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Dodgers blow lead but walk off (literally) with victory, 9-8

The blown lead avoided becoming a nightmare. Tied 8-8 in the bottom of the ninth, with two out …

Mark Ellis walked. (He stole second.)

Matt Kemp walked.

James Loney walked. (Joe Thatcher then replaced Andrew Cashner.)

Andre Ethier walked.

And just like that, the Dodgers won the game, 9-8, running their record to 7-1. What a night – the craziest Dodger-Padre game since the 4+1 game. Instead of four homers in the bottom of the ninth, we had four walks.

It was the Dodgers’ first walk-off walk since May 23, 2009 … when Juan Pierre, of all people, did it. On June 3, 2003, the Dodgers won a game in the bottom of the ninth with a hit batter and three walks. They had three straight walks to end a game on September 26, 1989. I can’t find a game dating back to 1973 that ended with four straight Dodgers drawing walks.

Unfortunately, I’m bringing my kids to the game Saturday, so the four-game winning streak will probably end. But hey, new streak Sunday!

Dodger pitchers struck out 18, tying a team record for a nine-inning game last matched the night Ramon Martinez did it all by himself against the Braves on June 4, 1990.

The team record for extra innings is 22, in a 2-1 19-inning loss to the Reds on August 8, 1972.

Dodger pitchers have 81 strikeouts in 73 innings this season: 9.99 strikeouts per nine innings.

Update: “After the game Don Mattingly said Todd Coffey has been getting treatment on his knee,” tweeted Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. A disabled list trip for Coffey could keep Josh Lindblom on the roster where he belongs, instead of him going down to the minors to make room for Saturday starter Ted Lilly.

Hopefully, we don’t find out that Kenley Jansen is hurt. The last time Jansen blew a save, on May 23, he was headed to the disabled list one outing later.


People, please act like you’ve seen baseball before


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  1. KT

    does that walkoff count in Dre’s 16 count to make it 17 for the 3rd most since 2008 behind Fielder and Cabrera?
    Jon…Have faith in our guys
    Best record in Baseball still…as I said before, love early season stats

  2. Anonymous

    D’oh! LATed…

    I must say I’ve been very pleasantly surprised and happy by Mark Ellis’s contributions so far this year. I hope it continues.

    • KT

      I love the way he plays…solid defense and fundamental offense…giving himself up to move the runner when the situation calls for it and base hits when it doesn’t…His bavg isn’t great because of the way he plays but he’s way up there in my books

      • Easily my favorite off-season acquisition. But that’s not saying much. Every team needs solid players that aren’t stars and he definitely fills that role and has performed well.  

  3. KT

    Night all…early start time tomorrow 1810 PST

  4. Some Padre fans I know are quite excited about this Joe Wieland kid making his major league debut tomorrow, I guess we’ll see what he’s got.

    • He’s never non-intentionally walked a batter in the minor leagues. Pitch location is his game. That said, he’s never faced the likes of Kemp or Ethier. So if and when he makes a mistake it will likely be costly.

  5. Coffey injured? How convenient. I hope he’s not one of these dudes that doesn’t tell anyone when he’s hurting and effectively ends up hurting the team in the long run. I despise those types. 

  6. Jack Dawkins

    One of the odder games in memory.  A rainy night in DS with 17 runs.  Weird.  Harang… he Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde?  9 in a row and then he is inept.  Bullpen implodes….but then so does SD, with 4 straight walks.

    Baseball is a wonderful sport, because it is inexpicable.

  7. Anonymous

    Kenley is tied for the league lead in wins.

  8. Anonymous

    Coffey didn’t look hurt sprinting in from the bullpen.

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