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Kershaw’s unsteady first half — in 2011

Last year, on June 4, Clayton Kershaw allowed six runs in 6 2/3 innings in Cincinnati. In his next start, he allowed six runs in six innings at Colorado.

His ERA on June 9 last year stood at 3.44.

Admittedly, his strikeout rate is down in 2012, which is not fun to contemplate, but contrary to popular recollection, Kershaw was hittable in the first half of last season. His Cy Young run began June 14, when he began a streak in which he allowed 24 earned runs in his final 19 starts.


On draft day, Dodgers call up Tolleson


Dodgers reach Herrerified air in Philly, 4-3


  1. KT

    Sit Down VIC

  2. KT

    we don’t need to extend innings Adam

    •  I don’t know what they see in Kennedy…what does he give that every AAA player in baseball can’t?

      • Anonymous

        You can easily look it up. AK has 0.3 WAR so far, meaning we’ve been better off playing AK over a replacement level player (your typical AAAA guy) by a third of a win better. By contrast, SVS, who was destroying the PCL, had -0.1 WAR in his limited time, while batting much, much worse than AK. Of course that was still better than what Sands could offer with the bat.

  3. KT

    Gameday has the game in the top of the 5th…is this true

    • KT

      wow that was wierd…Gameday was playing the game with dodger players doing what the phillie batters were actually doing

  4. KT

    Nice play Dee…way to cut Rollins down at the plate

  5. KT

    Come on Ump…that was on his shoe tops

  6. Anonymous

    That was the highest called strike I’ve seen since I can’t remember when.

  7. Christopher Staaf

    Get your money’s worth Donnie. 

  8. KT

    wow…who besides Donnie was thrown

    • KT

      a lot of cuss words were used

      • Christopher Staaf

        Yes, if you know how to read lips, you either were horrified or almost fell out laughing like me lol

        I think the umpire Rayburn told Donnie to cool it and Donnie decided he was not gonna listen, which led to his ejection. 

        • I think Donnie was rightly ticked at the ump’s quick trigger at the 1st ejection, besides the horrible balls and strike-calling. 

          • Christopher Staaf

            Just found out Hillman got ejected first, which led to Donnie to get his money’s worth. 

      • Anonymous

        a real (ahem) blue streak!

  9. KT

    WTP VIC only WTP

    • KT

      Not only wtp but slipped and did a face plant rounding 1st…I love it

  10. KT

    Rivera left that bag early

  11. KT

    Nice bunt Adam

  12. re draft, I know no one knows anything or will for a couple of years but I love the pick of Seager, younger bro of the Mariners’ Seager. He’s a SS-3B but projected at 3rd and Dodgers are starved there. One of the best HS hitter prospects in draft.  w00t!

  13. Anonymous

    Wow–what is wrong with Kershaw. Because his velocity looks OK and he should be learning more day by day—that drive almost got out!!! I think it is mainly a case of the hitters beginning to figure him out, and he will adjust on them again.and keep improving. 

  14. Anonymous

    The fill-in umpire behind home plate has had an inconsistent strike zone, and to that he adds a short fuse.

  15. KT

    kershaw pulled up lame on the bunt attempt…hamstring

  16. KT

    Come on Dre

    • Christopher Staaf

      He’s late on the fastball again. 

  17. Anonymous

    Dodgers selected SS Corey Seager of Northwest Cabarrus HS in NC with the 18th overall pick.

    • Yep. :)

      From ESPN:
      Corey Seager, 3B, Northwest Carrabus (N.C.) H.S.McDaniel: The Dodgers pop Corey Seager here, the brother of Mariners’ third baseman Kyle, but Corey is bigger and more physical than his brother. Corey could be a tough sign here with a strong commitment to South Carolina, but you have to think the Dodgers are confident they can get him signed. Seager is a very projectable athlete that plays shortstop now but projects to move to third base where his above-average hands, smooth feet and plus arm will make him an above-average defender. He shows an advanced feel for hitting with a sweet swing from the left side and average present raw power that could be plus as he fill out his broad shoulders, giving him All-Star upside if he develops as scouts project.

      • Hope they pony up enough to lure him away from SC.

        • overkill94

          I don’t think new ownership would risk drafting a guy they didn’t think they could sign.  It may take a couple million, but it definitely seems worth the risk and you still have another 3 million for your other 9 picks (according to that article).

          It’s nice for them to finally take a position player in the 1st round – first time since DeWitt?

  18. KT

    1-0 Kings…go Kings

    • KT

      Wait…gameday maybe messed up

      YESSS it’s official

  19. KT

    Way to get out of it Clayton

  20. Anonymous


  21. Christopher Staaf

    Kershaw pitched out of trouble there. Thank goodness the young Freddy Galvis had a brain freeze on the basepath. 

  22. KT

    Start it off juan

  23. bcmaiden

    WOW Donnie, Hairston @2nd, Kennedy @3rd have been atrocious. Someone needs to take a dictionary to our manager and show him the definition of insane. Hairston was really good @3rd filling in for Uribe and Kennedy shows better @2nd. Donnie was asked this question recently and he said “Jerry is more comfortable at 2nd”. My eyes tell me that’s not the reality. Both guys play horrible defensively like this. 

    • Anonymous

      In his decade-long career, Hairston’s spent over 5 times as many innings at 2nd, where he’s been a plus defender, as at 3rd, where he’s been below par.

      • bcmaiden

        I don’t care about career. I have watched every game and Jerry has been really good @3rd and not so good @2nd. Kennedy has spent most of his career @2nd also and his play @3rd is weak. 

  24. KT

    Nice hit Bobby

  25. KT

    Nice baserunning Alex

  26. Anonymous

    Removing Abreu, a skilled base stealer, made little sense there, even if Castellanos has good wheels you’re wasting a bat off the bench.

    • KT

      Now I’m just repeating what the ESPN heads were saying ” That Bobby wouldn’t have advanced on that ball that got away but would have been thrown out” and that it was a good “coaching move”

      • Anonymous

         Abreu’s not as fast as he once was, but he’s still an excellent baserunner.

        • KT

          oh I agree totally…I wasn’t sure which feed you had so I was just relaying what the talking heads were saying

  27. Anonymous

    Okay Hairston. Big at bat here.

  28. KT


  29. Anonymous

    or not

  30. Anonymous

    Polanco emulates Kennedy!

  31. KT

    we’ll take it…come on BGJ

  32. Anonymous

     let’s go Loney, clap clap, clap clap clap

  33. Anonymous

    Pftttt: air goes out of room.

    • KT


    • bcmaiden

      Why use Castle to run instead of a pitcher so you could use him to pinch since he was coming in for defense? Another insane move using James vs LH who can’t even start vs RH. Would have loved to see Castle have that AB. Manuel wasn’t going to pull his best setup man. 

      • KT

        james was 2-5 against Bastardo

        • bcmaiden

          Don’t care. James is really struggling to hit anything right now. 

  34. Christopher Staaf

    Well, Kershaw’s skid against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania continues. 

  35. KT

    end of 2… 2-0 kings

  36. KT

    nice catch Dre

    • Christopher Staaf

      Actually have to agree with Lyons for once. Last year, Dre and his balky knee doesn’t make that play. Now here’s hoping Dre gets off the snide in the 9th! 

  37. KT

    Triple for DEE!!!

  38. Christopher Staaf

    Oh man, Dee is fast. 

  39. bcmaiden

    Holy Cow Dee. Wish we could see this more often. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      So true. I used to think Jose Reyes was the most exciting guy running the bases. Dee is gonna surpass him if he gets his act together. 

  40. KT


  41. Anonymous

     Yes! Dee and Herrera!

  42. Anonymous

    That was awesome. Phillies don’t even know what just happened

    • KT

      very quite stadium…Let’s keep it that way

  43. bcmaiden

    Yesssss, Elian. I’ve noticed he is a much better hitter from the left side. Anybody have his splits?

  44. KT

    Man he was standing on second so he had to retreat only for the ball to drop…that hurt

    He goes halfway and then he standing on second when the ball is picked up

  45. Anonymous

    Would love to get one more here…

  46. KT

    very akward slide by Dre

  47. Christopher Staaf

    OK KJ, do your thing big man. 

  48. KT

    fastball pitcher against fastball hitter

  49. KT

    Nice KJ..that’s 1

  50. KT

    NICE Catch Herrera!!!!

    • bcmaiden


  51. Christopher Staaf

    Great catch by Herrera.

    • KT

      love the reaction from the Phillie Fans

    • Anonymous

      Risky, though. If it got by him Galvis might have had an inside-the-parker. That said, Herrera is proving himself a valuable player at several positions.

  52. KT

    3-0 Kings!!!

    • KT

      power play goal…very rare from the kings this post season

  53. KT

    Good win Guys….
    Nice game by Elian

  54. Christopher Staaf

    Oh man, KJ is doing it!

    Good win! See you all tomorrow as we try to keep Cliff Lee winless! 

  55. Anonymous

     This is a good night for L.A.

  56. KT

    4-0 Kings…They are blowing them out

  57. KT

    Herrerarified Air…Love it Jon

    But a little easier to say the way I mistyped it ealier “Herrerafied”

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