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May 23 game chat

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.
Elian Herrera, CF
Jerry Sands, RF
Bobby Abreu, LF
Scott Van Slyke, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Ivan De Jesus Jr., 2B
Adam Kennedy, 3B
Dee Gordon, SS
Ted Lilly, P


Do you find yourself just staring at the standings?


Winning breeds chemistry: revisited


  1. Anonymous

    Well this sure is a very…interisting lineup

  2. foul tip

    LATd by just a very few minutes, my specialty–

    Cliff Corcoran asks if 5 players off to hot starts can maintain them, or close.

    #3 is Lilly, #4 Capuano.

    Answer for the two is he seems to think Capuano has more staying power.  Probably in line with what most DTers would think.

    “In other words, a correction is coming. Ted Lilly didn’t suddenly solve the league at age 36.”

    “He (Cap) should settle in as a solid mid-rotation lefty and continue to give the Dodgers quality starts all season.”


    • Anonymous

      Didn’t look at the article and agree they both are very unlikey to maintain the current level reached, but that seems like an unecessary swipe by SI at Ted, who has had some very good levels of sustained performance during his career.  Its not like he is a journeyman, who suddendly found the key.

  3. Well Saunders has given up 15 runs over his last three starts, pitching just a total of 14.1 innings. 

    Maybe Donnie just wanted to make the kids feel good tonight and tee off on Saunders.

  4. Anonymous

    He’s got as many righties in the starting lineup as he can. Watch for lefties coming off the bench: Loney, Ethier, and Gwynn.  (Sellers may be slightly hurt, and Treanor will be held off until he’s needed as the backup catcher.)

  5. Anonymous

    Programming reminder for those who don’t subscribe to Prime Ticket or MLB Extra Innings: MLB Network, the single channel that’s part of many cable packages, will have the Dodgers as its primary game this Saturday, next Tuesday, and next Thursday.

  6. Anonymous

    I love seeing both Sands and SVS in the lineup at the same time :)

  7. KT

    They should have Dre leading off knowing that they will pitch around him everytime…Puts a man on base everytime he gets up ^_^

  8. Anonymous

    If on opening day you had told me that none of the players from tonight’s lineup would be starting on May 23rd I would have thought that was to be expected.  If you had told me ALL of these players would be starting on May 23rd I would never have believed it.  And if you told me I’d not only see this lineup but be smiling about it, well then I would have just assumed you were extremely intoxicated.

  9. KT

    Nice Hit Herrera

  10. Anonymous

    Little Elian muscles up.

  11. KT

    Just missed Jerry

  12. KT

    Just noticed no Mark Grace tonight…I might not mute

  13. Hoo boy, Sellers is next with the injury bug?

    It’s like the team on the field is 2005, but the fairy godmother has turned all the mice and the pumpkin into a coach and four, so they all think it’s 2004. (remember the cardiac kids with those late-inning comebacks?)

  14. Anonymous

    lets not give them any more lead here Ted

  15. 30+ pitches for 2 outs! Not good sign

  16. KT

    AJ got him at second…replay shows clearly

    • KT

      Didn’t hurt…only cost a couple of more pitches
      Come on Guys…Let’s get some back

  17. Anonymous

    Yellow alert for the cycle in St. Louis for Wil Venable. The Padres have never had a player hit for the cycle.


  18. Anonymous

    Not good, but coulda been much worse.

  19. Anonymous

    This is looking like a Todd Coffey game, though I could have said that last night as well.

  20. Donnie do something about it Lilly, before get worse

  21. KT

    Herrera again with the 2 bagger

  22. Herrera again… Hope they capitalize this one

  23. KT

    Sands swinging too big against this pitcher to be batting second

    • Anonymous

       Actually, he’s getting fooled by him and not swinging.

  24. KT


  25. Anonymous

    Cycle alert canceled.

  26. Anonymous

    We learned a lessons from last night.  You need to chip away….and then get a whole bunch of runs!

  27. Anonymous

    That’s how the comeback starts!

  28. Anonymous

    Coffey, anyone?

    • Christopher Staaf

      He will probably get some work tonight. Still 7 games ahead of SF. 

  29. Ted Lilly’s had a 1.79 ERA and nine ER allowed when the night began.  If the two runners on base score, he’ll more than double those figures

    • It just seemed as if he was due for some sort of shellacking.  Zito as well.  I dropped Lilly on my fantasy team two starts ago but held onto Capuano.  For some reason, it doesn’t seem as if Capuano is due for this sort of implosion.  

  30. KT

    Nice play Dee

  31. Anonymous

    OK, NOW the comeback starts…!

  32. Anonymous

    We may see WGJ on the mound before this one is over.

  33. KT

    Now if we come back from this we would really break their hearts

  34. KT

    Time to put everyone to bed…maybe when I wake up in the morning and FFWD through the rest of the game we will be winners
    Night all

    • Anonymous

      It worked for me last night.  Good night KT.

  35. A reality check feels more painless when you’ve got a spring training lineup and a comfortable lead in the standings.

    Vin’s the relief pitcher for us. Tell us a story, Vin!

  36. Anonymous

    Mr. Coffey with the best Dodger pitching performance of the night? Unreal. Next you’ll be telling me that Adam Kennedy’s been on base a couple of times.

  37. Anonymous

    oh no, the sky is falling, the sky is falling (new day, new game – we’ll be fine)  ;)

  38. Anonymous

    This team would make for a rather wild Coggies unt Doggies (but, who needs it, that’s for losers!)

  39. Anonymous

    Good morning!  So we lost one game.  Big deal.
    Just about every game has some good news, and some bad news.  The good: AJ hit another home run, his fourth, a total he only topped once in his 9 minor-league seasons (even the ones in Albuquerque).  Who knew?  Also nice to see him hitting fifth.  Herrera and Kennedy had two hits apiece.  Even the low men on the bullpen totem pole – Coffey and Elbert – are capable of a good outing on occasion.
    The bad: I’m not concerned about Lilly, because everyone has an occasional bad outing; if it becomes a pattern, I’ll worry then.  However, Wright had his worst outing of the season too.  Sometimes Jamey’s pretty good, but way too often he isn’t.  For now he’ll probably only be showing up in blowouts, extra innings, and games where the starter departs really early.  Like Coffey, I wouldn’t bet on him lasting the entire season.  The SVS/Sands tandem went 0 for 7 with a walk, and have yet to prove they are good enough to stick around.
    Let’s hope the guys enjoy the off day, and let’s go get Houston tomorrow!

  40. Tycho

    Speaking of hockey at Dodger Stadium, Kasten wants the NHL Winter Classic (New Year’s Day 2013) to be played in Dodger Stadium (via LA Times.  Not linking because it’s a pay-wall).  Someone suggested it to be played New Year’s Eve with fireworks and all instead of going up against the Rose Parade and possibly a BCS game.  

    Kasten should lobby for 2014 when the BCS Championship is in town.  All eyes of the nation would be on us, a good day to show off LA and the stadium.  Kasten needs to get the improvements in and around the ballpark pronto.  It’d be a good way to show off the place.

    • Anonymous

      The NHL likes the Winter Classic to be played on January 1 (or in the case of this year January 2 because they didn’t want to play on Sunday.) They want the event to be an alternative for hockey fans who don’t want to watch football.

      There was a full-size outdoor rink in Westwood for decades from the 1930s into the 1960s that operated year-round. I have a feeling that the ice quality probably wouldn’t be good enough to play outdoors. They could barely keep the ice in Glendale Thursday indoors.

      • Tycho

        To be fair, the NHL and Glendale Tuesday’s is a world apart.  The Kings played an outdoor hockey game in Vegas, it was 86 degrees.  Today’s tech is there for the ice to hold up.  The NHL may want a football alternative, but as we’ve seen with LA Live, the concentration of sports in one city, one locale can be good to very good thing economically for LA, ie. tourism and city image.  Kasten’s not doing it for the NHL of course, he’s doing for it Dodger Stadium. But having the BCS Championship game only brings more press and eyeballs.  It may bring in more viewers. It’s just an idea of course.  

        You can ramp it up and have Dodger Stadium have the best New Year’s Eve party on the West Coast.  Use the parking lot for a festival, use Disneyland style shuttles from Union Station and close those streets to the stadium.   Only one’s imagination is the limitation of what it can be turned into a truly amazing LA Winter Classic.

        • Anonymous

          They can create snowflakes like they do at the magic kingdom.

        • Anonymous

          That Vegas game also had thundershowers prior to the game and it was still able to be played.  If Kasten really wants it, technology exists to make it happen.

  41. Per  Cliff Corcoran, A.J. Ellis is a top-10 NL position player this year, but third among catchers.

  42. NL Wins Above Replacement Top 10 according to Fangraphs: Ellis 5th, Kemp 8th, Ethier 10th.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t WAR a cumulative stat, so that an injury that reduces someone’s playing time hurts his WAR?

        • Anonymous

          What does wins above replacement attempt to demonstrate? And I intentionally avoided saying “what does war attempt to demonstrate”. That would have opened up a pandoras box of rule violations.

  43. This made my day:
    Bill Shaikin ‏@BillShaikin#Dodgers: We’re signing at least 20 Latin American prospects before new international spending limits take effect. Huge move for new owners.

    Also, speaking of prospects, nice piece on the Dodgers’ Joc Pederson, who may not have the ceiling of James Baldwin but seems to be a much safer bet:

  44. Anonymous

    I wonder who will get sent down when Kemp is activated — Sands or Van Slyke.  Does anyone know who has more options remaining?  Both can also play first, but Sands has a lot more experience at the position in the minors.

    •  SVS must have more options remaining since this was his first call-up. So if that plays into it he might be the more likely candidate to go back down. He’s also struggled a bit since his mighty blast on Sunday. Sands hasn’t been lighting it on fire either but his new improved swing looks good and he’s made some good contact. Still, I’d make no guarantees either way. Maybe they’ll see how they both do over the next few games…

      • Anonymous

        Shirley you are right about SVS and this being his first call-up.  This was Sand’s third call-up, but I believe they are counted on a yearly basis, so its his second as regards options.  Please,  correct me if I am wrong.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I believe they are counted on a yearly basis.  Since both have been called up already this year, there is no reason to worry about options when considering whether or not to send them down (or bring them back up again).

        • Anonymous

          LIMITATIONS ON OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENTS. An optional assignment of a player contract shall be permitted for not more than three seasons between Major League Clubs and Minor League Clubs; provided that if the player is optioned for less than a total of 20 days in one season, as determined by the date(s) of the optional assignment(s) and recall(s), respectively, the player shall not be charged with an optional transfer in connection with the foregoing limitation.
          A player does not get options until he is placed on his team’s 40-man roster. That’s why when a non-roster invitee to Spring Training gets sent to the Minor League side, he’s “reassigned” and not optioned.
          Once a player is put on the 40-man roster, the option countdown begins. A player is assigned three options as a rostered player. Each year, when a player who is on the roster gets sent to the Minor Leagues for a stint of more than 20 days, it counts as an option.

    • Anonymous

      Danny Ardoin, Brad Ausmus, Rod Barajas, Gary Bennett and Dioner Navarro.  Ned!

      • I know, seriously. That just makes him look bad. Give the (relatively) young guys a chance there!  As opposed to someone who is already crappy. (Though I wasn’t opposed to Ausmus or Barajas signings, to be fair.)

        And yeah, that was a good article. The guy is very honest about how far he’s come, had a lot of work to do on and off the field. 

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