very good feilder, if he is is not one already.
    And this at shortstop

  19. KT

    That’s 2 for Dee…time to take 3rd

  20. Anonymous

    and who’s getting 50 SB first?

  21. Anonymous

    Gordan has added about two innings to this pitchers stress, no matter what happens now!

  22. Landon Kelt

    Ellis of the Mark kind has had some really good AB’s early on.

  23. KT

    Nice Matty!!!

  24. KT

    DRE Again!!!!

    Man he’s on Fire

  25. Landon Kelt

    Goodness… If this were NBA Jam Ethier would be doing double summersault dunks with a fireball right now.

  26. Anonymous

    I know it’s only two and a half games against the Padres, but this team is looking like its going to be fun… PVLs or not

    • KT

      I’m blanking on PVL

      • Anonymous

        Stands for Proven Veteran Leader… Which ain’t exactly a compliment

    • Landon Kelt

      Definitely firing on all cylinders through 21 innings… We just have to remember that when it is going the other way, this CAN happen.

  27. Anonymous

    Hey, its a home series, and the Umps want the Pads to get one.

  28. KT

    Padres got a break on the pitcher bunt…at least now he’s on the basepaths…maybe that will tire him out

  29. Anonymous

    Yay for Ellis of the A.J. Kind!

  30. KT

    A.J. Ellis!!!!

    • Anonymous

      And I was about to criticize him for swinging at the first pitch….I’m glad I didn’t :)

  31. Ellis?!? That’s half his entire HR output from last year in one swing!

  32. Anonymous

    Dodger WE now at 94.7%

  33. Anonymous

    A J Ellis. I think I grew up and worked several ventures with a guy like this, and I am beginning to realize you want this guy around!

  34. KT

    C. C. is pitching a pretty good game if you drop the 2 walks

  35. KT

    Good hit Dee…way to start off at second this time
    Then Mark moves him over again!!!

  36. Anonymous

    The power of the threat of the bunt.

  37. Jibin Park

    Dee Gordon and Andre Ethier = Great Fantasy Stats!

  38. KT

    froze matty with that pitch

  39. Anonymous

    The Yankees have used four members of the 2008 Dodgers tonight: Kuroda, Martin, Jones, and Wade.

  40. Anonymous

    I’m afraid it may be time to show off some of are home grown relief. On the other hand maybe we will get lucky and Cap will get a second wind.

  41. KT

    too many walks (4) with 79 pitches…He’s done for the night

  42. Anonymous

    Wow. That ball 4 to Denorfia was more of a strike than the one Matty watched for strike 3.

  43. KT

    wow that was close…time to take him out

  44. Anonymous


  45. Jibin Park

    From a pure baseball standpoint, good call taking him out.  From a fantasy baseball owner who picked up Capuano, terrible call on Mattingly.

  46. KT

    just throw strikes wright…He’s aiming the ball

  47. Jibin Park

    Why bring in Wright??  

  48. Anonymous

    At least it’s interesting again.

  49. Jibin Park


  50. KT

    Are we going to let them walk away with this game?

  51. Anonymous

    Only way the Pods can win is the way they’re trying to do it now: the Dodgers beating themselves.

  52. Jibin Park

    Now’s the time to bring in the best reliever (Jansen)… or at least  Guerrier.  I think I can pitch better than Jamey Wright right now.

    • KT

      not Guerrier…he’s terrible with inherited runners

      • Jibin Park

        Why not Jansen?  I’d respect Mattingly’s in-game calling much more if he brought in Jansen in that highly leveraged situation.  That’s the save right there.

  53. Anonymous

    this thing is trying it’s best to leave the tracks.

  54. Anonymous

    Wright pitched last night!  Is this a failure of the manager, or the GM. Because this is methodically beating a team—-and then totally collapsing.

    • Anonymous

      wright threw four pitches last night.  if that takes a guy out for the next night, we need new guys.

  55. Anonymous

    Oh ffs

  56. Anonymous

    My bad. I jinxed it with the WE update.

  57. Anonymous

    Calling Dr. Lawrence J. Peter…

  58. KT

    OMG…what’s going on…at least 1st base is open now

    My bad…not anymore

    9 batters 1 hit

  59. Jibin Park

    Pitching is not as hard as the Dodgers are making it seem right now.

  60. Anonymous

    ugly.  big ugly.

  61. Anonymous

    When all I want to see is a guy with a little control…. I don’t leave it to Elbert.

  62. KT

    At least we are out of the inning not losing

  63. Anonymous

    This one is going to last a while as the ugliest half inning of baseball this season.

  64. Anonymous

    that is the ugliest inning since . . . I don’t know when.  and it’s almost comical that it only ended when the padres got a hit, and had to actually execute something.

  65. Anonymous

    Leave it to the Pods to screw up taking the lead. Only thing that saved us.

  66. KT

    good throw by Tony Jr. to get someone off base

  67. Anonymous

    Did someone cast a voodoo curse on us? I stop watching to put my girl to bed and I come back and Wright is drowning.

  68. KT

    lkk was counting his chickens ^_^

  69. KT

    Way to go Jerry

  70. Anonymous

    Fear the AJ!

  71. Anonymous

    I have trouble following the time line in these comments, for some reason.

    Well, this may be a good test to see if this Dodger team will come back with a few more runs, or go and hide.

  72. Anonymous

    Wright needs to go!!  He is awful!1

  73. KT

    Not Macdougal…they better not bring him in

  74. Jibin Park

    Why wasn’t Hairston tagging on that?

  75. Anonymous

    How does he not tag up!

  76. KT

    I can’t believe hariston didn’t tag…this is petco…Jr. isn’t going to hit it out to CF at night

  77. Anonymous

    Quick head math, but I show all pitchers combined 199 pitches, 109 strikes.

  78. Anonymous

    My question is, “why is Gwynn swinging at a 2-0 pitch?” brach was struggling with his control.

  79. Anonymous

    maybin deserves an ocsar after his reaction to that more or less high and inside pitch.

  80. KT

    as he breaths a sigh of relief

  81. KT

    Come on Dee…start it off

  82. KT

    Matty Hustle!!!!

    Respecting Dre with the IBB

    Come on James

  83. Anonymous

    Great base running by Kemp. Loney needs to make them pay.

  84. Anonymous

    Way to be patient, James.

    • KT

      it was a good pitch to hit and he hit a line drive…I see nothing wrong

      • Anonymous

        Tiny strike zone (13 bb’s tonight) – pitcher who already walked a guy and just had to throw IBB… Never hurts to take a pitch. IMO. But you’re right, he swung at a strike.

      • Anonymous

        what ever it was, it wasn’t hit very hard.  his “line drive” in the second inning actually quacked.

  85. KT

    Good Eye AJ

  86. Anonymous

    I can only get updates on the Internet tonight. Why is AJ out?

  87. Anonymous

    Never mind. I see now that Yahoo is inaccurate.

  88. Anonymous

    kenley got roughed up thursday night.

  89. KT

    Good Inning Kenley

  90. KT

    sooo close

  91. Anonymous

    it’s going to be a terrific shame if four innings of concentrated, planned, and sustained effort goes to hades because we couldn’t throw a strike one inning.

  92. every time i see that Gordon flies out I think about Willie Mays Hays.

    • KT

      but WMH put them straight up in the least he had distance on his

      •  lol! i admit to not seeing it on tv right now..just the internet at the moment!

        • KT

          He was about 2 ft further and about 5ft higher from a home run

  93. KT

    Do you bring Kenley back out for the 9th…I say yes if we don’t score

    Here’s looking forward to some free baseball

  94. KT

    Another good inning by Jensen

    Come on Dre start it off

  95. Anonymous

    Anyone interested in an iced Coffey?

  96. KT

    Now that they shot their load with their best 3 pitchers……time to take advantage of the rest of the bullpen

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing.  there has got to be a bottom to their bullpen. 

  97. KT

    well if we get out of this inning, we’ll see a new pitcher unless he hits for himself which will use their last position player

  98. KT

    They have frieri and owings left in their bullpen…we have guerra and lindblom

    and we both have the backup catchers available

  99. KT

    Yes AJ again!!

  100. KT

    YES DEEE!!!!!

    Excellent game by our rookie SS

  101. What a night for A.J. Ellis and Dee Gordon. 

  102. Anonymous

    Jeepers, Dee-pers!

  103. Jibin Park

    Dee on pace for 162 SBs.

  104. KT

    just turned it into a double with his 3rd steal of the night

  105. KT

    Come on Javy…shut them down again

  106. KT

    Ellis with contact problems…with his eyes not with his bat ^_^

  107. KT

    javy got a little cold waiting for AJ?

  108. Anonymous

    the team that loses this game won’t sleep tonight.  it has been one of those.

  109. KT

    Come on DP

  110. KT

    Come on Javy get this guy


  111. Anonymous

    good heavens

  112. KT

    Man this game has my heart going

  113. KT

    one more strike / out

    • AND HE DOES. Whew. We win. 

      Bless you Dee and AJ. 

      Watched the game on tape delay as it were, and man that 5th inning was torturously bad. But you know what, we’re 3-0 and have only had 2 bad innings pitching-wise this whole series. So I’ll take that.  Loved AJ’s home run, too. 

    • KT

      Love the picture and the post

  114. Anonymous


  115. Anonymous

    Dodgers WE: 100%. Thank you and goodnight.

  116. KT

    YES!!!! Ballgame…let’s go for the sweep toomorrow

  117. Anonymous

    Note to Dodger pitchers: SD batters don’t do nearly as well when they actually have to put the ball in play. Just a thought.

  118. KT

    Oh yea best record in baseball…lol…I love early season standing results

  119. I am really happy regarding Gordon. He is the key to the season. If we can just fill the holes on the corners we may be alright!

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