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The achievement

I don’t know anyone who thinks the Dodgers have guaranteed a pennant by starting the season 9-1 against San Diego and Pittsburgh, but alert me when everyone else plays .900 ball against the Padres and Pirates. I think each of those teams will win more than 16 games this year.

It doesn’t mean anything for the future, but it is an achievement to beat the teams you’re supposed to beat. I’ve seen numerous Dodger teams that couldn’t do it. And I’m glad the Dodgers are not the team that you’re supposed to beat right now. Ten days ago, many thought they were.

Six-game road trip beginning Tuesday. Hoping for four wins, will settle for three.



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  1. Anonymous

    I agree.  I will happily take these wins.

  2. Anonymous

    “I think each of those teams will win more than 16 games this year.”

    Yeah but probably not many more than that.

    • Willing to bet the Padres win at least 50 more games than that, possibly the Pirates as well. :) But yes, no one would argue that they are… very good. 

  3. A lot to feel good about as a Dodger fan right now. 

  4. As my Angel fan friends remind me that it was the Pirates and Padres, I find myself wondering what else they wanted the Dodgers to do in those games. Good teams beat bad teams, and they beat them a lot.

    So it’s a small sample size- yes, yes. But it’s encouraging nonetheless.

    • Anonymous

      What do you tell the Angels fan about them losing 4 of 6 to the Royals and Twins?

      • Preach it, Bob!

        Of course, I learned long ago to instead just not talk to Angels fans at all. Unless they’re family. And even then, with some conditions.

  5. Anonymous

    I hate to be a killjoy, but the team needs to put a stop to the gang tackling that took place after the game today. Mattingly really needs to show some leadership right now.

    But I could be wrong.

  6. Anonymous

    A win’s a win, the Dodgers need nine less than before to win the West.

  7. Anonymous

    A first ten to be cherished.

  8. Anonymous

    Are we going to see “Cogs and Dogs” this season?

  9. Anonymous

    I’m excited by their start. I can’t believe that some fans are actually nitpicking about the quality of the teams that they’ve beaten or the manner in which they’ve won. There are many encouraging signs thus far in the season. I do believe that they’ll need to get better production in various areas once Kemp and Ethier inevitably cool off.  But you can only beat the teams they put in front of you. And the pitching should be solid this year, keeping them in most games.
    As for the Angels fans, sour grapes. I’m confident that they’ll rue the Pujols contract within a few years.

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