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Happy Uribe to you, Dodgers win 7-2

Well, if you’ve been waiting for the rest of the Dodger offense to get involved, this was your night.

Not that Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier had bad games – each reached base three times (and each gave one back in a bizarre 7-6-2-3 double play). But it’s not every day that Juan Uribe goes 4 for 4 and drives in three runs, as he did in tonight’s 7-2 victory over Atlanta.

According to, it was the fifth four-hit game of Uribe’s career and first since 2007 with the White Sox. Uribe once had four hits in a 2002 5-4 victory by the Rockies over the Dodgers. That game took place during the famous Kevin Beirne era in the Dodger rotation.

James Loney added two hits, meaning that both corner infielders now have on-base percentages above .300 for the first time this season. A.J. Ellis and Dee Gordon gave the Dodgers’ six batters with multi-hit games.

Chris Capuano was on the wild side with four walks but still managed to hold the Braves to a run in a season-high seven innings. Josh Lindblom gave up his first run of the season, allowing a home run to Dan Uggla, but otherwise he and Scott Elbert wrapped up the Dodgers’ 13th win.

Four years and three days ago, Atlanta pitcher Jair Jurrjens stymied the Dodgers, striking out eight in seven innings of one-run ball, but 2012 is not treating him kindly. He has made four starts this season, and has a 9.37 ERA to show for them.


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  1. Juan Rivera was pretty good tonight. He’s really living up to that RBI machine nickname. Can we move him to the bench, DFA Kennedy and call up someone to actually put someone on base for Loney to hit in now that he’s heating up?

    • Anonymous

      For this as well. Ready to see Loney moved back up to 5th against RHP at least. 

  2. One of the best wins of the season, mainly because we get to see how the team’s offense runs when the guys on the corners of the infield are being productive with their bats.

  3. Anonymous

    To follow up from last post, it would certainly be interesting to see what Van Slyke could do in the Show, but it’s not gonna happen right now especially with the Dodgers playing well. Rivera will hide and be safe as long as they continue to win. Castellanos is not going to see the majors this year except maybe a cup of coffee in September.
    Both guys are interesting but I doubt we see either anytime soon. Should we, maybe? But again I think Van Slyke would look like Sands in his first callup last year. It’s just not that easy to jump to the big time.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow – I never would have recalled that Nomar was still on the team as recently as 4 years ago. It seems like a much longer time than that.

  5. KT

    Skinnyswag9 took a unintentional shot to the ribs from Kemp in the post-game celebrational high fives as he jumped and Kemp didn’t give it his total effort and his left shoulder caught Dee in the ribs….He doubled over quickly then laughed

  6. Adam Luther

    Career splits for Juan “Second Half” Rivera

    • While his percentages do increase a bit in the second half his power doesn’t seem to change much, and his current .314 slugging percentage is very troubling.

  7. Christopher Staaf

    I know Mike Minor is a young lefty but I hope Mattingly starts Loney tomorrow against him. Left handed hitters hit .310 against Minor in his career, .333 this season (it is April but he isn’t that far from the career average). Loney’s glove is too good to switch out for Rivera’s right handed bat, which hasn’t exactly been Kemp-ian this year. Good win tonight, let’s get ’em tomorrow too. 

  8. Jurrjens got sent back to AAA after this outing. Feels good to get a guy demoted.

  9. Anonymous

    Gameday did not include the Kemp-Ethier double play in its highlights. What happened there?

    • KT

      Kemp on 1st after a single was going on the pitch that Ethier drove into left centerfield as thre throw was coming into 2nd base kemp slowed as if he was going to stop at third to try to fool the SS. Trying to the SS to look at 1st and Ethier.  As soon as Kemp hesitated he started abck up. The SS turned and threw to home getting Kemp on a head first slide/stumble. While all this was going on Ethier initially returned to 1st and as soon as he saw the throw going home stumbled a little as he started off to second realizing he wasn’t going to make it he headed back to 1st. The catcher as soon as he tagged Kemp threw to the 1st baseman who take Ethier for the DP…upon further review on my DVR it clearly showed Ethier getting back but as the boxscore shows a 7-6-2-3 DP was recorded  

  10. foul tip

    If anyone missed Chris Jackson getting LATd last post, it’s an excellent analysis of how likely different ‘Topes are to see LA this season.  Says definitely not for Castellanos, and he knows it. Says Scott Rice for real.

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