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June 20 game chat

Dodgers at Athletics, 7:05 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, RF
Andre Ethier, DH
Juan Rivera, 1B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
A.J. Ellis, C
(Nathan Eovaldi, P)


R.A. Dickey and Colorado: Climbing the mountain, falling off a cliff


Hey, don’t all stop hitting at once


  1. Anonymous

    Artieboy and Nsxtasy you are cracking me up.

  2. KT

    speedsters need to keep the ball out of the air

    Line drives or on the ground

  3. KT

    Have the bay area feed…that’s two games in a row…both KCAL or PTSW not showing tonight?

  4. KT

    Come on Nate…Throw strikes

  5. Anonymous

    I replied to SaMo in the previous post which I hope he and any who praised his comments on Colletti read.
    Milone has splits like a RHP which he is not and, at least in MLB, for 2011 as well. For 2012, he is 260/298/424 vs RHH but 271/386/542 vs LHH  He has, off the top of my head, an unusually low # of PA against LHH. I guess managers don’t want to take his splits seriously and thus start RHH against him. I was too lazy to look at his minor league splits, btw.

  6. KT

    Good play Jerry

  7. Anonymous

    you guys weren’t kidding about KCAL having more games this year…

  8. KT

    Nice catch Tony

  9. KT

    Good start Juan

  10. Anonymous

    Lots of flyballs, sucks we don’t have enough power in the lineup to hit them anywhere.

  11. KT

    YES!!!! we will take it

  12. Anonymous

    What a weird play that was

  13. Anonymous

    Here’s hoping that U-less gets a “w” at last.

  14. KT

    Way to work a walk…Come on AJ Announcers said they pitched around tony to get to you…make it pay

  15. My cousin is in attendance, I sent him a text asking him to boo Uribe for me. He wrote back, “Done.” Seconds later he got an “RBI”. I hope he boos him all night.

  16. KT

    should have used your hand Jerry…you had plenty of time

  17. Anonymous

    Can we have one game where our pitcher doesn’t throw 50 pitches in the first 2 innings please

  18. bcmaiden

    Lookey there, another fine defensive play by Jerry…NOT. Glad Jerry feels most comfortable @2nd while he continues to look bad. Jerry should be in the outfield and Elian in the infield. 

    • KT

      jerry at 3rd…Uribe on the bench…even with his lucky RBI

  19. bcmaiden

    Dee has a gun for a little guy. 

  20. Anonymous

    ….And there goes the lead.

  21. bcmaiden

    Seth Smith is a Dodger killer. Hated when he was in the lineup in Colorado. 

  22. Tony really should have had that. He isn’t showing his wonderful defense this series.

    • bcmaiden

      Very uncharacteristic of him. It’s so depressing that no one on the Dodgers is hitting. 

  23. bcmaiden

    EO walking a tight wire.

  24. KT

    Good play Juan!!

  25. Anonymous

    After the A’s hit 2 doubles, we go down 1-2-3 easily. Sigh, Dodger offense.

    • bcmaiden

      Dodger offense = MIA

    • Anonymous

      Meanwhile the As get the bases loaded and no outs……………….

  26. Anonymous

    ***    I really like Dee Gordon     ****
    Dee Gordon, we’ve all heard on radio, tv, blogs, etc……
    – Isn’t a good lead off hitter…
    – Isn’t consistent enough at shortstop…
    – “The game’s moving a little fast for Dee right now” … per Donny Ballgame
    – Would be sent down if the Dodgers had anybody better on the roster…..
    You know what Dee does with all of this?  (don’t think for a minute that he doesn’t hear it)
    This guy …. night-in and night-out …. is enthusiastic, smiles, and gives it everything he has.
    You would never know the stress this kid must be under….
    Keep it up Dee!  :-)

  27. bcmaiden

    Lead off man aboard each inning for EO. 

  28. bcmaiden


  29. bcmaiden

    Go Angels

  30. KT

    U-less come on….your catcher is telling 1st throw it there

  31. Come on Eo! Listen to AJ!

  32. Christopher Staaf

    I hope Eovaldi learns to never take anything for granted again. 

  33. KT

    Come on 1-2-3 DP

  34. Anonymous

    Down 3-1, doubtful we can score enough to tie.

  35. bcmaiden

    That could be it. Dodgers have massive trouble vs LH. Giants swept the A’s and play them again while we play the Angel juggernaut. 

    • Anonymous

      Yep, feels like our run is ending. No offense, tons of pressure on pitching to keep good hitters down, doesn’t add up to a positive outcome.

  36. KT

    Terrible bunt Dee

    • bcmaiden

      This is the skill he needs to learn and master. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      I hope Maury Wills is around to teach Dee how to get it done. 

  37. Never been so obvious as the past two games how much the regulars are missed … A regular second baseman and center fielder would be nice to have again. 

  38. Anonymous

    Time to go do something more entertaining than watching us get 2 hit yet again. Skyrim!

  39. KT

    Come on DP

  40. If this team is reminding all these pundits of the 1988 team, aren’t they supposed to win in Oakland?

  41. Christopher Staaf

    Poor Nathan. The Dodger offense scored a total of 5 runs (including tonight) in his 5 starts this season. The Dodgers are 0-4 in his 4 starts and tonight isn’t looking good either. 

    • bcmaiden

      It’s really pathetic actually. We need some damn bats. 

      • Anonymous

        This is just like big chunks of last year, the difference is our W-Lup to this point is os much better

        • Christopher Staaf

          All 4 losses in Eovaldi’s starts have been by 1 run including that strange no-hitter game. 

        • bcmaiden

          Yes, hitting has been a problem for some years. The Dodger minors just haven’t produced good offensive players save the Bison. 

  42. Why do the fast guys keep hitting fly balls. Grrrr.

  43. KT

    Way to track it Bobby

  44. Christopher Staaf

    Elbert still needs to be replaced. 

  45. bcmaiden

    Been reading rumors about Carlos Lee/Wandy Rodriguez. UGH! 
    Say goodnight Dodgers.

  46. Anonymous

    Just tuned in. Ugh. At least the Angels are winning.

  47. Just got home and turned on the Oakland broadcast.  (I live south of the Bay Area.)  One run and five hits in 17 innings against the A’s?  Disturbing.  Have the smoke and mirrors disappeared? If we don’t pull this one out, tomorrow is a very significant game. Thank goodness for the Angels.

    • Perhaps, or just maybe all the dudes that have been playing out of their head for the first third of the season are coming back to earth.

  48. KT

    everyone reaching or trying for the HR

  49. Anonymous

    Ethier: 1 HR in last 99 AB.

      • Christopher Staaf

        I bet Dre sits tomorrow given his power outage, his horrendous performance during day games, and a lefty is going for the A’s. 

    • Anonymous

      $85 million per homerun

    • Anonymous

      More troubling to me was last AB. Needing runners, swings at Ball 1, then weekly flies out on pitch 3

  50. Christopher Staaf

    Well, here’s hoping that Kershaw gives the A’s a taste of their own medicine tomorrow. Good night guys. 

  51. Anonymous

    10-12 in the last 22, they are who we thought they were.

  52. Anonymous

    When the top 3 in the order go 0 for 12, you are in trouble

  53. KT


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