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Brewers at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
Ivan De Jesus Jr., 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Dee Gordon, SS
Nathan Eovaldi, P


The Vin Scully bobblehead


Dodgers suffer second straight one-run defeat


  1. Anonymous

    I can feel the excitement of his return building up (even from my thousands of miles away !)

    • Anonymous

      a couple of compeling stories with Kemp coming back, Michael Fiers making his major league debut & Eovaldi coming back to the big club.

  2. Adam Luther

    RE: Koufax/Scully bobble….$110 for ten game plan reserve/LF Pavilion/top deck.  Park outside and walk in or pay the $10.00.  Take your own food in.  Double the price for two tickets, carpool with a friend/spouse they pay for gas/parking.  You’ll take home four bobbleheads.

    Throw in the Scully and Koufax bobble heads, and it’s a bargain.  

    The cheapest on stub hub now for two tickets would be $100.00 +/- including fees for just the two bobble head games and no parking.

    • Tycho

      You saved me the trouble of going to stub hub.  I still hate the promotion however, I wish there were single tickets.  Over under, do these sell out?

  3. Anonymous

    Michael Fiers replaces injured starter Marco Estrada and will make his first Major League start and third appearance. The 26-year-old command specialist has 370 strikeouts vs. 91 walks in 346 2/3 Minor League innings.



  4. Anonymous

    Matt Kemp against the Brewers

    At Bats – 12
    Hits – 4
    Dingers – 1
    OBP – .385

  5. Anonymous

    Fiers isn’t making his big league debut, both him & Eovaldi are making their season debuts.  Good to see DeJesus getting a start (not sure about hitting #2).  I’d rather see Herrera hitting 2 at SS, and DeJesus hitting 8th at 2b.  Get rid of Gordon–he’s another Offerman.  Flash, but nothing else but a low OBP and a lot of errors.

    • Anonymous

      the sooner Gordon understands his streagh’s (sp?) & limitations the sooner he can reach his potential in my opinion.

      i really feel he’s an all-star man…

  6. Is it my imagination or has KCAL had more games this season and Prime Ticket fewer than in past years?

    • Anonymous

       Sure seems like it.  Combined with MLB’s ridiculous blackout policy and I’m confined to the computer again.

  7. Anonymous

    today in Baseball History – 1905 Dodger hurler Elmer Stricklett introduces the spitball helping Brooklyn to beat the Giants, 4-3.

  8. KT

    Not a good start U-less

  9. Anonymous

    it’s easier to say this after the fact but Eovaldi was throwing some serious heat (topping out at 98mph) why throw OUTSIDE heat to Braun…

  10. KT

    Terrible bunt attempt by Tony

    • Anonymous

      it’s a matter of time KT, the Dodgers will figure Fiers out…

      • Christopher Staaf

        I hope it happens soon, like in the 4th inning (second time around the lineup).

        • Anonymous

          i’m not a betting man but i’m thinking it will happen in the 6th.

  11. Anonymous

    I know it didn’t happen yesterday, but It seems that we have fallen behind early in almost every game lately.

  12. Anonymous

    oh man, that pitch to Weeks was a thing of beauty, middle in at 96mph.

  13. KT

    Nice way to muscle that hit to CF Dre

  14. KT

    WTP for James

  15. Anonymous

    Fine catch by Hart, unfortunately.

  16. Christopher Staaf

    Come on Nathan!

  17. KT

    Good play U-less

  18. KT

    Good play to end the inning

  19. KT

    great play jerry

  20. Anonymous

    it’s facinating to watch the pitch sequence they used on Braun the first 2 times. 2 outside pitches then they come in, the 2nd time around Eovaldi’s pitches looked really sharp. Let’s see how they approach him the 3rd time around. Just love this stuff…

    • KT

      So when are they going to figure Frier out…The Dodgers always have trouble with new pitchers

      • Christopher Staaf

        Maybe 3rd time around the lineup (starting in the 6th)? I hope so anyway. 

  21. Anonymous

    I’m just tuning in… How is Nathan looking?

    • KT

      not bad but hung one outside for Braun for the difference in the game

      • Anonymous

        I saw that on the summary and Vin just said he’s got 10 out in a row… It would be so nice for one of these pitches to win the spot so Ned doesn’t have to go to the pitcher scrap heap.

    • Anonymous

      he’s looking good, just one bad pitch (middle up) to Braun.

  22. KT

    Good hit AJ and Dee…maybe they are figuring him out…but it doesn’t look that way

  23. Anonymous

    for those not able to watch live, Eovaldi has a good swing, he’s up now.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I hope no one gave Nathan the take sign on that 3-2 pitch. 

  24. KT

    take the bat off your shoulders…come you can’t hit if you don’t swing

  25. Anonymous

    There is a point at which you have to swing the bat.

  26. Whatever happens next, Eo pitched a great game. Even the home run was a little flukey — was a pretty good pitch that did not look out at all but Braun has so much strength he muscled it out. Other than that Eo looked like it was nice and easy for him out there.  Meanwhile, Dodgers have managed nothing against his much less-hard-throwing counterpart. Frustrating. 

    • Anonymous

      you have to hand it to Fiers though, he’s pitching a good game all things considered.

  27. Anonymous

    DeJesus showing us how not to slide.

  28. KT

    Good hit by IDJ jr but also a good throw by Braun

  29. Andrew Shimmin

    Is DeJesus slow?

    • Anonymous

       Hard to tell, but he did lose a season. or much of it, to a broken leg.

    • Anonymous

      the guy has heavy feet yes.

  30. Anonymous

    This is a Jon Weisman inspired comment: So… this evening my four year old son Tom picked up my wallet, opened it and looked at the money I had in there. He put it down, walked into his room and got his piggy bank down. He brought it into the kitchen, opened it, pulled out a $10 bill and handed it to me. “Here Daddy, this is for you.” Almost made me cry.

  31. KT


  32. Anonymous


  33. Andre Ethier has never looked better as a baserunner than he has this year. 

  34. Christopher Staaf

    Come on Jerry. Tie this puppy up.

  35. Anonymous

    One back, lets get another!

    •  At this rate, we’ll definitely tie it in the 12th! Oh wait… ;)

      But seriously, I’ll take it, after a somewhat futile few innings. 7th has to be last inning for both starters, both pitched very well.

  36. Hey, Dee Gordon let himself be called off a pop fly by an outfielder.  Progress!

    • KT

      I noticed this has happened twice within the last few games

    • Adam Luther

      Good – I was wondering when he’d come around on that fundamentally sound play.

  37. KT

    nice dp

  38. Christopher Staaf

    Good 7 innings from Nathan. Get this guy some runs in the 7th so he can get the win!

  39. Anonymous

    don’t know what’s going to happen in this Herrera at-bat but i just love the way he approaches avery plate apperance..

  40. Anonymous

    That was a borderline strike, looked a little low to me.

  41. Adam Luther

    Ebay:  27 bids so far on the “presale” for the Scully bobble head…$20.50, and “buy it now” for $60.00.  The Left Arm of God’s bobble is pre sold for $67

  42. Anonymous

    Giants just tied up the D’Backs in the bottom of the 6th, 1-1, and are threatening to take the lead.

  43. Christopher Staaf

    Kennedy for De Jesus??? 

  44. Anonymous

    When Adam Kennedy is your answer to getting something started you know there’s a problem. (I hope he makes me eat my words, but still)

    • Christopher Staaf

      Nope, he pretty much did what we expected him to do. When Uribe comes back, I hope he takes Kennedy’s roster spot. It likely won’t happen but still….

      • Anonymous

        By Uribe standards, Kennedy is a selective hitter.

    • Anonymous

      Why not Abreu there?

  45. Anonymous

    For Kennedy, that qualifies as a good AB.

  46. Anonymous

    We still need some help on the bench.

  47. Anonymous

    D’Backs escaped further damage vs. the Giants in the 6th on a 1-2-3 DP.  Game tied, 1-1, entering the 7th.

    • Anonymous

      Replay showed that the ump blew the call at first on the DP.  Giants should be up, 2-1.

      • Anonymous

         The result is what matters, not the means of getting there.

  48. Christopher Staaf

    OK guys, crunch time baby. 

  49. KT

    Nice start Matty!!

  50. Great freakin’ at-bat by Kemp. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      Time for birthday boy to get pied in the face. 

    • Anonymous

      the 2 strike swing was very impressive too!

  51. KT

    way to take one for the team Dre

    • Christopher Staaf

      I wonder if that was on purpose. 

  52. KT

    Come on Jerry

  53. Anonymous

    Half-hearted bunt by Hairston.

  54. KT

    that hurt

  55. KT

    pitch hit bobby

    • Christopher Staaf

      I bet Mattingly thought about it for a moment before letting Loney go out and ground out like he usually does. Oh well. 

  56. Anonymous

    Poorest AB of the day.

  57. That was interesting to see Loney stand there and ask if he was going up to bat.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t do much for his confidence.

  58. Anonymous

    When Ethier got hit by the pitch, my hopes for the inning greatly diminished.

    • Christopher Staaf

      The Dodger fan in me says yes, Ax threw on purpose since Ethier has a reputation of game winning hits. I am gonna say Kershaw is gonna put on Braun tomorrow. 

  59. Anonymous

    Ryan Braun better be getting drilled tomorrow night….

    • Anonymous

       Axford was not trying to hit Ethier.

    • Anonymous

      So they can drill Kemp if the situation were reversed?

      • Anonymous

        Alright, maybe not, but with first base open the obvious play is to put him on and set up the double play, regardless of the fact that he’s the winning run. Maybe my emotions plus the fact that Braun to all accounts got off on a technicality for the 50 game suspension still irritates me!

        • Anonymous

          I, too, am annoyed by how Braun got off from the suspension and also how he became self-righteous about it.

  60. Anonymous

    How long is Mattingly & the Dodgers going to keep throwing James Loney out there?  He’s to the point that he couldn’t bring back anything of value, and other than a nice glove he’s worthless.  Sands, VanSlyke, even Kennedy is a better bat than Loney.

    • Anonymous

       That’s a silly comment.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I dunno about Kennedy. As far as I am concerned, Kennedy is this year’s Garret Anderson. Thing is, Sands and Van Slyke aren’t exactly lighting things up. I think Loney will be done with the Dodgers when this season is over because there is no way the new owners will pony up a multiyear deal for him. At least his glove is solid. 

      • Anonymous

         Good comparison of Kennedy to Anderson, I agree.  But day in, day out Loney is put out there and we get the same result day after day, year after year.  I don’t think we would go through this much agony watching Van Slyke or Sands go up to bat every night.  I can’t remember the last time a player was given so many times, and so long of time to get things turned around.

  61. Anonymous

    I thought Axford was going to intentionally walk Ethier.  I know you’re not supposed to put the go-ahead hitter on, but when 2 of the next 4 hitters are named James Loney & Dee Gordon, chances are you’re going to be able to get out of it.  Where was Abreu?  Also, why does Mattingly bat Loney before Ellis?  Is it to prevent 2 automatic outs in a order (Loney & Gordon).  Can you sense my dislike for Loney & Gordon?

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