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May 22 game chat

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Elian Herrera, 2B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Adam Kennedy, 3B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Dee Gordon, SS
Aaron Harang, P


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  1. /Obligatory gripe about KCAL game not televised in Hawai’i.

  2. foul tip

    LAT’d myself not once but twice, back-to-back even.  Will combine–
    Kinda hard to read this and not think the gold diggers are alive and well among us.

    And… “Suspects in Giants fan beating face new charges”

    But it’s not anything very dramatic, like the headline kinda makes you think.http://sportsillustrated.cnn.c…”

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t know what to make of this Herrera, but he seems better than expected. And this has been happenning with AAAA players from  the Isotopes. He has been in the system a long time. Don’t scoff—-this is how AJ Elliss arrived, and this could be the Key/Core to this team.

  4. Anonymous

    Miles at short tonight for Alb., first time; regular Alb. ss Luis Cruz at 2nd.
    Ariz. RHP Cahill actually doing very slightly better against LHH this season (8 starts); previous 2 seasons very slightly better the normal splits. Abreu 3 for 21 with 5 walks and 5 K’s but if season keeps up as it has that will turn around tonight. 

  5. Anonymous

    Loney is producing again.  It would be more apparent if fewer Dodgers were producing.

  6. Anonymous

    If both teams were so inclined, would anybody like a trade that included Gordon and Wright (Mets)?

    • Anonymous

      There’s no way in hell that one of the two teams would be so inclined.

      • Anonymous

        Was it too much to ask for the question to be answered?

  7. Anonymous

    Big sports night in the Phoenix area with the Kings-Coyotes (1-1 now) playing in Glendale with the Dodgers and DBacks duking it out in Phoenix.

  8. KT

    Good start Tony

  9. KT

    Good hustle Bobby…they beat you by inches…maybe next time

  10. Anonymous

    It seems to me that we’ve had a lot of CS lately.  I know Davey is one of the best coaches, but I hope he’s working with ALL the players on their baserunning.

  11. KT

    Nice play Dee

  12. KT

    way to get out of others messes Aaron

  13. KT

    Pitching around Dre…Adam make it hurt

  14. foul tip

    Whatever became of former Snakes P Chris Young?

    • Anonymous

      The Princeton alumnus was with the Mets last year, and signed a minor league deal with them this year.  He’s had some injury and surgery problems.  He’s currently with their advanced A team in St. Lucie, where he has started two games this year, May 10 and May 16. He did not pitch in their game today.
      When he was playing for the Padres in 2008-2010 alongside Will Venable, 8 percent of the team’s active roster went to Princeton. :)

  15. Anonymous

    That was a true meatball.

  16. Anonymous

    replies to comments from earlier today:
    Is the lefty Leach still with the franchise?  He was released on May 6.
    Anybody here know why Zach Lee was sent down to Ogden yesterday?
    It was last Thursday when this transaction took place (see California League Transactions). Ogden’s first game is June 18 so this is a fiction usually used to shut down a player for a rest but since the article Jon linked says Lee is actually hurt maybe to avoid putting the player on the 7-day minor league DL. Confusing in the case of a starting pitcher who would get 4 days off in any case. What I don’t know is why some players are sent to Ogden before the season begins there and others are sent to extended spring training where, again the article Jon linked says, Lee actually is. Here is some info from the Quakes web-site not about Lee but to illustrate the point:
    “Chris Reed has physically been with the Quakes for the whole season, but on
    paper, he was sent to Extended Spring Training in Arizona almost three weeks ago to rest his left shoulder. Today,
    Reed was placed back on the Quakes’ active roster and will obviously start tonight in San Bernardino. To make
    room for Reed, the Quakes have sent Bret Montgomery to Extended Spring Training in Arizona. Montgomery had
    pitched better lately, but his season-long numbers still weren’t very strong, as he carried an 8.74 ERA over 11
    relief outings.”

  17. Anonymous

    Harang fails to help himself. And then resumes throwing BP.

  18. KT

    Well I finally couldn’t stand listening to Mark Grace and muted the TV for the rest of the game…surprised I lasted this long

    • Can’t blame you, silence is definitely far preferable to the sounds of Grace and Sutton, who are horrible. 

  19. KT

    Upton out by 20 ft as grace called Ethier earlier

  20. KT

    Nice at bat Bobby

  21. The channel 9 scoreboard was torturing us by adding phantom runs for the Dodgers. Weirded me out for a second. 

  22. Anonymous

    One more based on earlier comments:
    Gurnick wrote “Rubby De La Rosa visited the clubhouse before Monday’s game. De La Rosa said he is on schedule in his return from Tommy John surgery and hopes to be pitching in games by the All-Star break.”
    Ruddy has a positive spirit.

    • Anonymous

      So far this season, all five starters have been healthy, and three have been exceptionally effective.  I’m not sure either of the other two would be dropped for Rubby.  I’m guessing he would start out in the ‘pen.  Although even there, I’m not sure there would be an opening; five of the seven relievers have been effective, a sixth is the only lefty, and the seventh might be dropped for Guerrier’s return before Rubby is back.
      P.S. Thanks for the update, Mike.

      • Anonymous

        So you are saying that Rubby can’t make the team?  We are good. :-)

  23. Anonymous

    Rick & Charlie are discussing the fact that the right field ball boy is a doctor, and somehow resisting the obvious quip: “so that makes him a ball doctor.”

  24. KT

    Dee looks much better today

  25. Anonymous

    Down goes SCY.

  26. KT

    Beautiful Bunt Tony…Teach Dee how to do it

  27. KT

    Looks like I have the AZ feed again tomorrow

  28. KT

    Nice Herrera
    Come on Bobby

  29. KT

    At least we put up a croocked number

    • Anonymous

      1 is not a crooked number.

      • KT

        the way the one appears that you replied to me it sure looks crooked to me…it goes up then straight down…that’s croocked

  30. overkill94

    Is there anyone worse with 3-0 or 3-1 than James Loney?

  31. Christopher Staaf

    Why is Elbert on the roster again? 

    • KT

      because he is our only lefty out of the pen

      • Christopher Staaf

        But lefties get hits off him a lot (except Carlos Gonzalez). I really hope we get a new specialist very soon. 

        • KT

          I agree…He doesn’t pitch well so get rid of him until we can get a lefty

  32. KT

    got a break there

  33. KT

    Nice jerry!!

    • Christopher Staaf

      Holy moly we now have a ballgame.

  34. Anonymous

    Just between you and me, Bell is not a great defensive third baseman.

  35. KT


  36. KT

    Hold the fort guys son’s in a melt down…be back later

    • Christopher Staaf

      The D-backs are melting down right now. 

  37. Wow.  Dem Dodgers are pretty good.  Loney 3 run bomb, come on!

    • Christopher Staaf

      I think Loney’s about to get replaced by Van Slyke after that rally killer. 

  38. Anonymous

    Terrific AB by IDJ!

  39. this team is ridiculous. 

  40. Anonymous

    Very good, but coulda been better.

  41. overkill94

    DFA Loney

    Okay, not really, but man does he have to be one of the most frustrating Dodgers this millennium.  It’s a bit unfair since first-round picks who never make it to the majors don’t face the same scrutiny, but since he has been up with the big club for 6+ years now, it makes it that much more frustrating when he doesn’t reach his potential.  At least Beltre had that last glorious year to erase all the previous ill-will.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I have to admit, I had high hopes for Loney as well. I thought he could be a Mark Grace type (great glove, lots of doubles and .300 plus average). I guess at this point, Loney is who he is and we should just accept it until he gets traded for a real left handed specialist (I am hoping anyway). 

    • Christopher Staaf

      BTW, Beltre was 25 when he had his monster 2004. Remember he got called up when he was 19. Loney is 28 now. If he hasn’t figured it out by now, I don’t think he ever will. He will probably be stuck on average 1st baseman, at least at the plate. 

      •  average would be an improvement over what he has done the last 4 seasons. i’ll take avg.

  42. Anonymous

    Elated for the 5 big ones put up this inning…..

    But, James Loney’s AB had me shouting profanity!
    I was telling my wife…”If I’m James, I’m looking to jump on this first pitch.  It’s gonna be a nice fatty.  This guy is bummed he just gave up the equalizer… He’s going to try and get up in the count… Come on James, be up there ready to hit…. just be ready to absolutely crush this first pitch….”
    1st pitch:  perfect fastball right down the (male genitalia)…. with Loney totally taking all the way.
    He wasn’t even thinking about swinging….
    2nd pitch:  off balance, swing, rally-ending DP…
    There’s a “rythym:” to this game… Put a down payment on finding it Jemes!
    PS – Love the defense, as always… but, man!

  43. KT

    Belli pitched well that inning….now that it’s a new ballgame do we leave him in for another round?

  44. Anonymous

    Roberts had a huge jump on Belisario, and could have gone in standing up had Kugel not struck out.

  45. KT

    Herrera almost made a fantastic play

    • KT

      too bad he didn’t

      • Christopher Staaf

        Yeah, cuz Overbay just destroyed that pitch. 

    • Anonymous

       I thought Abreu should have had a shot at that – he seemed to be jogging.

      • KT

        Definitely didn’t have as far to run to get to it….maybe he thought he had no shot

  46. Anonymous

    Lindblom is proving homer-prone.

  47. KT

    Let’s get it back and then some
    AZ feed had a fan who all game long was showing the updated score of the Kings / Coyotes game showing the final score
    I won’t post it in case there is someone who DVR’ed it

  48. KT

    got those cute girls behind the dugout doing a job for us by distracting Putz

  49. KT

    Oh Ump that was ball 4

  50. Anonymous

    Either way… win or lose…. the 5-run inning was a season high-light for me, personally.

    On the road, division foe, patchwork lineup…guys contributing…
    Kershaw providing animated support in the dugout….
    It’s absolutely great to watch… 

  51. Anonymous

    Congrats LA Kings! …. on their way to their first Stanley Cup Finals since ’93.

  52. overkill94

    Weird strike zone by this ump – not giving the outside corner but calling the low strike.

  53. KT

    IDJ JR!!!!

    • Christopher Staaf

      Hero of the Night baby!

      • KT

        Heart breaker

        • Christopher Staaf

          All this contributions from bench guys and guys up for a cup of coffee…dare I say Stuntmen 2.0?? 

      • KT

        just kills their will

  54. Anonymous

    I can’t believe what I just saw.

    • KT

      better start believing anything can happen with this team

  55. Anonymous

    2012 Los Angels Dodgers:  New Night….New Hero! 

  56. Anonymous

    Time to break some more hearts in PHX.

  57. KT

    not again…come on AJ

  58. 4 K close, come on KJ

  59. KT

    Need a DP here…Come on Kenley

  60. peter drysdale

    This is just insane!

  61. Anonymous

    out all day, just tuned in, sounds exciting!!

  62. KT

    Nice play Tony

  63. KT

    YES!!!! there’s my DP

  64. Anonymous

    “…for the DODGER…double play!”

  65. KT

    Good turn by DEE

    • Christopher Staaf

      I think the 8 spot might be his new home for a little while. He seemed more relaxed tonight. Great turn to win the game. Go Blue!

      • KT

        I agree totally relaxed both at the plate and in the field…Keep him there for a couple of weeks so that it become a permenant part of his Phyci (sp)

  66. Defensive MVP Dee Gordon!

  67. KT

    That game is like ripping out their heart…putting it back in just to rip it out again
    Love it

  68. Anonymous

    Well, I was hoping for Kenley to have a one-inning, four-strikeout save, but I’ll accept the actual results.

  69. Christopher Staaf

    Wins like this brings teams closer together. Losses like this fractures teams. AZ was up big, then lost it. Then they took the lead again and their closer blows it. Hyperbole aside, this might be the last time we hear from the snakes this season. I hope so anyway. Enjoy the win, guys!

  70. You don’ [mess] with DeJesus. Ivan DeJesus that is. Meanwhile, I cannot believe the Dodgers right now, just can’t. No Kemp? No problem.

    • If they did have Kemp, I feel like they’d be scoring 10+ runs in these games, though. But we’ll take these wins. 

  71. Anonymous

    wow, we are unstoppable  :)

  72. Awesome game less win we have to get later on in the year and we increase/maintain our lead over the rest of the West, can’t ask for more! 

  73. Anonymous

    From 2 different profession writers, I have read that Colletti deserves credit for never giving up on Belisario. To me, this is nonsense. His quotes in the winter said if, and it’s a big if, Belisario makes it to spring training we’ll give him a uniform. 
    If De Jesus contributes enough that he gets noticed, I hope I don’t see Colletti getting praise for him.
    Derrick Hall on Kirk Gibson: “What most people don’t know about Kirk Gibson is how intelligent he is. Everyone talks about how great he is, how competitive he is, but they don’t realize just how intellectual and prepared he is. He’s a strategist; he’s a few steps ahead of most people.”

  74. What in the world did I just witness? Wasn’t there a game in Arizona several years ago that the Dodgers won very much like this in the second half of the season? I know I am not hallucinating that, right?

  75. Anonymous

    Let’s not overlook Elian Herrera’s AB in the ninth, which got it all started. For a guy with no major league experience, he’s proved both versatile and selective.

  76. Anonymous

    The Iguanas!  Nice clip, Jon.

    Missed them recently at Jazz Fest in New Orleans, but glad to see them pop up in an unexpected place.

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