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The Uribe guessing game

Pick the date that Juan Uribe matches Matt Kemp’s current totals of six homers and 16 RBI.

And heck, might as well do the same for James Loney too …


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  1. Rob McMillin

    July 15. He’ll get the RBI total first, shockingly enough.

  2. Eric Stephen

    June 12

  3. Dave Alden

    Uribe: 16 rbis – June 5, 6 HRs – August 15
    Loney: 16 rbis- May 18, 6 HRs – September 10

  4. Debbie White

    August 17th

  5. Anonymous

    well it won’t be during the all star game!!

  6. The date BOTH 6HR/16RBI is hit for Uribe will be N/A.  I think he will get 16 RBI but not 6HR because of injuries and/or eventual lack of playing time.

    I predict Loney will hit his 6th HR on August 13th in Pittsburgh.

  7. Anonymous

    Dave  Alden is about right unfortunately. Oh well, I continue to believe that Loney will have a mirculous awakening and do much better. I have no such faith in Juan—unfortch

  8. Juan Uribe August 3rd
    James Loney June 6th

  9. Uribe: 16 RBI – May 3, 2013  6 HR – June 11, 2013
    Loney 16 RBI – May 10  6 HR – July 30

  10. Anonymous

    uribe – RBI – last day we play in may, HR – last day of regular season
    Loney – RBI – July 20, HR – August 10

  11. Anonymous

    Uribe – will never hit those numbers before retiring.
    Loney – June 1, 2013, for the Diamondbacks.

  12. Anonymous

    Proud of yourself Jon?

    • Well, I guess it depends on when you ask me.

      But if you mean specifically about this thread, I’m neither proud nor ashamed. I don’t have any real emotions about it other than thinking it was an interesting question. 

  13. Fear not…James Loney will be terrible until August, when he will go on his annual 6 week tear that will bring him to a .740 OPS. The James Loney Marching & Chowder Society will then clamor for ONE MORE YEAR, because our James has FOUND IT, and will now be a better hitter for the rest of his career…because…well…they want to believe SO BAD.

  14. I nearly crapped myself with a mixture of regular solid poo and the runny diarrhea I too frequently experiece….   this happened on my way to work this morning   (this also happened on the 1st arrest of my life which I haven’t spoken to many about..  It was at the GAB in June of 2008.)…. again.    This topic reminded me of these misadventures.  I apologize.

    Uribe will not hit 6 homers.  Hairston will replace chubbzy as he did McGhee by July 25th as our regular 3rd baseman.  Chubbzy will get that 16th RBI on or around June 5th, 2012.

    Loney, in a bold prediction, won’t hit 6 homers either.  He’ll get that 16th RBI on or around May 14th, 2012.

    21 hours to 1st pitch.  goodnight from the east.

  15. Anonymous

    Uribe: May 28, 2012
    Loney, June 3, 2012

    Yeah, I got hope.

  16. Farewell, Rich Saul. Well-remembered by 1970s Rams fans like myself.

  17. Anonymous

    Uribe:  rbis – June 28; dingers – August 6
    WGJ:   rbis – June 10; dingers – July 15

  18. Anonymous

    Loney – 6 HR 16 RBI June 1st
    Uribe –  6 HR 16 RBI after the trade deadline in a Cleveland Indians uniform :)

  19. Anonymous

    Loney – May 5 RBI- April 27 (going for broke here!)
    Uribe – Never. RBI – hopefully.

  20. Time for some bold predictions: Uribe will not hit 6 HRs. He will be shut down and be put on the DL by Father’s Day. Hairston Jr. will claim the job for good by then and Uribe makes way too much money just to be a bench player so he will not suffer the indignity of sitting the bench and getting fatter. He will have 3 HRs and 14 RBIs though. 

    Loney Loney Loney. I gave up on him last year. Loney will 16 RBIs by May 16. 6 HRs by June 1. Now watch it be 16 RBIs by All Star break and 6 HRs by Labor Day. 

  21. At this rate for both never.  But it’s baseball and players get hot.Loney – July 31 with the Houston Astros (Trade for Carlos Lee)Uribe – OMG why even try, I say July 31 also the day he sits on the bench

  22. Grant Neckermann

    What will you give me for odds one of them doesn’t…

  23. Loney: 6th HR on June 28, 16th RBI on May 30
    Uribe: I don’t think Uribe will hit 6 HR with the Dodgers this season, 16th RBI on June 5th

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