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Glorious congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings and their fans – Stanley Cup champions. A wonder team, indeed. 

Now, how about just not tearing downtown apart … okay?


Farewell, Yutaka Shimizu


Andre Ethier set to sign five-year contract extension


  1. Christopher Staaf

    Congrats to the Kings. 

  2. KT

    Oh yea Stanley Cup Baby

  3. How is it that New Jersey doesn’t have a baseball franchise?

    • Blue-eyed Gal

      Having been born there, I can tell you that NJ is only big enough for a hockey rink, a swamp, and a racetrack; there’s no room for a baseball diamond. (And the racetrack was fully and forever justified by that wonderful down-the-stretch contest between horses named “The Wife Doesn’t Know” and “My Wife Knows Everything”.)

  4. Anonymous

    Dustin Brown just Melissa Leo’d his interview with Pierre Maguire.

  5. KT

    Nice catch Tony

  6. KT

    Nice defensive alignment

  7. Christopher Staaf

    Cappy definitely doesn’t look like he has his best stuff tonight. I hope he can persevere through 6 innings. 

  8. KT

    Way to get out of it Cappy

  9. KT

    Nice Dee…thought he was going to 3rd…if it gets to the wall he’s there…good cutoff by trout

  10. Angels strand seven in first three innings. 

  11. KT

    Come on Elian let’s get another one across the board

  12. Christopher Staaf

    Man, Dre is really scuffling still. He’s really pressing. 

    • KT

      And Matty wants him in the Home Run Derby

      • Christopher Staaf

        Thing is, I bet Dre could put on a show at the Derby but it could screw up his swing for months a la Bobby Abreu and Garret Anderson when they won it. 

        • KT

          That’s my reasoning exactly…his swing is totally messed up and he will probably get better soon only to mess it up again

          • Christopher Staaf

            He’s really prone to the breaking ball down and away, just like last year. Richards got him twice with that slider. 

  13. KT

    Come on Bobby

  14. Christopher Staaf

     I bet Treanor will catch Capuano again next time out. 

  15. Christopher Staaf

    Come on Dee! You got to make that turn. 

  16. Anonymous

    That should have been an easy two. Can’t give those up when Capuano is so shaky.

    • Christopher Staaf

      It’s OK. Cappy got the young Richards at 1st lol

  17. KT

    Good move the AL pitchers on the base paths

  18. Anonymous

    AJ being AJ.

  19. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, Tony Gwynn Jr. GIDP twice?? 

    • Anonymous

       How? They’re really letting Richards off the hook.

  20. KT

    How tacky

  21. Jon, baseball is not important today.  Unbelievable.  That’s me quoting the guy who was partnered with Al Michaels for that one Olymics broadcast. 

  22. KT

    AJ’s ball

  23. KT

    Excellent play James!!!!

  24. Christopher Staaf

    Thank you James Loney for giving Cappy his first clean inning. Gold Glove at 1B this year in the NL, no one else is close. 

  25. KT

    That hit the bag…isn’t it fair

  26. KT

    Make up call for that strike 2 call…that curve was actually a strike

  27. Christopher Staaf

    OMG what dumb luck. I bet Dee plays for 10 more years and the ball never hits him on the basepaths again. 

  28. Anonymous

    That hit Dee!  No fair.

  29. KT

    Gordon not looking hit by the ball that would have been a base hit…Would he been hit if his head was up and looking….maybe /probably not

  30. bcmaiden

    OMG, Dodgers are snake bitten by these Angels and this Angel lineup might be the best in years. Will Andre ever stop swinging at those low sliders?

  31. Anonymous

    I realize the Anaheimers have wasted many more opportunities, but it doesn’t feel that way.

  32. Christopher Staaf

    So much for those 6 innings. Come on Lindblom!

  33. bcmaiden

    Angels just have too many bats to keep them off the scoreboard. 

  34. KT

    Dre had no chance…needs to go to second with that throw

  35. Anonymous

    I still enjoy Jim Caple’s nickname for LaTroy Hawkins. “Screamin’ Line Drive Hawkins”

  36. Christopher Staaf

    I can’t believe AJ got picked off 1st like that. Inexcusable. 

    • bcmaiden

      Really. I mean he’s not going to steal and that happens. Did Donnie double switch Elian out and Kennedy in? He’s one of our better bats. 

      • Christopher Staaf

        He did. Kennedy stole the info Velez had last year. Which explains his roster spot. 

  37. Christopher Staaf

    That’s a beautiful double play.

  38. Anonymous

    Time for the Dodgers to wake up.

  39. Anonymous

    Congrats to our LA KIngs…!!!!
    Sitting there watching the game…
    My 6-week old daugher sitting in her swing facing (and watching) the Dodger game….
    I walked over to the tv and looked back at her….
    “This is Dodger baseball….. you’re going to see a lot of it in your lifetime around here….. for better or for worse….”
    She responded by spitting up….
    I had to laugh… as I cleaned her up….
    Just a nice early Summer evening at home… BBQ and Dodgers… and, a fresh perspective on life.  Amazing what the ‘young ones’ will do to your outlook…. Like living it all over again.   Fun.  :-)

  40. KT

    Reported that the Dodger are close to signing Ethier to a 5 yr extension with a vesting offer for the 6th year $85 mil

    6th yr worth 100 mil total contract value

  41. Anonymous

    Kennedy being Kennedy.

  42. Anonymous

    Ugh. Hurry back Matt.

  43. KT

    Ethier’s deal: $13.5 M in 2013, $15.5 M in 2014, $18 M in 2015, $18 M in 2016, $17.5 M in 2017, $17.5 M or $2.5 M buyout in 2018.

  44. KT

    didn’t an inherited runner score tonight?

  45. Anonymous

    OK – now’s the time – no need for extra’s. 8 and a half innings fine for tonight. Especially at this pace.

  46. KT

    Nice hit IDJ jr

  47. KT

    Come on Dre show them you are worth your new contract

    • Christopher Staaf

      It’s that low breaking ball again :(

  48. bcmaiden

    Looks like Belli has supplanted Josh for the 8th inning. Vin made a mistake. Josh allowed an inherited runner to score tonight. 

    • KT

      No they needed more than 1 inning so they put in Josh 1st

      • bcmaiden

        But this isn’t the first time. I miss Matty. 

  49. bcmaiden

    Donnie should have switched either Abreu or Gwynn, who both look awful at the plate tonight, not Elian. He totally made our lineup weaker. When Uribe plays Elian sits per Donnie. That should be fun. 

    • KT

      my thought exactly earlier when he made the switch

  50. KT

    Need a DP here

  51. KT

    terrible game

  52. Anonymous

    This is game is quite Angel-Dodgerish.

    • Anonymous

      and if we come out of it with a win that would be quite remarkable based on most of our play today

  53. Christopher Staaf

    Mattingly lost this game when he took Herrera out and decided to pitch to Pujols with 1st base open. Please prove me wrong. 

    • Anonymous

       I’m afraid you’re right on that one.

  54. Anonymous

    I would never pitch to Albert there.

    • bcmaiden

      Bad decision Donnie. Vinnie just rattled off incredible stats for Pujols in that situation. I see the usual Angel sweep ahead. Jansen has the same Broxton flaw of not holding runners. 

      • Christopher Staaf

        Most closers have that issue. However, agreed about Donnie. The first mistake was bringing in Kennedy for Herrera. A good manager I always believe is worth 5-7 wins a year and a bad manager will lose you 5-7. I won’t bash Donnie too much but I really want to hear the presser if the Dodgers do lose this one. 

  55. Christopher Staaf

    And of course KJ strikes out Trumbo, which further exacerbates the point. Why in the world would you pitch to Albert Pujols with 1B open and two outs????  

  56. So.. anyone have any reasoning why you pitch to Pujols in that situation with 1st base open? I’m drawing blanks

  57. Anonymous

    Pujols still a Dodger killer – I liked him a lot better when he couldn’t hit his weight earlier this season.

  58. Anonymous

    Pujols did hit the ball weakly, but it’s much better to face Trumbo with a force at every base.

  59. Loney pop up to shallow left field coming right here?

  60. KT

    pinch runner???

    • Christopher Staaf

      I think we are using the last guy off the bench (save for Treanor) right now with Uribe.

      • KT

        there are many a pitcher who could run the bases

  61. Anonymous

    Not running for AJ?

  62. KT

    doesn’t matter with at bats like those

  63. KT

    Come on Juan make me take back all the bad things I said about you

  64. Jibin Park

    two righty pinch-hitters for lefties. come on uribe!

  65. Anonymous

    Time for three hacks.

  66. KT

    Come on AJ…you should be stand on the bag to your right

  67. Jibin Park

    Great at-bat for Uribe!

  68. Christopher Staaf

    OK, so I think Treanor is the last guy on the bench…and Uribe did something useful!! Come on Dee!!

  69. Can Skinny Swag come through?!

  70. Anonymous

    With Uribe, the best-case scenario.

  71. Jibin Park

    How about a walk-off 3 run bomb!

    • Anonymous

      I got excited briefly, because i thought that is what actually happened :)  (as I can’t get gameday at work)

  72. KT

    night all

  73. Christopher Staaf

    I am out guys. I don’t even want to watch the Mattingly presser because I will probably be even angrier if I listen to it. Hopefully Harang can keep his run going. 

  74. pitching to Pujols? Wow, stupid. Pitching to Pujols behind in the count…game over

  75. Anonymous

    Scioscia beat Mattingly.

    • Anonymous

      He should have gotten rid of those sideburns

  76. Anonymous

    Walking AP to get to Trumbo is not a 2012 move imho….

    M Trumbo LF .325.380.624  1.004

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. They’re both tough outs, but Albert’s been hot lately, and walking him would have set up a force out.

      • Anonymous

        Geronimo  actually  broke AP’s bat.  Darn those bloop singles all to hell.

    •  one year sample size and a very nice one, vs a 11 year hall of fame sample size and as WBB says, the force play at 3 bases. no brainer at least i thought. Plus Albert is an rbi a game over his last 35 games

      • Anonymous

        You don’t wanna make Trumbo more determined to clear the pavillion seats.  Or do ya? ;)

  77. Anonymous

    Ken Rosenthal reporting that the Dodgers and Andre Ethier agreed to a 5 year, $85 million extension.

  78. Anonymous

    Ethier’s deal really looks like the elusive home-town discount.  I can’t imagine that the Red Sox wouldn’t have given him significantly more than $85 million over five years.

  79. While I’m not a Kings fan, I was excited for them and the fans I know, and congratulate them on an incredible run.   

    And the other good news last night was the Ethier deal, which I’m stoked about. That does seem like a good deal for Andre, a pretty good deal for the team, and a good sigh of relief for we fans. Very happy. Maybe he won’t press as much now. ;)

    Less good news was the result last night, but there are gona be days like that without Kemp (and, heck, without Mark Ellis) that the offense is just going to run in circles. Let’s get back on track tonight.

  80. Also, new piece on Dodger prospect Allen Webster: ‏@MinorLeagues: Allen Webster found that a brief respite in the ’pen is all he needed to get back on track:

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