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June 10 game chat

Dodgers at Mariners, 1:15 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, 3B
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., DH
Bobby Abreu, LF
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Adam Kennedy, 2B
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
(Chad Billingsley, P)


Where Jerry Park meets Clayton Place: Dodgers roll, 8-3


Dodgers activate Uribe


  1. Hairston in cleanup. This is carrying “what have you done lately” a tad far, I think. One 5-RBI game and look what expectations become!

    • Anonymous

      Do you have a better option? Having Kennedy in the lineup at all is taking “What did you do in the Series a decade ago?” too far.

  2. Anonymous

    Angels and Rockies playing old style Coors Field ball. It’s 6-6 after two innings.

    • Anonymous

      Mark Dalton Trumbo has six RBI with another three-run homer in the top of the fourth. If it stays close, the Anaheimers’ bullpen could get worn down today in advance of the series that starts tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous

    Classic Abreu hit.

  4. Anonymous

    I woulda rung up Kennedy on that one, if I’d been the ump.

  5. Anonymous

    If Vin were announcing, we would probably get Seattle’s pitcher’s name wrong and call him “Brendan Behan.” Because, Vin makes highbrow mistakes.

  6. Christopher Staaf

    And that’s how you bust out of a slump! Dre Day grand slam baby!

  7. Anonymous

    I know what Brendan Behan would have done after giving up that grand slam to Ethier. 

    However, it was the same response he had to everything.

    • Anonymous

       Bev Bevan might have sung “Zing Went the Strings…”

  8. Anonymous

    Well, that’s a real slumpbuster. Would you believe Kennedy was the key to the inning?

  9. I was in the midst of typing a question when Dre hit that GS. 

    Now to the question — Does Herrera play good enough defense at third to use him there over Uribe?

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure – he made a terrible throw to home the other day – but he’s such an offensive upgrade that I’d have no qualms about his playing there.

      • Christopher Staaf

        I think Herrera has just enough legs to play SS if need be. Uribe will get the most of the week against the Angels and the White Sox to show his wrist is OK. I think Gordon might be the odd man out. 

  10. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, the Rangers have taken a 1-0 lead over the Gnats and Lincecum, who was fortunate to get out of the first after walking the bases loaded. 

  11. Do James and Donnie still have the line drive, fly out bet?

  12. Why o’ why do they keep batting AJ in front of people that are automatic outs? What a waste of OBP.

  13. Anonymous

    The Llaneros extend their lead over the Gnats to 3-0, but lost their starting pitcher to an injury as he beat out a bunt for a hit. Lincecum again fortunate to leave the bases loaded for the second time.

  14. The Dodgers went 19-11 in their first 30 games.  They had a four-game lead at that juncture.  They went 19-11 in their next 30 games (through yesterday) and are now 38-22, with a four-game lead.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s an interesting game in San Francisco for the Rangers pitching staff after five innings.

  16. Anonymous

    Through five innings, two Rangers pitchers are doing to the Gnats what six Mariners pitchers did to the Dodgers on Friday.

  17. More on Brendan Behan, the brilliant and alcoholic Irish playwright and novelist.  My late father was a big fan of Behan.  He thought “Borstal Boy” was tremendous.  One day about 50 years ago my father and a friend, who a TV screenwriter, spotted Behan on a busy street in Hollywood.  My dad and his buddy were probably hitting one used book store after another, which they liked to do.  Behan was, as often was the case, drunk.  My father yelled at him something like, “You are such a talent!  Man, look what you are doing to yourself!”  Behan yelled something back at him, which to repeat would violate Rule # 1 of this blog.  He probably was telling my father to do something that is physiologically impossible.  Behan was dead within a few years.  Behan once described himself as “a drinker with a writing problem.” 

  18. Anonymous

    Two more for the Llaneros on a Hamilton double, and I think Gnatfans have to be seriously concerned that Lincecum’s washed up. His ERA now stands at an even 6.

  19. Anonymous

    The Gnats are no longer hitless, but I almost wish I had seen this (Gameday description): “Gregor Blanco hit into fielder’s choice double play, pitcher Robbie Ross to third baseman Adrian Beltre to first baseman Mitch Moreland. Aubrey Huff out at third, Gregor Blanco out at first.”

  20. Anonymous

    Airhead play by Gwynn. Even if you don’t think you’ve swung, you need to run on that.

  21. Christopher Staaf

    That kid Furbush is something else. I hope the Dodgers take a look at him at the trading deadline. He could be the reliable lefty specialist we haven’t had since 2010 Kuo. 

  22. KT

    Finally caught up
    Nice Bomb by ethier but I don’t think he’s out of his funk as of yet…We’ll see after he faces Furbush

    • Christopher Staaf

      He made contact this time against Furbush. 

  23. Anonymous

    When Chad has his good stuff this is the way he is, he just slings it at the plate. But when he feels he doesn’t have it, he tries to be too fine, and gets in trouble and walks guys. Now I can’t say—-he may be right—but he might still be better off just slinging that hash!

  24. KT

    Nice hit Bobby…Keep moving up that ladder

  25. Anonymous

    Rangers finish off the Giants 5-0, holding them to 3 hits.

  26. KT

    Good hit James

    • Christopher Staaf

      Great baserunning by Loney on that in betweener by AJ. 

  27. KT

    Good hit AJ

  28. Christopher Staaf

    OMG Kennedy got a hit and a RBI. I am at a loss for words. 

    • Anonymous

       Even a blind squirrel can get a hit if he sticks the bat out there often enough.

      • Anonymous

        I thought they found an acorn once in a while!

  29. KT

    Nice Stroke Adam….#8 RBI

  30. Anonymous

    Good insurance boys!

  31. KT

    Birds flying overhead creating shadows on the field….natures “disco ball” as per Lyons

    • foul tip

       Hope shadows are all they’re creating.

      There are some black cherry trees near our house which are now full of cherries–and so are the neighborhood birds.

      Unfortunately our vehicles seem to be  very tempting targets for the aftermath.  This too shall pass.  Anytime now would be really good.


      • KT

        I really enjoyed my time when I lived in the PACNORWEST (Stillecum)…My brothers house had two different type cherrie trees (black and red), a pear, and an apple tree. All the fruit was fantastic

        • Anonymous

           I grew up in Lakewood, just over the hill from Steilacoom.

          • KT

            yea I forgot how to spell it….actually my brothers house was 1 street inside the Lakewood border off Old Military Road just before you started down the hill

  32. Anonymous

    The Anaheimers finish off the Rocks, but need five pitchers to do it. The Dodgers should go into tomorrow’s game with a better rested pen.

    • KT

      Yea another days rest for Kenley

      • Christopher Staaf

        I hope KJ gets some rest. Even with a 7 run lead, I have little faith in Elbert. I would rather see Wright instead of Elbert for the last two innings. 

  33. foul tip

    From mlb:  old friend R Martin hit a walkoff, his second 4-bagger of the game.

    But his dogpile entrance seems to need a bit of work–

    “NEW YORK — Russell Martin flipped his helmet into the air, took off for
    a leap into a pinstriped pile of teammates at home plate, and stumbled
    to the dirt. It was about the only thing he didn’t do right on Sunday.”

    Said he tried to jump but only made it about 2 inches off the ground.  Vertically challenged?  Dunno.  Unlikely to be asked to dunk anyway. 

  34. The Giants have lost the last six games started by Lincecum and are 2-11 this season when he starts.  Postgame TV Giants show announcer says he he couldn’t imaging Lincecum would not take the mound for his next scheduled start — in Seattle, his home — but after that not sure.

  35. Anonymous

    This is a bit troubling. The Dodgers have the best record in baseball! But i criticize them for having a bit of the “Giant” philosophy (which I don’t care for) perhaps coming form their GM, former Giant Colletti. And yet the Giants are in the next level of success, although in a rather large group, and they seem to be hanging on behind the Dodgers. Either this will have to change or I may have to consider changing my stance and admitting the Giant way has at least a little value. Oh please no!!
    And what is this “Giant Way”. Perhaps develop good young starters, let the ones who fail be relievers, and stock up on aging vet middle infielder and utility players who are fairly cheap.

    • Anonymous

      LOL on the Giant way.

      Well, at least we’re out Gianting them so far; the humiliation could be worse.

  36. KT

    I like that guy…Sit Uribe whe he comes back

    • Anonymous

      We’ve seen what Uribe can(‘t) do, and Herrera does much more.

    • Anonymous

      Not gonna happen, but if we are lucky when Ellis gets back Kennedy will be a DFA and Herrera will stick as a utility player.

    • Tycho

      How long is Uribe’s contract?

  37. Christopher Staaf

    7 run lead in the 9th…sure, why not give Tolleson some work? 

  38. Hats off to Bills.

  39. Just speculating here that Mr. Tolleson may not be long for the big club.

    • Anonymous

      I realize that that was probably typed before he got his outs and looked better.  Even still, he’s likely to be around for a while, if only because there are no candidates knocking at the roster door, with nobody likely to join the pen in the next few weeks from either the minors or the DL.

  40. Anonymous

    Wow. Tolleson can’t seem to get a break, can he,

  41. KT

    Great play James

  42. Anonymous

    Loney makes the whole infield look good!

  43. Hmmm… Perhaps Mr. Tolleson got mad.

  44. I tell you what, winning never gets old.

    • KT

      makes my day…I get grumpy when we lose this year because I expect the Dodgers to win almost every game

      • Anonymous

        I don’t get grumpy, I shake it off knowing we are going to win again very soon!

  45. KT

    Tolleson had a much better outing today
    7-3 not a bad road trip
    Time to go home and sweep the Angels (now that would be nice for a change)

    • 7-3 without Mr. Kemp and Mr. Kershaw struggling a tad. A tad, I said, a tad. I’d say that’s a pretty, pretty good trip.

  46. Christopher Staaf

    7-3 road trip. Can’t complain too much about that. Congrats to young Shawn Tolleson on his first two big league Ks. See you all tomorrow when we take on the wannabe LA Angels! 

  47. At 39-22, we’re 17 games above .500, which ties for our season high (32-15), and we lead by 5 games again.   Fine road trip.

    • KT

      yea I really like that extra game breathing room ^_^

      • Anonymous

        And I really really like seeing the Gnats lose, with Timmy stinking up the joint.

  48. Anonymous

    Proud of Bills. Ethier’s swing was sweeetttt!!!! Only saw the early bits (the grand slam gave me goose bumps), but am excited to rewatch the game tonight.

    And here come the Angels… I can’t decide if I’m glad or mad that my one bobble head this year will be Scoscia’s at the game this Tuesday.

    • Anonymous

      Without Scioscia’s HR off Gooden in the 9th inning of game 4 of the ’88 NLCS, Gibby most likely never bats in the WS that year.

      • Anonymous

        Point taken. I wasn’t a Dodger fan yet – still holding onto my Long Island born and bred attachment to the Mets, though I’d lived out here a decade by ’88. It took me almost another decade to come around, helped by my son, an avid fan. And I now feel total ownership of the Gibby at bat, so… I’ll proudly set the bobble head next to the others.

        • Anonymous

          Wow – interesting. So Scioscia’s HR off Gooden was a bad thing for you at the time. I remember watching that game in a sports bar down on the waterfront in San Pedro when Scioscia took Gooden deep and nearly hit the roof. Gibby hit a 2-run dinger in the 12th and Hershiser was brought in from the ‘pen to save it. I remember a few fans actually jumping into the chilly water in celebration. Ah, memories.

          • Anonymous

            I think I remember watching that is Aus. Back in 88 all the baseball we had was the world series on one of our free to air channels

      • Anonymous

        While I’m cautiously accepting of Mattingly, Scioscia will always be a favorite of mine, and he should have been the Dodger manager.

    • Anonymous

      The face on the Scoscia bobblehead looks more like AJ !!!

  49. Anonymous

    I guess the bobble head curse will work in our favor, though, right?

  50. foul tip

    Glad Tolleson did fairly well.  He may have relaxed a bit and gotten over the big-league jitters, quit overthrowing, or decided he might as well challenge hitters since things weren’t likely to get much worse.

    I’ve heard young pitchers tend to give major league hitters too much credit, nibble too much, don’t go at them enough.  Maybe that was the case.

    I only have Gameday and so couldn’t see how or what he threw.  But it appears he might have a good curve since that’s what the 2 Ks and all 3 outs came on.

    Meanwhile, here on Dodger Speculation…

    • Anonymous

      Tolleson’s curve did indeed look good – and I agree with your assessment that he finally seemed to relax a little out there. Kid’s just barely got his toes wet – he looks to be a good one after he’s able to settle in a bit.

  51. Adam Luther

    Sweeping LAA would be significant given the Halos are playing better baseball than earlier in the year…

    • Anonymous

      Gosh, this team is doing so well, now we actually talk about them sweeping series after series! :)

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I would be very happy to take 2 of three.

  52. Anonymous

    I didn’t imagine. One of the best comedies on the internet! Try to find the best baseball record this year(2012) and you are apt to get the Orioles–rather than the obvious Dodgers.

  53. Anonymous

    Post of the day, from a Gnatblog: “Is it too early to start thinking about the knuckleball?”

  54. Anonymous

    Off topic, but I enjoy seeing the Pirates near the top of their division. Their long-suffering fans deserve some relief, but I wish they still had Octavio Dotel.

    • Anonymous

      Least we forget, they also had a good first half last year and were in first place (51-44) as late as July 19.

  55. Remember the no-hitter the other night?  Me neither. :)

    Great to see the offense burst out in two straight games in a  tough hitter’s park, after the no-no. Bills has had 2 straight quality starts, never let them crawl back into it.  Bet they’re still happy to finally be heading back home, though.

  56. Also, FWIW, and this is about how I’d lay the odds, too:
    Kevin Goldstein ‏@Kevin_GoldsteinI’d say Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers in that order, but plenty of other players. RT @Kfreer5: @Kevin_Goldstein who is the favorite for so

    • Tycho

      Is this in regards to Jorge Soler?  I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow, hopefully the Dodgers can close if this is a guy they want.

      • Oh yeah, sorry, was about Soler. 
        And alas, looks like Dodgers are out this morning:
        Tim Brown ‏@TBrownYahoo: Jorge Soler is going somewhere, but not to L.A. Dodgers are no longer engaged. Cubs, Yanks, Jays (per @JonHeymanCBS), mystery team?

        Wonder if the bidding just got too out of control for their tastes. Once it gets up to $30mil it gets pretty risky.

        • Anonymous

          Looks like the Cubs win.  9 years, $30 mil

  57. Anonymous

    If his final Class A warmup before being activated, Juan Uribe struck out twice in four ABs. The Dodgers have truly missed him, at every opportunity.

    • Heh. I know you don’t like the guy, but to be fair he did go 3 for 10 total with a HR, triple and 3 RBIs on his rehab stint.  Of course none of this directly translates into anything in the bigs, but I’m expecting somewhere in between a ton of Ks and a ton of power. ;)

      • Anonymous

        Don’t confuse me with facts! Well, I could just argue that he found his level in Class A.

        • haha yeah it’s definitely a tad easier to hit in the Cal League than, say, MLB. We’ll see. If nothing else, I prefer to see him playing 3rd than Kennedy; at least Uribe’s a good fielder. Hope his wrist doesn’t turn to jelly again.

          • Anonymous

            I’d prefer to see Hairston there and Herrera at second, most of the time until M. Ellis returns. And of course I’d like to see Kennedy DFA’d.

  58. Anonymous

    Freeway Series aka World Series preview, the next three nights?  Hope so.

    • Anonymous

       Is this the artist formerly known as craigusc?

      • Anonymous

        ‘Tis me, O WBB :)

        • Anonymous

          Welcome back Mr. USC. And this is coming from a Bruin alum :)

          • Anonymous

            Thanks!  Go LA!

            Westwood, too ;)

          • Anonymous

            Welcome back

          • KT

            Bought time you decided to post…Is this only because of the other “LA” team we are playing tonight

  59. Anonymous

    It’s a shame the Dodgers won’t be able to face Ervin Santana and his 5.74 ERA this series – he pitched last night.

  60. foul tip

     BobT, or someone else who knows or can look it up easily–

    How does the 7-3 road trip stack up among Dodger better ones? One of best ever over 10 games, or ??

    • Anonymous

      Just a guess, but I’m sure there have been 10-0 road trips, or at least 9-1 trips.  

  61. Anonymous

    Just when everyone was ready to have Billingsley tarred and feathered he comes up with two solid performances.  These performances were also better than Kershaw against the same opponents.  He’s got his issues and is not the most consistent guy to throw out there, but he is still a very good pitcher to have on the staff and better than most pitchers at his salary who have reached or are about to reach free agency.

    • Anonymous

      $35 million for 3 years or $46 million for 4 years is the deal. His ERA+ for the last 4 seasons including 2012 are 99, 109, 87, 106. Edwin Jackson, signed for $11 million, admittedly in the hope of getting a better long term deal, has an ERA+ of 127

  62. Anonymous

    Bills is a solid #2 / #3 hopefully for Magic and the new regime as they proceed……

  63. Anonymous

    When Bills is able to locate his pitches (have the control)  like he has over the last two games – especially last night-  he was really hitting the corners and pounding the zone, but not serving up any fat pitches – he’s a great guy to have out there. I’m sure getting staked to that huge lead early helped, but then, he wasn’t given a huge lead previously and pitched great as well. Bottom line is, he’s like a lot of good pitchers – he goes thru some bad stretches, but when he’s on, he’s damned good. The key is to minimize the bad stretches.

    • Anonymous

      Small sample sizes are why they keep statistics over the full year.  Bills is as good as his ERA (or ERA+, if you prefer) indicates: better than average.  Sometimes, he’s been average, sometimes worse than average, and sometimes much better than average.  Overall, what we’ve come to expect from him is a 3.75 ERA and occasional dominance.

      But no heart, of course.  LOL

  64. foul tip

    Check out the right hand of old friend Jamey Carroll.  Guess that’s what you call battle scars…

    Also a link within that story to another saying Carroll’s 4-year-old son cried when he went 0 for 14 to start the season.

    • Anonymous

      Yipes.  As Joey Tribbiani might observe, his identical hand twin is probably a 60-year-old skeletor. 

      And I thought my hands were beat up from basketball. . . 

  65. Anonymous

    Lotta love for the Dodgers out there.

    New power rankings:
    New ESPN power rankings (with a quote from Jon):

    • Anonymous

      Not much love from AccuScore tho, Angels 57-43% tonight

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