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The guy you hadn’t heard of before May isn’t playing, and you’re disappointed

Angels at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Adam Kennedy, 2B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Aaron Harang, P

Switch-hitting trade-of-all-jackers Elian Herrera will see a streak of 10 consecutive starts end tonight, a streak in which he had a .366 on-base percentage. That actually constitutes a slump for the unexpected spark plug, who has a .394 on-base percentage through 105 plate appearances in his first taste of the big leagues.

Herrera has odd splits in his short career so far. Against righties, he has a .406 OBP and .302 slugging, while against lefties he goes .351/.457, with five doubles in 35 at-bats. In any case, a lineup that begins with Herrera, A.J. Ellis and Andre Ethier against Angels righty Jerome Williams doesn’t sound half-bad.

Instead, Herrera, who has started at center field, second base and third base, is riding the Dodger bench in favor of Tony Gwynn Jr., Adam Kennedy and Juan Uribe. Gwynn is a left-handed swinger who plays great defense, while Uribe is due for a start, having gone exactly one month since his last one.

Then there’s Kennedy, who will be making his fifth start of June. The difference between Kennedy and Herrera is probably less than people believe, but still, Kennedy’s name on the lineup card seems untimely. However, for the Adam Kennedy Marching & Chowder Society, there’s this: He went 4 for 9 last week.

One stat in which the two are closely matched is pitches per plate appearance. Herrera has seen 4.1 P/PA, Kennedy 4.0.


Andre Ethier set to sign five-year contract extension


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  1. Dodgers announcer Vin Scully calls in to surprise and congratulate his good friend Bob Miller.

  2. Anonymous

    Hairston is missing as well, which might be an even better choice to start than Kennedy or Herrera, although he might be due for some rest.  That we’d be clamoring for him to start would not have been expected at the beginning of the season either.

  3. Anonymous

    If the Dodgers are thinking about trading or releasing Rivera, Uribe, Abreau and Kennedy and just want to take a few last looks at them, then I guess this lineup has merit.  Otherwise, the lineup is a bore. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      I really hope Rivera and Kennedy find their ways onto the DL or be designated for assignment by the All Star break. Both of them give me the feeling of another former Angel turned over the hill Dodger, Garret Anderson. Just like Anderson, the Dodgers need to cut their ties with Rivera and Kennedy before it’s too late. I would much rather see Castellanos and Van Slyke back in the big leagues instead of those two old guys who can’t do much. 

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think that’s a fair comparison.  Rivera and Kennedy are OPSing 112 and 155 points higher than GA did.

  4. Anonymous

    The Stanley Cup will be at Dodger Stadium tomorrow. That’s likely a first. 

    Interestingly, the Angels will also be involved with the pregame ceremonies. Apparently, the Angels do not play in the same city as the Ducks.

  5. Anonymous

    The Angel righty also keeps Loney out of the lineup.

  6. Loney should be in the lineup today against Williams, a righty.  Also, I see where Rivera, hitting .235, is batting cleanup.  I wonder how often the Dodgers have had someone with that low of a batting average bat fourth this late in the season.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I guess defense doesn’t matter today. 

      • Anonymous

        Gwynn and Uribe are better fielders than some of their counterparts.  And you can always bring in defensive replacements if you’re ahead late in the game.

        • Christopher Staaf

          You make a valid point, except one thing: Rivera hasn’t exactly been a world beater at the plate this season. I would rather see Loney’s bat instead of Rivera’s. 

    • bcmaiden

      Donnie is baffling. Tomorrow is a LH in which he could sit James and start Rivera. Again, this makes no sense to me. Rivera has like 3 or 4 hits since coming off the DL and has been awful vs RH. Gwynn looks like he could use a day off, another reason to play Elian. Kennedy over Elian or Hairston is ridiculous. 

      • Anonymous

        Nothing is more baffling than pitching to Pujols last night.

    • Anonymous

      >> I see where Rivera, hitting .235, is batting cleanup.  I wonder how often the Dodgers have had someone with that low of a batting average bat fourth this late in the season.

      Van Slyke batted cleanup on May 21 and 23, when his BA was .214 and .167, respectively.

      • With very few at bats, however.  What was that? —  3-for-14 and 3-for-18, I would guess.

  7. Anonymous

    >> The difference between Kennedy and Herrera is probably less than people believe

    Herrera in June (39 AB): .282 .391 .385 .776
    Kennedy in June (16 AB): .313 .389 .375 .764

    Small data, but it doesn’t get much closer than that!

  8. KT

    well hopefully the game on MLB will end soon and they have the Dodger’s feed…watching Angels feed right now

  9. Rivera vs. righties in 2012 — batting .208
    Loney vs. righties in 2012 — batting .264
    Rivera since his return from the DL — 4-for-21, no extra-base hits, 2 RBIs, 9 K’s, 1 walk
    Oh, and then there is the matter of defense by each of them.

  10. KT

    I hate MLB network…showing commercials and other scores instead of going to this game

  11. KT

    MLB has dodgers it hopefully not too many in game breaks

  12. KT

    good defensive positioning or that’s a run

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same. Gordon placed perfectly.

  13. KT

    Good hit Dee

  14. KT

    Dee never sees the ball get away until too late to advance another base

    • Even if he had seen that one right away, he couldn’t have advanced.  

      • KT

        true but that doesn’t take away the fact that of all the games I watched He’s only advanced on 1 ball that got away on a stolen base attempt…He needs someone to teach him how to pay attention on the basepaths just like Loften said on his “steal” of 3rd yesterday when Bobby hit the ball that struck him
        He still has the little league mentality of looking only at the base ( so you won’t slow down) when you are trying to steal

  15. KT

    alberts playing 3rd….didn’t notice until that shot with Dee

  16. Anonymous

    Williams is a true mediocrity who should give up four or five even to a lineup with Kennedy and Uribe in it.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I dunno; the Dodger offense has the ability to make any pitcher look like Bob Gibson. Kennedy, Rivera, and Uribe will do their part as always. 

      • Anonymous

        So true, when anyone outside of ethier drives in a run I’m surprised, and now he’s in a slump too lol

    • Anonymous

      He had 8 quality starts out of 10 total when you posted the above.

  17. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, why is Rivera hitting cleanup again??

  18. Anonymous

    From the Ethier topic:

    >> a contract extension that would keep him in Dodger white and blue

    Don’t forget that the Dodgers play half their games wearing GRAY and blue.  That’s how those of us in other cities are accustomed to seeing them.

  19. Anonymous

    Dee on second with no outs, and he gets LOB, awesome

  20. KT

    Nice pitch Aaron

  21. bcmaiden

    Unbelievable. Love how we are wasting all of Dee’s hits for the middle of the order. 

  22. KT

    too quick

  23. Anonymous

     Well, that’s the Uribe we’ve been waiting for.

  24. Anonymous

    Lol the pitcher gets a double and we just groundout

  25. KT

    good throw bobby…Come on Aaron

  26. KT

    Nice boot Adam

    • Anonymous

       An utterly routine play. Tell me why Herrera and Hairston are not in the lineup.

      • Anonymous

        Presumably, because Uribe is the starting 3rd baseman and Hairston needed a rest in Mattingly’s opinion; it is a long season and Mattingly has stated he thinks rest is essential

    • KT

      will that run be too much to overcome

      • Christopher Staaf

        I like to think it can be overcome but the way Dre’s been going, I am not so sure. 

      • Anonymous

        We answer that by going down 123 in the bottom of the inning. Painful

  27. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, Kennedy boots one. I am at a loss for words. 

  28. Anonymous

    Thanks for that Kennedy

    • Christopher Staaf

      Hmmm and why is Herrera sitting again?

  29. Anonymous

    >> As for the rooks, I’d like to see Castellanos back when he’s ready to play second base

    Maybe then we can send Kennedy down to learn how to play second.  :(

    • Christopher Staaf

      Kennedy needs to be released outright. I hope when Ellis comes back, Kennedy gets gone. 

      • bcmaiden

        Don’t count on it. They will send IDJ down before that happens. Ned signs these turkeys and Torre/Donnie play them like they’re still good. You know, it’s all that gooey, veteran presence. 

  30. KT

    When are you coming back Mark

    • Christopher Staaf

      Not soon enough. 

    • I miss that guy almost as much as I miss Kemp!  

      Well, probably about half as much as I miss Kemp, but I miss Matty a ton. ;)

      • Anonymous

        Mark Ellis vs RHP 220/340/256 in 2012. miss him all you want

  31. bcmaiden

    As if we needed more fodder for our Kennedy displeasure. 

  32. Well at least the right team has the 1-0 lead in Guatemala City!
    (Apologies if you’re Guatemalan.)

  33. KT

    Nice running catch Bobby

    • Christopher Staaf

      The old man’s still got some wheels! 

  34. KT

    Way to start it off AJ

  35. KT

    Come on Dre…Base hit

  36. Anonymous

    Do something, don’t waste this opportunity.

  37. Christopher Staaf

    OK Rivera, keep doing that and I will stop bashing you!! 

  38. KT

    Almost Bobby

    • KT

      Come on Adam…Base hit

      • KT

        hit the ball hard…nice grab by the pitcher
        At least we tied it

        • Christopher Staaf

          I am trying to be as optimistic as you KT but man, Kennedy makes it so tough for me. 

          • KT

            it’s tough with Adam but lately he’s been hitting the ball a little better..I still would have played Herrera myself

    • Christopher Staaf

      It’s a homer during a day game. 

  39. Christopher Staaf

    Wow…let the Kennedy bashing continue. 

  40. Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy.

  41. Anonymous

    And Kennedy kills it, Good Job Kennedy!!!!

  42. Anonymous

     Ten years after the 2002 Series, Kennedy is once again the Angels’ player of the game.

    • Christopher Staaf

      That’s funny and harsh! 

    • Anonymous

       Double agent Kennedy would put John  Le Carre to shame.

      Where’s my accent-aigu?

  43. KT

    was not in play vinny

    • KT

      but the fan should have let Dre catch it unless he’s an Angel fan of course

  44. bcmaiden

    I love Adam Kennedy. I love Adam Kennedy. I love Adam Kennedy. Toto…Auntie Em…I just wanna’ go home to Kansas…

  45. bcmaiden

    Stupid Bartman. Kick him out. 

    • KT

      His Ball…might have been an Angel fan…When I go to Petco…I’m always thinking about taking one away from the home team…that’s why I sit front row

  46. Anonymous

    Trout really gets down the line.

    • KT

      Like Flash and I don’t mean Flash Gordon ^_^

  47. Christopher Staaf

    Great K by Harang to get Pujols. 

  48. KT

    Way to sting the ball Aaron…much better at bat

  49. Anonymous

    When Gwynn was up, he hit a foul ball that some idiot fan fell out of the stands to gobble up.  If I’m not mistaken, that was the same a-hole who interfered with the popup that Andre could have caught for an out.

    • KT

      No different idiot…This idiot was one and half sections closer

  50. Hee Sop Choi …. I’d rather have him at second than Adam Kennedy.

  51. bcmaiden

    Irony alert OT – DFish is going to get his 6th ring and Kobe is not. 

  52. Giants up 3-1 after 4.

  53. Christopher Staaf

    Sure would have been nice had Loney been at 1st for that roller. 

  54. What is Rivera doing over there!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR. 

    Hee Sop woulda had that.

  55. Anonymous

    wow, just so bad

  56. KT

    keystone cops…

  57. Anonymous

    Why would you go to second

    • Christopher Staaf

      Exactly…but Dee still should have caught it. 

  58. Amazing back-to-back plays, something out of Little League play.  That’s why we need Loney at first and Herrera at second.

  59. Anonymous

    I don’t care who gets the error, it’s Kennedy’s fault.

    • Christopher Staaf

      Should have gone to 1st, especially with the pitcher running. 

    • While I agree emotionally, Dee still shoulda caught it.

      • KT

        your right Kennedy was on his knees so the easier throw was to second…Dee should have been there

    • Anonymous

      >> I don’t care who gets the error, it’s Kennedy’s fault.

      No, it isn’t.  I’d blame Kennedy if I could, but really, throwing to second is an option, and it was a good throw.  That was Dee’s fault all the way.

  60. You know what MLB could do to help their fans? At the All-Star break, fans get to pick one player to DFA from their favorite team. Vote early. Vote often.

  61. You have to be bleeping me..

  62. bcmaiden

    The Bermuda Triangle of great defensive players employed by Donnie unnecessarily. Does Donnie actually watch them play? 

  63. Christopher Staaf

    That’s how you overcome errors. Strike ’em out. Good outing by Harang, especially since the infield defense has been subpar. 

  64. KT

    I been winning at solitaire so I have no idea why we aren’t winning on the field…It almost always works

  65. Anonymous

    Ugh this is gonna be another one run game, and Kennedy gave them 2.

  66. I don’t know if this is breaking a rule, so apologies in advance, but I’ll be anyone here one crisp hundred dollar bill that to earn his way back in our favor that Kennedy makes a weak out the next time he comes to bat. Who’s in?

  67. KT

    Good Eye Dee

  68. bcmaiden

    Elian, IDJ, and Hairston are ALL better options than Kennedy except in the eyes of our manager. 

  69. bcmaiden

    Sciosia must salivate every year at the thought of playing the Dodgers and waxing their butts. 

  70. Christopher Staaf

    Dre just missed that. A day time HR. :(

    • KT

      Again…but too bad we play most of our games at night though

  71. Dee looks like a cross between E.T. and Willie McGee.  Now we need him to get home.

  72. Anonymous

    The match is over in Guatemala:
    Gua 1 – 1 US

    Didn’t see the match, just followed it on line.  Still a valuable point.  Four points after two matches not bad, still a work in progress.  Congrats to the lads.

  73. I’m invoking Rule 8 on Adam Kennedy.  It’s all been said over and over.  Time to move on. 

  74. KT

    that bat was sawed off in half…looked pretty straight for a bat broken by a ball…Conspiracy…Loney wanting playing time????

  75. George Clooney doing an ad for Jiffy Lube?  I guess he needs the money.

  76. Anonymous

    Dee stranded yet AGAIN…

  77. KT

    Nice play Juan

  78. Anonymous

    Great catch!!!!

  79. KT

    Excellent diving catch by Dre on a sinking line drive

  80. Christopher Staaf

    Great catch Dre! Very good 7 innings for Harang. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, another nice outing for Aaron.  Too bad he might get stuck with the loss.  And if he does, as much as those errors in the field hurt, the real fault is the lack of offense.  You’re not going to win when you only score one run.

      • bcmaiden

        Hurt? They’re both unearned dude. We probably lose because of it. 

      • Unless you don’t allow any. 

      • Anonymous

        Our offense has gone down the tubes at home since Milwaukee came to town.  How about this:  1 run, 1 run,  3 runs,  2 runs, 2 runs, 1 run so far tonight :(

  81. Always think of WBB when this song is performed. Makes me laugh.

    • KT

      I always ffwd/change the channel or mute it.
      I don’t think it belongs in a baseball stadium and I served my 20 yrs in the military so you can’t say I’m not Patriotic 

    • Anonymous

       “Dog Bless America…”

  82. Anonymous

    I hope Jamey Wright isn’t the first choice to come in in a one-run game…

    • KT

      well you got your wish… oh wait you didn’t want wright

  83. Jack Dawkins

    GBA…..was uncomfortable….I wonder if the sgt couldnt hear herself?

  84. KT

    Jon…Can you please give me an answer on the rule 8 question I have

  85. Anonymous

    The real Uribe is back.

  86. Rule 8 on Adam Kennedy means we don’t need 20 people saying over and over again that he should be cut.  Especially when no one seems to be arguing the point (thank goodness). 

    If you want to react to a specific play, fine. 

    • KT

      Thanks Jon

    • Anonymous

      I may have seemed to be arguing the point in my earlier post above.  But I am not in disagreement with whatever it is we’re not supposed to talk about.  :)

  87. bcmaiden

    Aren’t players who are cut/traded/DFA’d supposed to destroy their old teams? I guess Rivera, Abreu, and the guy we don’t mention didn’t get the memo. 

  88. Anonymous

    Herrera in at second! YES! YES!

  89. Jack Dawkins

    Im guessing the feed in her ear was she was listening to the pa…which means she was way behind Nancy…

  90. Does Vin know he’s now in violation of Rule 8?

  91. KT

    Let’s get some hits Guys

  92. The Angels lead the Dodgers, 51-36, in interleague play including last night.  When we play the Angels, it seems as if we are running in quicksand.

    • bcmaiden

      AND, the Giants get to play the A’s who have been terrible for years. 

  93. Anonymous

    You know, as much as Vin has been talking about the “mass confusion” on that squibbler by Hank Conger, I don’t think anyone could have made a play on the ball anyway.  It rolled just past Harang into the Bermuda Triangle of him, second, and first, and nobody could have gotten to it in time to throw out the runner.

    • Neither Harang nor Rivera committed to field the ball.  Had Loney been in, I think he would have instinctively gone for it.  Perhaps Harang would have then have sprinted to first, although he doesn’t appear to have much speed.  It simply looked awful, but you may be right.

    • bcmaiden

      Stop being practical. I still would like to have Loney @1st & anybody else @2nd and dream of a different outcome. 

  94. KT

    Good at bat Elian

  95. KT

    Come on Dee

  96. Christopher Staaf

    Please tie this puppy up AJ. 

  97. I do like AJ up here.

  98. Christopher Staaf

    Left hand got in just barely.

  99. KT

    SAFE!!!! as the ump calls it

  100. Christopher Staaf

    Come on Dre. You got this big man. 

  101. KT

    Let’s go Dre

  102. Can’t believe they won’t bring in a lefty vs. Ethier.

    • KT

      My thoughts exactly…I was actually praying that they wouldn’t

  103. KT


    • Christopher Staaf

      Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! 

  104. Anonymous

    Well, it looks like he’s started earning his money tonight.

  105. KT

    JUAN GONE!!!!!!!

  106. DRE! Can’t believe they didn’t bring in Downs to face him… JUANNNNNNNNN GONNEE

  107. Christopher Staaf

    I will not say anything bad about Rivera for a while lol


  108. That’s what your 1 through 4 batters are supposed to do!

  109. KT

    good bye Angels fans see you tomorrow

  110. Anonymous

    A wild Juan Rivera appears!

  111. Anonymous

    I will refer everybody to my 7:29 post: “Williams is a true mediocrity who should give up four or five even to a lineup with Kennedy and Uribe in it.”

  112. What a hack that was…. Almost the exact swing that Pujols put on the double he hit a couple innings ago.

  113. bcmaiden


  114. Christopher Staaf

    OK boys, save some for Wilson tomorrow!! 

  115. Dear Mr. Mattingly:  I apologize for criticizing your decision to start Juan Rivera…Sincerely yours

  116. KT

    Way to get on Bobby

  117. KT

    Nice Dre at 500 rbi’s good job Dre

  118. KT

    Thought bobby was safe with a high tag…I guess Country Joe had to give one to the Angels

  119. Man, whoever thought Rivera wasn’t any good anymore and shouldn’t be starting, you are foolish!

    Looking at you, underdog! (and many of us)Also, whoever thought Williams should stay in there to face Ethier, you are foolish!Looking at you, Mike Scioscia!

  120. Was the KCAL 9 audio muffled on TV during Juan’s blast? Wondering because it kept cutting out on MLB.TV..

    • Anonymous

       It cut out on my MLBTV also.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I think yes because there was a lot of cursing in disbelief in the Dodger dugout. 

  121. KT

    For those of you not listening to Vinny…Rivera’s Hr was his 900th hit

  122. KT

    Great come from Behind victory for our Boys

  123. Christopher Staaf

    Now that’s more like it! Let’s take the series tomorrow! Good night guys!

  124. And, Dog say that was good.

  125. bcmaiden

    Don’t forget folks, that beautiful inning was started by our beloved Elian, the Dodger lucky charm. 

    • Anonymous

       If he had started the game, the Anaheimers would never have scored.

  126. KT

    Of course the Angels announcers say Dee was out at 2nd

  127. Blue-eyed Gal

    When I heard Vin telling us tonight’s lineup with Herrera and Hairston out and Uribe and Kennedy in, my first thought was, “Well, the other night, when things got tough in late innings, Mattingly’s hands were tied because he had losers like Kennedy to pinch hit; so tonight he’s saving the two H’s for pinch hitting and double switches late in the game.”

    Which is of course not at all the way to manage, but it’s telling that I thought of Uribe and Kennedy as the pieces that would need replacing, and the two callups as the “emergency bailout” guys that would save our bacon if things went south.
    It does not amaze me that some of Ned’s ever-replenishing supply of aging vets have been letdowns, but I am indeed stunned and pleased to be thinking of the two H’s as vital cogs on the team, not superstars, but approaching AJ Ellis in terms of “dependable parts.” 

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