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Game 7 chat

Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, LF
James Loney, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Chris Capuano, P

Notes from earlier today:

  • When 49-year-old Jamie Moyer faced 22-year-old Madison Bumgarner today, it was the largest age differential between starting pitchers since 59-year-old Satchel Paige faced 29-year-old Bill Monbouquette on September 25, 1965. Moyer allowed only two earned runs in 5 2/3 innings, but lost to Bumgarner and the Giants, 4-2. Moyer did become the oldest pitcher with more than one start in a season.
  • For the first time since 1994, the Angels lost after leading by six runs, falling to Minnesota, 10-9.
  • Hiroki Kuroda will face the Angels in the Yankees’ home opener Friday.
  • If Ted Lilly comes off the disabled list in time to start Saturday, Josh Lindblom is likely to take his four no-hit, shutout innings to the minors. Chad Moriyama argues for avoiding a Lance Cormier fiasco and releasing Jamey Wright instead.
  • Dodger Thoughts commenter (and pitcher extraordinaire) 75Dodger passes along an NPR Fresh Air interview with Brad Ausmus.
  • The Dodgers’ hot start is summarized nicely by David Pinto of Baseball Musings. Among other things, Los Angeles has a .474 on-base percentage and 1.026 OPS with runners in scoring position and two out.
  • Dodger slugging percentages by position in 2012: pitcher .100, first base .190, third base .190, second base .240, left field .292, shortstop .308, catcher .333, center field .720, right field .783.




Introducing ‘A.J. Ellis Facts’


  1. Even though the raw age difference isn’t bigger, the ratio of Moyer to Bumgarner is higher than the ratio from Paige to Monbouquette.

  2. Anonymous

    Wasn’t able to watch last night’s game – 11 p.m. start Chilean time – but I loved seeing Bills’s strike to ball ratio.

  3. Jibin Park

    Opponents should just intentionally walk Kemp and Ethier all the time.

  4. KT

    I agree release wright instead of sending Linblom down…He’s ready to stay

  5. Anonymous

    Has Vin Scully called his last game with the Pirates as the opposition? Oh, goodness I certainly hope not…

    • KT

      he must be really sick…Haven’t heard any updates…just suprised each time the game starts that he’s not there

      • Anonymous

        They announced before yesterday’s game that he would also miss tonight’s game. He could be better and just taking another day as a precaution. At least I hope. If he isn’t back tomorrow I’m going to be worried.

        • KT

          don’t listen to pre-game or usually don’t read about the team either…Ijust like to watch games

  6. KT

    good stop by juan

  7. Anonymous

    That play by Uribe was OK. But it isn’t great unless he gets an out. Especially with a guy like Capuano on the mound . Lets see what happens and hope it is good.

  8. Anonymous

    Although it is very cloudy out here and rain is in the forecast this week, if you think this game won’t go the distance, you would be mistaken. Since moving to L.A., the Dodgers have never played a home game shortened by rain. 

    The Dodgers last home game shortened by rain was back in 1955.

  9. KT

    Nice double Matty
    Come on Dre

  10. Anonymous

     If looks could kill..

  11. Anonymous

    I’m not sure about not sending Ellis. Is he really slow or something.

    I’m also upset with hitting Ethier–I really hope that was a mistake–any opinions.

    • Anonymous

      There was one out and a very good hitter up. 

    • Anonymous

      Not sure why they would be after Ethier. He did hurt them this series, but he wasn’t showboating or mad dogging anybody. That being said, that pitch did seem to be thrown on target… right at his ribs.

  12. Anonymous

    Crazy eyes!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Atta boy, Loney! Haha… Kemp: “Let’s get that ball.”

  14. KT

    Yes James
    “let’s get that ball” heard from the dugout

  15. KT

    Way to go Uribe…pile them on

  16. Anonymous

    Karstens appears to be deliberating the wisdom of plunking Ethier.

  17. KT

    Nice start Chris -5 K’s

  18. Anonymous

    A chance to see what Capos got!

    • KT

      got out of it ok…I liked what he did in ST and he was cruising until he couldn’t find the strike zone in SD

  19. KT

    hold the fort everyone….got to put the little one to bed

  20. Anonymous

    Here we go – the dreaded 5th inning for Capuano. 

  21. Somebody needs to tell Dee to hit the ball on the ground. He won’t be hitting any homeruns in Dodger Stadium any time soon.

  22. Anonymous

    Per Dylan Hernandez: “Vin Scully will miss tomorrow’s game. But his condition is improving. Could be back this weekend.”

  23. Anonymous

    Tabata was outside the lane running to first.

  24. T.M. Brown

    I’ve taken it upon myself to not learn whoever the hell is calling the game next to Rick but he is dangerously close to Keith Hernandez territory. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s Former Big League Manager (TM) Kevin Kennedy. You know he used to manage in the majors. Did you know that? That’s Former Big League Manager (TM) Kevin Kennedy.

  25. Anonymous

    Great throw!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I was preparing myself for another round of damage (or bullet dodging) from McC and McG

  26. KT

    Nice throw AJ

  27. Anonymous

    OK, confirmed. Hurdle is actually crazier than Lyons.

  28. Anonymous

    I just don’t see how you can send Lindblom down at this point. If losing Wright is not an option, I would rather see Lilly remain on the DL and Wright take his next start than the double negative of losing Lindblom and being forced to watch Lilly give up long ball after long ball.

  29. Steve Lyons, lifetime .250 hitter
    and more famous for pulling his pants down during game, opining on what Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier need to do at the plate = priceless.

    • Anonymous

      And saying it didn’t matter if the fans came back after the strike, it was all about TV. He failed to grasp they wouldn’t be home watching either. Chump.

  30. Weird night here in SF with very rare thunderstorm (and not just one that lasted 5 minutes either), caused me to miss part of the game but I’ve seen chunks of it.  Anyway, hope y’all in LA don’t get it quite this fierce tomorrow or the game might be in jeopardy. 

    • Anonymous

      Our consecutive games streak without a rain out could be in jeopardy!

  31. Anonymous

    Yes.  Beautiful pitch!

  32. Anonymous

    This weather is CRAZY up here!

    Javy’s coming in again… this should be interesting.

  33. Anonymous

    I remember that Hot Rod swing from last season…

  34. Jibin Park


  35. Anonymous

    Winning is fun isn’t it :)

  36. Anonymous


  37. Anonymous

    6 of 7, not too shabby.

  38. Anonymous

    Beautiful! Good to keep rolling and as been said before, winning against the teams they should beat.

  39. Anonymous

    Good stuff. Trying to remember that it is just the Pads and Pirates, but 6-1 is fun! Good night, gentlemen.

  40. KT

    Good Game
    Good Start
    They say we should be winning these games…I say these games are giving our offense confidence 

    Night all

  41. Anonymous

    How could Matt Kemp have a higher batting average than on-base percentage?

    • Anonymous

      Sacrifice flies count in the denominator for OBP.

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