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Formidable opponents: The Washington Nationals

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Kershaw CXXI: KershawSI
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
James Loney, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Clayton Kershaw, P

Here are the three starting pitchers that the Washington Nationals, with a National League-best 14-5 record, are using in Los Angeles:

Tonight: Ross Detwiler, 16 innings, 0.56 ERA, 8.4 K/9
Saturday: Stephen Strasburg, 25 innings, 1.08 ERA, 9.0 K/9
Sunday: Gio Gonzalez, 23 2/3 innings, 1.52 ERA, 10.3 K/9
Total: 64 2/3 innings, 1.11 ERA, 9.3 K/9

In other news out of Washington, the Nationals have placed Ryan Zimmerman on the disabled list and called up prize 19-year-old prospect Bryce Harper, who is scheduled to debut in Saturday’s game.

* * *

Michael Antonini went back to the minors today packing frequent flyer miles he wouldn’t have otherwise had, with Nathan Eovaldi replacing him on the roster.


Eovaldi ho!


Spending the night of the L.A. riots at Dodger Stadium


  1. “We’re doomed! Doomed, I tell you!”

  2. Pretty sure that Matt Kemp debuted on the road against the Nationals.

  3. Feel better knowing Zimmerman won’t be in the hot corner playing stellar defense. I’m sure Harper will be a little raw adjusting to major league pitching too. That’s what I hope anyway.

  4. Off topic, but I’m watching the A’s game and imagined a middle infield consisting of Jemile Weeks and Dee Gordon and it made me smile. Would be exciting to watch.

    • Anonymous

      But we could never get a really good player back in a trade with the A’s, right?
      :)  Kidding…

      • Problem is that they want young guys so they can make a run at the division in a year or three and they have a lot of good pitching prospects as well.

  5. Will be at tomorrows game with the Diamond. Sitting field level near the LF pole. Anyone around come say hi!

  6. RIP Moose Skowron

  7. Anonymous

    I always turn the sound up to hear, “it’s tiiiiiiiiime for dodger baseball”.

  8. Anonymous

    Detwiler is 0-3.  Maybe he’s been unlucky as far as run support is concerned.

    • Anonymous

      are you sure about that 0-3?  his era (which is a dishonest stat, admittedly) is a microscopic 0.5

      • Anonymous

        That’s what they showed right now when listing the probables.

        • Anonymous

          they are incorrect.  he is 2-0.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks Sam.
            And I only mentioned it because it seemed strange to be 0-3 with such a low era.   All I hope is that he gets the loss tonight :)

          • Anonymous

            I saw the same thing, and I thought it was wrong.  I was checking out the pitching matchups at work today . . . .

  9. Anonymous

    Wow they are playing Werth in CF!

    • Anonymous

      werth is a good player, and he had a couple of good seasons after the dodgers released him. but he is hopelessly overpaid.

  10. Anonymous

    Time to recalculate that ERA :)

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    I think that should put the whole “ethier can’t hit lefties” thing to rest.

  13. Anonymous

    “Racing over” was rather courteous.

  14. Anonymous

    Kershaw channeling Greg Maddux there.

    • Anonymous

      I know what you meant, but that is an insult to kershaw.

  15. Anonymous

    umpire alert!!  angel hernandez is behind the plate.  mayhem will ensue

  16. Anonymous

    I know she’s nice lady, but Nancy’s stiff keyboard bleeps really bug me.   dee-dee, doo, dee.

  17. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous

    I think that was Loney’s passive-aggresive way of protesting so many balls thrown to him in the dirt this week.

  19. Anonymous

    Goodyear’s motto is “more driven”?  

  20. Anonymous

    as I said.  umpire alert

  21. Anonymous

    andre was safe

  22. Anonymous

    I think I forgot to brush my teeth this morning.

    • Anonymous

      yeah.  i feel the same way.  echo, ECHO . . . . .

  23. Anonymous

    my cat’s breath smells like cat poo

  24. Anonymous

    I can’t listen to this game on a plug-in radio, because my house’s electrical system is messed up and it makes my radio buzz.  However I can listen on a battery operated radio with no buzz.   Thanks for listening. 

  25. Jibin Park

    He’d have been safe if he slides feet first.

    • Anonymous

      he was safe in any anatomical direction

    • KT

      Definitely slide his hand across the plate before the tag even though the catcher had blocked a portion of it

  26. Anonymous

    as I said.  angel hernandez will screw someone out of a run

  27. Anonymous

    Out or safe it was a thoroughly major league play.

    • Anonymous

      what does THAT mean?  of course it was a “major league play”.

      • Anonymous

        It’s beautiful to see baseball played like that.

  28. Anonymous

    Wow that was close :(

  29. Anonymous

    I can’t believe Davey Johnson isn’t arguing that!  That’s a sure-fire replay, although it’s inconclusive at best.  Kenley’s really not hitting his sports.

  30. Anonymous

    we need 101 right now

  31. Anonymous

    I watched it in extra slow mo with my DVR.  He was out.   If he’d put his shoulder into the catcher like they used to do, he’d have been safe.   But as the ArtieBoy said, that was an amazing relay.  Pros are scary good.

    • Anonymous

      I did the same.  he was safe.  he got a piece of the plate,

    • Anonymous

      congratulations on the federal program with DVRs for retards, though

      • Anonymous

        You’re calling me a retard over a close baseball play?

        • Anonymous

          I thought he was out.  And I don’t have a DVR!!!!!

  32. Anonymous


  33. Anonymous

    Wasn’t 101 but 96 is good enough!!!!!
    Happy, Happy, Happy

  34. KT

    Noticed when I initially was following the thread today (4 hours after the game) that the time stamp was in the format of the actual time that the post was made. After I made a comment everything switched to the 4/5 hours ago format. Is there a way to keep the format in the actual time posted. It is easier to follow the game better after it is played.

     Thanks for any help you can give me

    Never mind Jon I found out how to keep the format in the actual day time stamp

    • KT

      For those of you interested it located in the Disqus link under account at the bottom of the page

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