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Dream your troubles away

When I looked online for a video for “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams,” I had no idea this is what I would end up with. This should give you something else to talk about besides the Dodgers in this woeful week.


Keep on playing, children


At the one-third point …


  1. foul tip

    LATd, twice.  By 7 minutes.  The tradition continues.

    Red Sox seemingly pretty open about plans to trade Youk.  This says Dodgers might be best fit, FWIW.  Also says Dodgers stepping up scouting him.

    • maybe we can trade Dotel for Jame McDonald..he has better numbers than Kershaw this season. Oh we don’t have Dotel anymore? This great trade may rival giving away Santana. I am sure it makes Kasten happy. grow arms and then trade for, 40 year old closers for 3 months

  2. foul tip

    Check out video with comment #5 under this story.

    Kinda reminds you of McTort dipping his paw in the Dodger cash register, particularly when he looks away innocently.  Even more when he slips in both paws.  Messy, too.

    Another comment wants to know if this is a Louisiana house cat…

    Don’t know if this aired on the West Coast, but a glasses place had an ad not ong ago of a vision-challenged lady letting one in while saying “c’mon, kitty,” while a voice intoned “missing something”?

  3. Anonymous

    How many errors did we have yesterday?  Wow.

    Losing streaks will test the validity and chemistry of this team.  I never would have expected the starting rotation being ousted consecutively, but it’s the start of a test, especially with Kemp out indefinitely for so many weeks.

    Here’s to a better played game today. (hopefully resulting in a win).

  4. Anonymous

    RIP, Mrs. Landingham, aka Kathryn Joosten

    • Anonymous

      Sad. One of the shows ever on TV.

      • Anonymous

        it certainly was, not that I know what it was but I am willing to agree it was on TV.

  5. Anonymous

    Just how long do these SI cover jinx thingys last for anyways?

    • Anonymous

      Until you die.

    • Anonymous

      Many years ago I took a statistics class in graduate school, and the teacher pointed out that one usually makes the cover of SI at the apex of his/her accomplishments, not when the performance is mediocre, so there is generally no place to go but down.  Hence, the “jinx.”  I posted this a couple of weeks ago, but I am taking the liberty of doing so again.

  6. Anonymous

    Some funny stuff in that video above – the car-towing scene a classic. As for the Native Americans – a more apt lyric would be “wrap your troubles in nightmares”. Eminent Domain pretty much boiled down to the Darwinian principal of the strong survive (and wipe out the weaker in the process). I don’t begrudge the white man’s thirst for land and resources back in the days of the Indians’ slaughter, but look on it in a “just the way things were back then” sort of way. But I find the schooling of our youth in the early years – dressing them up in pilgrim and Indian garb at school for Thanksgiving – akin to the ruse of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Oh, to be naive and innocent, sheltered from the brutal truth. Enjoy as long as possible children, there will be plenty of time for the truth to be eventually learned.

  7. These times were destined to happen. Pro athletes do not go through their entire career without even a minor injury. Kemp is a big man who plays hard and runs fast…and he’d played every single day for a long time. To believe this was going to continue was to also believe in the Easter Bunny. The Dodgers are not blessed with a great deal of talent…their rotation is one shining star, a couple of pretty goods, and a whole lot of average…their success was not going to continue, particularly on the road where the night air is not as forgiving of hanging curves and fasballs belt high. Their lineup…even in the best of times…is made up of marginal major leaguers outside of Kemp and Ethier. We did not believe that what we were watching was real.
    However, this great start…this “Pixiedust” start…did buy us one thing: time. Barring a complete, total, and utter collapse, we WILL be in the race for the division and both wild cards, probably deep into September. And maybe by then, with a healtrhy Kemp, with a sharper Kershaw, and maybe…maybe…one big bat, we’ll be a team that can sneak through a playoff series or two. This is our hope.

  8. Anonymous

    A couple observations on yesterday’s game: 1) I have never seen a regular-season game with so many Dodger players out of position; 2) Given that this was a bullpen game, and Tracy had said Outman would only go a few innings, it made little sense to keep the usual lefties out of the lineup.

    • bcmaiden

      Donnie is confounding to be sure. What an opportunity to steal a game. I hate managers that strictly adhere to the proverbial ‘book’. He loves to play the lefty/righty game. 

  9. Anonymous

    It’s good to see a hit-and-run instead of a bunt.

  10. Christopher Staaf

    Alright Dre!

  11. Anonymous

    Please dump Kennedy in the mountains on the plane ride to Philly tomorrow dodgers, we would all be thankful.

    • Christopher Staaf

      Telling you man, Kennedy has incriminating info on Donnie and Colletti. 

  12. Christopher Staaf

    Yep, it figures. Cuddyer stole 2nd with a 6 run lead yesterday and he doesn’t get any chin music. 

  13. bcmaiden

    Kennedy has no business on the team let alone hitting 5th ever. AJ or Loney are better choices. 

  14. Christopher Staaf

    Good hit Herrera! 

  15. Anonymous

    A hit with risp! Thank you Herrera!

  16. Anonymous

    I was about to write that the Dodgers continue to get the least possible production of the most opportunities.

  17. Anonymous

    just woken up on a rainy Sunday morning, we have a lead!!

    • Anonymous

      Just noticed its wet in Colorado too!

      • Anonymous

         Where in Oz are you?

        • Anonymous

          Near Canberra at a place called Michelago

          • Anonymous

             I’ve only ever been to Melbourne, for a few days in 1997, I think.

          • KT

            I’ve been to Melbourne also back in April of 1992

  18. Anonymous

     Very nice D by A.J.

  19. Anonymous

    I know its easy to say now he has 2 rbi’s, but I think Herrera should play as often as possible (ie more than DeJesus and Kennedy)

    • Anonymous

      Herrera has earned playing time. The jury’s out on De Jesus, but it’s already given Kennedy the death penalty.

      • Anonymous

        I think the double proves our theory!!

      • Christopher Staaf

        De Jesus at best could be Alex Cora. Kennedy should serve as a waterboy.

        • Anonymous

          Cora was a useful player for several years. I think De Jesus could be better than just that, but I’m withholding judgment.

          • Christopher Staaf

            I dunno, De Jesus just looks overmatched at times at the plate and don’t even get me started about his adventures in the field and the mental errors too. Cora I think will be a great manager BTW. Would love to see the Dodgers give him a chance one day. 

          • Anonymous

            De Jesus is still young enough that I’m willing to cut him some slack but, as I suggested, I’m not convinced.

      • KT

        I agree totally about both…IDJ jr should be a pinch hitter only…His numbers are high in that role

  20. Anonymous

    cmon dre, Grand slam (a single will do)!

  21. Anonymous

    Great walk, now we have to rely on…Kennedy!?!

    • Anonymous

       It was semi-intentional, to get a chance to pitch to Kennedy.

  22. Anonymous

    Pitching around Ethier to get to Kennedy?  LOL

    • Anonymous

      I was hoping for a miracle!

      • Anonymous

         His getting the ball out of the infield was a miracle.

  23. Anonymous

    Way to kill the rally Kennedy, PLEASE someone get him off the team! We need a fan movement to spam the fan request mailbox for Kasten and Magic.

  24. Anonymous

    Hairston batted cleanup yesterday.  Kennedy batting 5th today.   I suppose Gordon will bat 6th tomorrow.

    • Christopher Staaf

      Shhhh. Donnie might be listening. 

  25. Anonymous

    Great leadoff double James

    • bcmaiden

      Gee, a bases clearing double for james vs. automatic out Kennedy. 

    • Anonymous

      Followed by some of the quickest strikeouts ever by Ellis and Gordon.

  26. Anonymous

    Adam Kennedy is this year’s version of a player whose continued presence on the Dodgers for all/some/part of the year befuddles/annoys/frustrates/angers many/most of us.   Here is who I think should get this designation over the past 10 years:
    2011 — Dioner Navarro
    2010 — Garret Anderson
    2009 — No sure winner (open to suggestions)
    2008 — (shared): Andruw Jones and Mark Sweeney
    2007 — Olmedo Saenz
    2006 — Julio Lugo
    2005 — (shared): Jose Valentin and Jason Grabowski
    2004 — (shared): David Ross and Brett Mayne
    2003 — Daryle Ward

    What should this award be called?

    • Saenz was fantastic in 2006, so he doesn’t really fit on that list. He had a lot more rope with the fans. 

    • Anonymous

      Brett Tomko deserves to be on that list

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but perhaps I should come up with one for pitchers.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the’I could play just as well for half the money’

    • Anonymous

       Sweeney top the list. Compared to him, Kennedy is MVP material.

      • Christopher Staaf

        I dunno. For the amount of money he signed for, Andruw Jones takes the cake (literally if there was a real cake). 

        • Anonymous

          Given his  role, Sweeney did even less than Andruw.

      • Anonymous

        you may change your mind if you look at Ward’s stats, it’s close between him and Sweeney

    • Anonymous

      Fun list even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. I’ll add F.P. Santangelo.

  27. Christopher Staaf

    Why does Harang always seem to fall apart around 5th and 6th innings? 

  28. bcmaiden

    Whew! Good job Aaron. Not real comfortable with only a 3 run lead.

    • Anonymous

      Its not looking like we are going to add to 4, does it?

  29. Anonymous

    It’s nice to see Abreu hit one but, even without any dingers, he’s been a notable contributor.

  30. Christopher Staaf

    Congrats Bobby!

    • bcmaiden

      Yaaaaaaay Bobby. 

    • Anonymous

      I love his very small grin as he circles the bases (wow gameday is quick to show highlights today)

  31. Christopher Staaf

    I dunno about you guys, but I love how Dre gets greedy on line drives hit into the gap. :)

    • Christopher Staaf

      Oh my goodness, Kennedy got a hit. What is going on here??

      • Anonymous

        Kennedy is going to be our 5 hitter for a long time. :(

  32. Anonymous

    Somebody pinch me, I’m dreaming!

  33. Anonymous

    Off topic, but I’m sorta hoping that, when Kemp returns, he gets some left field time as a precaution, returning to center full time next season.

    • bcmaiden

      Never happen. No precedent for this. 

  34. Anonymous

    I must admit, although the Dodgers were leading 4-1, when they had a lead-off double in the 4rth and couldn’t score I thought they were conceding this game. Now I’m not so sure.

  35. Anonymous

    Abreu’s homer ended club streak of 54 innings without a homer.  The previous one was by Treanor in the 4th inning last Sunday.  

  36. Anonymous

    To: John_from_Aus — Tell us a little about yourself.  Were you a Dodgers fan
     who moved to Australia, a homegrown Dodgers fan Down Under or something else?

    • Anonymous

      Home grown Dodgers fan raised and born in Aus. Stayed up all night in 88

      • Anonymous

         Have you ever been to a Dodger game?

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I went to 2 when I was over there in 91, we lost both, to the cubs and the phillies. My favourite players were Butler and Sciocia

  37. bcmaiden

    Harang was pulled why? Donnie leaves Kershaw in when he is clearly struggling but pulls Lilly, Harang, or Cap when they’re cruising. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      Because Donnie has a faster hook than Joe Frazier. 

      • bcmaiden

        LOL. I actually prefer the hook, but when a pitcher is struggling not cruising. 

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t say Harang was cruising, but he deserves credit for a game well-pitched.

      • bcmaiden

        4 H  6 SO  1 R  over 6 is doing just fine. He was good to go another inning. 

  38. Christopher Staaf

    Great 3-6-3 by Loney. 

    • Anonymous

      His offense can be frustrating, but he’s a first-rate defensive first baseman.

    • Anonymous

      That play kinda cancels out his first at bat where he swung at a pitch that almost bounced on his toe to strike out with runners on second and third.

  39. bcmaiden

    Yessssssssss. James is so good at that DP. Elbert has pitched well lately. 

    • KT

      Much better than the beginning of the season

  40. bcmaiden

    So happy for Beli and the Dodgers that he’s healthy and back. 

  41. Anonymous

    Dodgers split squad beats Rockies, 6-2.

  42. Tony Gwynn had the first 4 3 0 0 line by a Dodger player since Bruce Edwards in 1949.

    • Anonymous

      Edwards scored in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings.Last Dodger to score in 3 consecutive innings with out a hit if you can find that, please?

  43. Anonymous

    Clemson’s catcher is named Spencer Kieboom.

    And I feel guilty that I laugh about it.

  44. Casey Blake, Andruw Jones and Steve Sax are only L.A. Dodgers to have 3 3 0 0 lines. Jim Gilliam had 3 4 0 0 line in 1953. 

  45. Anonymous

    Got here very late, would like to repeat bcmaiden’s question: Why was Harang PH for with 1 out Gordon on first in the 7th after 94 pitches?

  46. KT

    Feels good to see the Dodgers celebrating on the field again
    Bobby doesn’t know what team he’s playing according to his post game interview “It feels good to be playing here on the Angels…Dodgers/Angels” but he was happy about his 1st Hr with the Dodgers

  47. KT

    Herrera has been in 17 games and has 19 hits

  48. Anonymous

    This was a reassuring game.

  49. Anonymous

    They are looking for people to be part of the crowd in a baseball stadium in Chattanooga for the movie 42 about Jackie Robinson; dates 6/4-6/6:

  50. Wes

    great win today!

  51. Anonymous

    Sure was good to see a solid all-around effort by the boys after that debacle yesterday.
    Man, Torrealba with the Rangers just threw a tantrum worthy of a scorned 5-yr old after a close play at the plate that went the Angels way. I half-excpected to see tears streaming down his face after the ump tossed him. Angels sure have turned it around in a hurry. All the Scioscia doubters have suddenly gone quiet again.

  52. Is it legal to have a mid-life crisis, car division, at age 61? ‘Cause I think I just did.

    • foul tip

       From your blog:  ” It’s hard to put a lot of miles on a car in Hawaii.”

      Is this your version of trouble in paradise?  ;-])  You have it SO tough….

      •  True enough, but I have always loved to drive and see new things, and I’m bored with Oahu.

        • Blue-eyed Gal

          Puddle hop to the Big Island and watch the lava explode in the ocean. Problem solved. (Or maybe I’m the only person who finds the ongoing volcanic eruption the best thing about Hawaii. I mean, dude. MOLTEN LAVA.)

          • No, you’re not the only one who thinks its fascinating.  Sometimes the show’s even better upslope.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but mine involves an Aston Martin I can’t afford. The Bond movies went to heck when he ditched them for a bimmer. No offense, btimmer!

  53. 2 more wins for the kings. I am freaking out! it would be like the dodgers being up 2-0 and going home in the World Series!! My first King game was a few years before my first dodger game. 1975 I think. I was 4. Go Kings Go. Great Game by Harang today. 

  54. If miracles can happen, and the Dodgers could win yesterday ;) why not today, too? Or is that being greedy? (I’m being a little facetious but a win sure would make the rest of this crummy week feel a little less painful.)

    I wonder how fast the Red Sox would trade Youklis, or if they’re going to milk it for awhile, possibly all month.  Meanwhile, we may know within a week who is favorite for Cuban prospect Soler. 

    • Anonymous

      Eovadi’s performance is what intrigues me…but Colorado is not the best test place.

    • Anonymous

       To get Youklis, it’s probably going to take a top piching prospect and either Sands or Van Slyke.  Willing to pull that trigger?

      • Anonymous

        The Chowds need to make room for the rook playing 3rd. Mid level pitcher and Sands/SVS and Youk is had. I would rather part with Sands, but neither of those guys would stop me. Neither is going to be handed the LF job next year from what we have seen so far.

      • Anonymous

        Would they take the Bills and a hitting prospect?

  55. all of a sudden the Giants are only 4 back.  we are facing a pitcher with a 6.28 era. We have to win this one 

    • Anonymous

      At this point in the season, there is no “must win.”

      • Anonymous

        Must win games come in October. Gnats can’t play the Cubs forever

        • Christopher Staaf

          Wins in June give a team a chance for wins in October. 

          • Anonymous

            That’s true, but a loss in June by a team that still has a substantial lead is no cause for panic.

          •  4 games is substantial? It could be 3 today.

      • I disagree. I don’t see things like that. I see a young team who lost 5 straight and saw a 9 game lead go down to 4. Now they won yesterday which was probably a relife..and a win today will re esablish good vibes and not tighten them up. Of course it’s not a must win..

  56. Anonymous

    Stupid KCAL

    • Anonymous

      I don’t live in Southern California, but I’m curious about the animosity toward KCAL. I have MLBTV and notice no difference with Prime broadcasts.

      • Anonymous

        I hate kcal because they barely wait for the game to finish to cut to the next show, no post game interviews or anything like that.

      • Anonymous

        I thought the problem was with the Extra Innings package. They usually just pick up RSNs.

      • Anonymous

         No animosity, just frustration.  If the game is on KCAL, then Prime Ticket is not showing it. 

  57. Anonymous

    Why, Gordon, why

    • Christopher Staaf

      I dunno why Donnie is starting him in lead off. I thought Dee was doing well at the 8 spot. 

      • bcmaiden

        It makes zero sense. He’s just enamored with his speed…he does go from home plate to the dugout quickly!

      • foul tip

         A story has Don talking about the team being 4-7 with Dee # 8 and wanting to get him back atop the order to disrupt opposing pitchers, despite his hitting over .300 in 8th.

        In other words, the usual rationale. Fine IF he can get on base, tough for him before.

        The team went 22-11 with Dee leading off.  I don’t recall that Dee was too big a reason why.

        But you know baseball and tradition.  Got speed?  Bat it leadoff.


  58. Anonymous

    When White has walked the pitcher and can’t find the plate, it’s disheartening to see Dee swing at the first pitch.

  59. Anonymous

    So, we going to start scoring on the guy with the 6 ERA anytime soon? Ground balls aren’t the best offense.

  60. Christopher Staaf

    My goodness, Alex White of the Rockies looks like Derek Lowe ten years ago. Just one ground ball after another. How does this guy have a 6 ERA and we can’t get anything off him???? 

    • well we got a hit!! woo hoo.

    • Anonymous

      One of the reasons for his high ERA is that on May 13 the Dodgers scored 6 runs off him in 4 1/3 innings. One of the runs did score after he was taken out-Abreu cleared bases loaded with a triple off White and AJ HRed to knock in Abreu.

  61. bcmaiden

    So AJ has a PB problem and EO has a BB problem. Both issues are concerning. I hope that unearned run doesn’t stand up. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      6 passed balls. That number would be understandable if this was September or if the Dodgers had a knuckleballer. 

  62. bcmaiden

    The Dodgers are really bad offensively just as they have been for several years. We really only have 2 good hitters in Matty & Eman. With Kemp out and Andre silent, we have a prayer. It makes me laugh at all the Dodger fans who malign the Giant offense. Ours is worse. 

  63. Anonymous

    Still getting shutout, I love watching us hit, it’s so exciting

  64. Anonymous

    Eo is pitching a great game so far even though the Dodgers are behind. I was hoping to get into the Rocks bullpen in the sixth but white is doing too well,

    • bcmaiden

      After watching the Rocks play back to back BP games, you’d think that the Dodgers would work deep counts to run up his pitch count. But no, they are swinging early and often. 

  65. bcmaiden

    Sick of Helton. Please retire. Why does our battery keep throwing him strikes?

  66. KT

    Loney extended this inning by not getting to the bag 1st then get set for the throw 

  67. Christopher Staaf

    Doesn’t look good now. Poor Eovaldi. The offense couldn’t get anything off a guy who has a 6 ERA. 

    • Anonymous

      Our offense would struggle facing a guy with a 16 ERA

  68. KT

    Thought Ethier had that one…don’t know why he didn’t extend his arm to try…the ball was soo close

  69. bcmaiden

    We have a brutal June schedule vs. Phillies, who have our number, and interleague play. We all know how terrible we fare vs AL. Then we see the Giants & Mets who are playing well. I’m afraid. 

  70. KT


  71. Christopher Staaf

    And…we’re back in the game!! AJ with a laser beam shot!

    • bcmaiden

      Chris, you see Zito vs Cubbies thru 6 no runs. Zito has been like his old Cy Young self since the 2nd half of last year. 

      • Christopher Staaf

        I wouldn’t say Cy Young form but Zito has pitched much better. Still not worth that contract though. 

        • Anonymous

          Zito couldn’t pitch much worse than he did in 2011. He was sent to the minors twice. He is pitching, this season, to an ERA+ of 103 with 100 league average yet you feel it necessary to say ” I wouldn’t say Cy Young form” in a sort of defense. 
          The point I was making, which your comment obfuscated, was that bcmaiden’s comment was complete nonsense, a figment of her imagination plus the lack of looking up the facts.

      • Anonymous

        Do you mean like the 3 consecutive starts he made in late July last year the 16th, 26th and 31st. Three loses in row with scores of 11-3, 7-2 and 9-0. I admit Zito was charged with only 19 of those 27 runs for an ERA of 10.91 in those 3 games. Perhaps you think all of July is part of the first half. He didn’t start another game in 2011 plus his ERA in Sept relief when he came back up to MLB after playing in the minors was 9.00.

  72. KT

    thought that one was going through…next inning

  73. foul tip

    Now playing LF for your Philadelphia Phillies, one JUAN PIERRE, hitting .340, FWIW, which if form holds ain’t gonna last and is mostly singles.

    So, does this mean Philly is conceding their division already?   Or is the market for outfielders THAT sparse?

    Zambrano beat them today, giving up 4 hits and 1 run over 7, striking out 7.

    And homered and added another hit.

  74. KT

    Elbert has been much more reliable…looking good except for that throw to second

  75. KT

    warning track power

  76. Christopher Staaf

    Well, that wasn’t good. For the Philly series, I would like to see Abreu hit in the leadoff spot. 

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