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Age is just a number (even if it’s the wrong number)

Mets at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, 3B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
Bobby Abreu, LF
A.J. Ellis, C
James Loney, 1B
Scott Van Slyke, RF
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Aaron Harang, P

I’ve spent most of the year thinking I’m the wrong age. What does this have to do with the Dodgers and R.A. Dickey? Maybe nothing at all, but find out the scoop at Los Angeles Magazine’s CityThink blog.


Dodgers recall Van Slyke … but option De Jesus


Beneath the cliffs of insanity


  1. Anonymous

    The Giants adding Brad Penny to their roster is an act of hubris not seen out of stories from Bulfinch’s Mythology.

  2. Anonymous

    Here’s an interesting question.  As Jon has tweeted, Mark Ellis could be back by next weekend.  Anybody want to speculate on who would get sent packing?  Much as I’d prefer it be Uribe or AK, my guess is that it’s likely to be SVS, unless his hitting has picked up by then.  Herrera maybe but probably not.

    •  It depends on Ethier’s health. Obviously, replacing Van Slyke or putting Ethier on the DL is the first option.

      Otherwise, optioning Herrera is a possibility, but perhaps a long-awaited DFA comes instead.

  3. Jon, I posted my question about The Newsroom in the last post. I didn’t repost it here because I don’t want to violate any rules or breach any kind of etiquette. 

  4. i don’t know if gambling is allowed on this site but i’ll offer 5 to 1 odds herrera doesn’t get optioned. the betting window is open. j/k don’t ban me. no gambling.

    • Anonymous

      Herrera just has to stay around, he deserves it

  5. Anonymous

    BTW, Puig’s is the third big-buck long-term contract the Dodgers have signed with an outfielder this season.  I think this takes them out of the Josh Hamilton sweepstakes.  Any deals and signings this July and winter are likely to revolve around infielders and/or any ace starters that might become available (Hamels and/or Greinke might be dealt at the deadline, since their teams are not exactly in contention at the moment).

    •  Ned was just on the radio and he didn’t talk about Hamilton but did say the outfield of Ethier/Kemp/Puig could be a great outfield for years to come.

  6. KT

    I think we stand a better chance of winning against Dickey with the Punch & Judy lineup we are fielding then the free swingers with the exceptions of SVS and Dee…they will most likely struggle

    • Anonymous

      For a single game, anyone can look like a superstar or a has-been/never-was.

      Did you know that in 2009, there were six games in which Eugenio Velez had three hits in each one?

      • KT

         But not 2010

        • Anonymous

          Only one three-hit game that year.  But you’re probably thinking of 2011…

          • Anonymous

            KT is probably thinking it seems that long ago ;)

          • KT

            Was it only last year…How time blurs as you get older

  7. Adam Luther

    That defensive play that Puig made (diving catch on throwing side and one hop throw on a line to double off the runner at second), about 1:00 into the posted video was beyond spectacular.  He can hit to all fields as well.  Can’t get him here fast enough.

  8. Adam Luther

    I’d think they’d be out of the running for Hamilton as well – 

    • honestly as great as Hamilton can be I don’t know if you can afford to make a big bet on him. it could all come to a terrible end the way he is. 

  9. Anonymous

    AJ Ellis almost didn’t make it to the park I guess:

    I’m not sure how that would have been described on the injury reports.

    • bcmaiden

      Hahahaha…I thought that only happened in the movies. 

  10. I don’t think that the signing of Puig takes the Dodgers out of the running for Hamilton at all. I don’t know that the Dodgers would go after Hamilton even if they didn’t sign Puig. But I think the signing does a number of things. Starting with the reestablishment of  the Dodgers as players in the international market once again, it also bolsters their minor league system at a thin position, it’s good press and makes fans happy (some), and it could be a huge find. What if this dude is the next Pedro Guerrero? I’d take that. But if he isn’t or doesn’t become anything ala Joel Guzman, it’s a mistake the Dodgers can afford to make now. Not saying they’ll be happy about blowing a huge amount on a bust but hey, it wouldn’t be the first time. If most of what’s been printed is true, this guy is a year or two away from playing in the bigs. That’s fast tracking and there is no guarantee that he’ll adjust well. Of course I’m hoping I’m wrong on all accounts. I want this guy to be a stud that makes the Dodgers look like geniuses for signing him at a reasonable price. But I still think Hamilton could be a possibility.. maybe a pipe dream on my part.

    • Ned also just said that when they analyzed the top teams in baseball in terms of farm systems, they all were very heavy in the latin market and that’s the direction they want to go.  He said that as it stands now were solid in pitching but that we need infielders in the system and that’s why they drafted 2 infielders who they like. And they will continue to load up on bats. He said that if you asked him if we would have been 1 out at the end of June while missing Ellis, Kemp, Guither, Lilly for lots of the season he would be fine with it. He said now is no time to panic, no time to make trades you would regret.  He said that they are in talks with about 12 teams now for various players. He said that you can’t just call up the warehouse and order a Matt Kemp. Were 10 games over .500 with Kemp and 1 game under without him.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s scary to say, but I think that this is our best avaliable lineup at the moment

    • Jack Dawkins

      What do you think of the Aussie ODI lineup today?

      • Anonymous

        I think they really miss M. Hussey. I like the bowling attack, I think Bailey and Smith should not be there (I’d love to see Lee play on until he is 50!)

        • Jack Dawkins

          Morgan for England was the one who put the show on though.

    • bcmaiden

      …but Rivera isn’t there

  12. Anonymous

    winning seems like such a distant friend, i can barely remember how it feels… :0(

  13. Anonymous

    Yeah, the “staring at the standings” days seem so long ago.

  14. KT

    What’s everyones opinion of the Jed Lowrie for Zach Lee & Garrett Gould Rumor

    • Dave Alden

      Unless there are other players involved, I’m hoping it doesn’t happen.  I like Lowrie and would enjoy having him in Dodger blue.  But two arms with good upside is a lot to give up for a shortstop who has yet to prove he can stay healthy.

      • KT

        Thanks Dave….I don’t follow the Astros or really any team outside of Los Angeles and I don’t count OC as in LA

        • Dave Alden

          Lowrie is a Stanford guy, so Jon may also have some insights.  Lowrie was a fairly high draft pick and has generally been good with the bat.  But everytime he claimed the starting shortstop job in Boston, his body would betray him.  I forget the full list of injuries, but think that both a foot fracture and mono were involved.  The Red Sox finally moved him to the Astros as part of the Melancon deal last winter.

    • Anonymous

      Best thing about the rumor, if it’s true, is it shows that the management is waking to a realization that SS position has got to be addressed. Also lee and especially Gould aren’t exactly top flight starter material if the scouting reports are to be believed.

  15. uh oh. people are going all a twitter over a proposed jed lowrie for Lee and Gould trade by a media outlet.

  16. KT

    Nice to get Wright

  17. Anonymous

    Time for another Harangue.I know he may have pitched well enough to win with a good offensive team.But the Dodgers have several guys in the minors who could benefit from experience in this lost year.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not giving up on this year yet !

    • by lost year you mean the one where the dodgers are 1 game out of first place.

    • KT

      So less than 1/2 way through the season and 1 game out of 1st and leading the 1st wild card by 2, you’ve already tossed in the towel?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t mean to  give up on this team, sorry

        And on the Lowrie for Lee and Gould action, I don’t think the present ownership would give up two potential #2 starters for a guy who has never had more than~300 AB’s in a year!

        And if you took this team and removed Kemp and Ethier for the middle of the season, noone would fault them for not making the ply-offs.

        • KT

          I agree Gen3 but I got to keep the faith

        • bcmaiden

          I’m not giving up and I’m a glass half empy person. The Houston/LA trade rumors involve multiple players. Lowrie/El Caballo/Wandy or Myers for our prospects. 

          • Anonymous

            whether the trades in itself are good or bad, I think we need to shake things up a bit

          • KT

            BC are you saying it’s a 3 for 2 swap?

    • Anonymous


  18. KT

    Way to get out of it Aaron

  19. yeah the dodgers already have a few like murphy already. no thanks. no, really.

  20. Anonymous

    The Reds have started with 3 in San Fran

  21. Anonymous

    herrera unlucky!

  22. Adam Luther

    Of course no one predicted we’d lose Kemp for most of June…but to be at or near first isn’t shabby.  I’d rather slump now than after the break.

  23. KT

    Good play AJ

  24. Adam Luther

    Who’s going to “Hello Kitty Bobblehead” afternoon?

    • KT

      My daughter and I were almost going to make the trip up but decided on the Alston/Lasorda Bobblehead and Orange County Fair opening with the cousins instead ^_^ 

    • Anonymous

      a friend of mine will be there, i’ll be at the Vin Scully bobblehead game (woo!!)

      • KT

        Yea I wanted to go to that one but schools back in session July 25th so no travel to LA after that day

  25. Anonymous

    AJ showing off that good arm.

  26. KT

    As per Eric Stephen Garrett Gould was scratched from tonight’s lineup…Could the brass really think this trade is worth it for more seasoning for Dee

    • Dave Alden

      Lowrie might also be a long-term fit at third or second.  He played both with the Red Sox and his bat may be enough to justify third.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t trade for someone who is a good hitter and fielder at SS so you can move him over to third to make room for Dee Gordon. That’s like trading for Hamels and moving him to the pen when Rubby comes back.

        • Dave Alden

          Lowrie is only average at short and trending downwards.  I can see Lowrie taking short this year and then moving to third next year if Gordon takes a step forward.

    • Anonymous

      Jed Lowrie is 28 and under team control until 2015. If the rumors are true, then it’s a long term investment in my view, not buying time for dee to finally put it together at the age of 26.

  27. bcmaiden

    Rumor correction – El Caballo for Gould 
    Not sure this is good enough. Dee needs to be in AAA and Lowrie would be nice to have.

  28. Anonymous

    With the offensively challenged lineup, there is NO WAY they have a chance to win when booting routine ground balls.

  29. KT

    Good DP Herrera

  30. bcmaiden

    Raise your hand if you think 2 runs is insurmountable? Carlos Lee has a no trade clause so he would have to approve. Let’s get all the old guys in baseball. 

  31. Christopher Staaf

    Pitchers will continue to get Van Slyke on the outside pitch. 

  32. Christopher Staaf

    Well good. A hit!! By Harang of all people!

    • KT

      At least it won’t be attempted by the Mets to overturn for a chance at a no-hitter

  33. KT

    Rosenthal is saying the rumors involve Carlos Lee not Lowrie

    • Anonymous

       KT…. I don’t want to hear Carlos Lee….. :-)
      Poor fielding,
      slow, pedestrian,
      can’t even stick ’em at 1B and feel good about it, 
      “used to be power hitters”
      Gut bigger than butt…
      currently on the Dodgers roster….
      1.  Juan Rivera
      2.  Bobby Abreau
      I think we’re stocked up on these types of guys…..
      Adding Carlos Lee would be a violation of DT rule #6 … “Roster Hyperbole” … :-)

  34. Anonymous

    Trying so hard not to be negative when watching these games…Especially given the injuries and all.
    1.  Rather than moving his feet and getting behind that ball, Hairston totally played that ball into a one handed, glove side play…..All it took was that bad hop, and the runner was on first… Lazy!
    2.  Also, nice “crow hop” on that fly ball by Abreau.  “Bobby….you’re supposed to start your crow hop BEFORE you catch the ball… not after!” ….
    Dude looked like he was trying to play LF on roller skates….
    Or is that just 38 years talking? …. Can we get Kasten to put a down payment on some flexibility for Bobby?

    • bcmaiden

      …but Jerry told Donnie he’s most comfortable playing 2nd, so there he shall play warts and all. 

  35. Anonymous

    Dee Gordon’s line drives bounce three times before reaching the shortstop.

  36. Carlos Lee for Gould is just fine. If you can’t trade your soft throwing No. 10 prospect for offense when you’re desperate for offense I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Gould will probably never be part of a regular rotation in the majors. he’s a couple years away from even getting a look if he gets a look at all.  I dunno fellas. I think you can over value prospects. 

  37. Adam Luther

    Carlos Lee at 1B would make sense, power somewhat diminished but the .291 average is nice.  He’s hitting for a higher average on the road, all HR’s (5) at Minute Maid…

  38. Anonymous

    Considering who he’s throwing to, I would have done the same thing as Loney in that situation.

  39. Anonymous

    R.A. Dickey can do no wrong.

    • Anonymous

      I think the author James Dickey, were he still alive, could have beaten us tonight.  I don’t see any Deliverance for the Dodgers this evening.

  40. Anonymous

    The Dodgers need to raid the young talent of organizations like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, KC, Seattle, Oakland, Minnesota, et. al….. And, just flat out “buy” some guys off these clubs. 
    If you can’t draft a good group of prospects….. then, you just need to buy one.
    Seattle:  LHP: Hultzen, C: Montero
    Baltimore:  SS: Machado (move him to 2B)
    Pittsburgh:  RHP: Tallion.
    Oakland:  OF:  Cepedes, RHP: Parker
    Minnesota:  SS:  Sano
    KC OF’s Myers and Starling
    All guys off the top 100 baseball prosepects list….
    Give these teams some low level prospects or Andre Ethier…and offer to pay the entire salary of a player or two on their 2012 roster.
    PS – I had to scroll all the way down to prospect #79 – Zach Lee before I saw a Dodger on this list.

  41. KT

    SVS…terrible situational thinking….He should know what he’s going to do with the ball before it gets there

  42. Anonymous

    Looking far back in time — Fifty years ago tonight was also a Friday night, June 29, 1962, a warm, balmy evening, and we were also playing the Mets at Dodger Stadium.  My late father had gotten us two great field level box seats — they were $3.50 each in those days — midway between home and first, about Row 10.   Wow, was I excited!   We generally sat in the top deck behind home plate.  The first-place Dodgers were 50-28, and the Mets, in their first year and en route to a 40-120 season, were 19-52 and in last place.  The teams had already met seven times that year, and the Dodgers had won all of them, averaging almost eight runs per game.  Joe Moeller, all of 19, started on the mound for the Dodgers and walked Richie Ashburn.  He retired Rod Kanehl on a fly to right, and then he walked Gene Woodling and Frank Thomas (a different Frank Thomas) to load the bases.  And then he walked ex-Dodger Charlie Neal to force in a run.  My dad and I couldn’t believe it.  Ron Perranoski was brought in to relieve Moeller.  He walked Sammy Taylor to force in another run, and then he walked Felix Mantilla to force in a third run.  After he struck out Elio Chacon, Perranoski walked the pitcher, Jay Hook, to force in a fourth run.  Ashburn, at bat again, singled to center to score two more.  Phil Ortega relieved Perranoski and ended the inning by striking out Kanehl, who made two outs in the inning.  For the Mets in the 1st:  six runs, one hit and no errors.  I don’t remember much about the rest of the game, but Frank Howard hit a homer for the Dodgers.  In all, the Dodgers issued 16 walks, including eight by Stan Williams in five innings of relief.  We went 16-2 against the Mets that year.  Jay Hook had both of their wins. 

    • that was the first year I remember anything from. and what I remember is the debacle called the league playoffs against the giants. and players like Lee Walls.

    • Anonymous

      Great story…thanks :)

    • Dave Alden

      Thanks for the memories.  I had some of the facts wrong, but clearly remember watching this game from the leftfield bleachers.  My family was moving to Sacramento in two weeks and my parents wanted to give me one more game at Chavez Ravine before the move.  We were supposed to attend on Saturday, but a group of friends wanted to give a going-away party for my parents that night, so we changed our plans to Friday.  And were rewarded with this ugly loss.  On Saturday, Koufax threw a no-hitter.  I haven’t gotten over it yet.

  43. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, Scott…those who hesitate….

    Bad enough that we can’t score. Mental errors make things even worse. 

  44. bcmaiden

    Wow, we may never win again. This is for sure insurmountable. 

  45. Anonymous

    My God!

    Did you see that route by VanSlyke?

    All he needs is a couple of knee braces, and he’s about the caliber of some guys I played against last night in slow pitch softball…
    PS – They were at least 50. 

    • Anonymous

       No disrespect to those in that age group.  :-) 
      I just expect a little more athleticism from one of our “great young prospects”

      • You’re A Hard Man Jonny

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure how many times over you’ve earned your name / handle…
          But, I hope you have a great night.  :-)

    • KT

      Hey Hey…you talking about me Jonny except since the replaced hips no more softball

  46. KT

    Nice catch Bobby

  47. Anonymous

     I think I’m going to “hang ’em up” for tonight as every entry I’ve contributed to DT tonight has been negative and sarcastic.  I’ll try to re-group and get back with ya’ll tomorrow.  :-)

  48. Anonymous

    But it’s still true; SVS’s best position is AAA.

  49. bcmaiden

    Don’t worry be happy. Tomorrow it gets easier. We face Johann Santana. LOL

  50. Christopher Staaf

    When it rains, it pours. At least Matt Cain is human tonight. 

    • KT

      yea but don’t look in the rearview because here come the snakes fast

      • bcmaiden

        Indeed, they are on a tear. 

      • Christopher Staaf

        KT, the possibility of going from the best record in the big leagues a couple of weeks ago to being in 3rd place by the All Star break just got real to me. 

  51. bcmaiden

    I guess nobody’s gonna’ be clamoring for Tolleson again. 

  52. jonny sure is a nice kid isn’t he?

  53. bcmaiden

    Poor kid rots in the pen and Donnie has him throw 43 pitches.  I think he learned that from Torre and Brox. 

    • foul tip

       Probably thought the experience would be good for him.  Maybe so.  Let’s just hope what happened doesn’t get in his head.  May have been some “take one for the team” thinking too.

  54. Anonymous

    Christopher StaafGreat literary reference. 

    I heard James Dickey, renowned poet and novelist,
    read from his works when I was in college.   He left a lasting impression.  He was one tough
    guy.  He dropped out of college, where he played football, to enlist in
    the Army Air Corps.  Dickey was a radar operator in a night fighter squadron during the “Last
    Good War” and flew on missions in Okinawa and Japan.  Dickey was awarded five Bronze Stars.
    He later was recalled to service during the Korean War.  Dickey was
    teaching at the University of Florida in the mid-1950s but resigned apparently
    after he read a controversial poem at a women’s poetry circle.  He was appointed U.S. Poet Laureate in
    1966.  Among other things, he
    suffered from alcoholism.  At Jimmy
    Carter’s inauguration in 1977, Dickey, also a native Georgian, read his poem
    “The Strength of Fields.”  He
    died in 1997 at the age of 73.



  55. KT

    Come on James drive in a runner

    • KT

      everytime lately James…please turn your season around so we can have a good defensive player at 1st to catch Dee’s wild throws…Otherwise it might be Lee soon

  56. Loney has 10 GIDP and 21 RBI. Done with him. Sorry Loney fans. The sooner the better. 

    • well that’s a compelling argument Jason

    • i know we’re not suppose to believe in RBI but it don’t mean nothing. kind of like Chase Headley having a career high of 65 or something. how good can you possibly be without them.

      • I believe in em!! Not JUST RBI though as I get it’s a product of many factors, but my gosh right? That’s not a good ratio!! Loney is really disappointing. I never cared about Power but I did believe he could become a Mark Grace type hitter and I’d be really happy with that but at this point he probably needs a change of scenery for that to happen…What do you think?

        • i think you can’t wait on him anymore no matter what. but it’s unlikely he gets dFAd. more likely he gets Carlos Leed. but the whole bizarre thing about the stat things. they always want to throw out the baby with the bath water. so we put mark treanor in clean up is he going to get 100 rbi. it means something.

          • I don’t really even know what you’re saying here. I assume you’re making some obscure and otherwise disproved point that RBI are a valuable stat. Guess what…you’re wrong. RBI mean NOTHING. Loney is not a good major league hitter. Period. He blows. If you put a GOOD hitter in the cleanup spot, he will pick up RBI. And no, if you put MATT Treanor in the cleanup spot, he won’t…perhaps his brother MARK would, but I don’t know if he exists. RBI are almost completely a matter of where a good hitter bats in the lineup. They have absolutely NOTHING to do with a hitters overall offensive capability and productivity.

  57. Anonymous

    Was kinda hoping those new glasses would flip some kinda switch.  Nope, no more Loney fans in the building.

  58. Anyone feeling a 10 run inning? No? ok..

  59. KT

    Night all

  60. Anonymous

    If my math is correct…a big if…we have failed to score in 47 out of the last 48 innings…wow!

  61. Anonymous

    There are no words to properly describe this team right now other than the quote by those two groundskeepers in Major League. “they’re (poopy)”

  62. Anonymous

    I fondly recall the days when I felt sorry for the Marlins for going completely in the tank. Oh wait, that was last week. Since May 27th (the day before the Magic/Kemp SI cover *cough cough*), the Marlins are 10-18, the Dodgers are 11-20.

    Okay, I kinda cherry-picked the above date. If you take the records from a week later – June 3rd – then the Marlins have a record of 5-17 and the Dodgers are a more respectable 10-14.

    Part of me though just thinks – McCourt is gone and the future looks brighter. For me, this year was basically a lost year that went incredible right for the first 2 months. I am still planning on enjoying the ride of the 2012 Dodgers.

    • foul tip

       “was basically a lost year”–?

      Kinda early to throw in the towel, isn’t it?  Preseason analysis was every NL West team had its issues with no one likely to run away.  This far in, only the Padres and Rockies have good reason to give up.

      Agreed on enjoying the ride.  It still may work out way better than it appears right now.

      • Anonymous

        I guess I was really thinking in terms of the ownership issue. At the end of last season, and even well into the off-season, the McCourt drama burned brightly.

  63. foul tip

    Puzzling why the Dodgers don’t call up Fields.  Strong June with 5 HR at Abq and slash line of
    394/509/903–which has to be discounted somewhat bc it’s PCL.

    But dude did hit  23 HR in ’07–in the majors.  So he has done it.  He might not again. But the mismatched mismash monstermash (choose one, or more) the Dodgers trot out at 3B ain’t a gonna do that, or even close.

    What’s there to lose? Unless he’s the true second coming of Roberto Duran (Hands of Stone) or
    something else not readily apparent.  Has 8 E, but that by itself doesn’t say much.

    Dude was born 1982.  Not getting younger.  The 23 HR for CWS was 5 years ago, granted.  But if there’s a chance he could help, why wait any longer?

    • Anonymous

      There isn’t much to lose, but there’s also very very little to gain. You might as well say Uribe hit 24 HRs in 2010 so he might do it again. And given their respective track records, I would say there’s higher chance of Uribe becoming useful again than Fields, though neither is very likely.

      Fields’ AAA numbers are deceptive. He has .400 BABIP and even with that his numbers translate to mere 133 wRC+ (33% above average in the PCL).  

      • foul tip

        Agreed, Fields might not make much difference. But there’s only one way to find out.

        If real chances aren’t given players who aren’t exactly sure things, there’s no chance of finding Herreras or other pleasant surprises.  Herrera isn’t going to be a superstar, probably not even a star.  But he’s been solid and definitely contributed.  Seems like he was called up due at least in part to a Mota recommendation.

        I don’t think Uribe fooled anybody except Ned.  On top of that Uribe was especially shiny because he was a former Giant.  Ned just couldn’t resist. 

        Wouldn’t be surprised if every time Uribe messes up, Kasten casts a long look in Ned’s direction.  If so, Kasten stares at Ned often.

        • Anonymous

          Fields has had 800 PAs in the majors. He’s already been found out. 

          Herrera, to me, is a good example of why one shouldn’t expect players to outperform their minor league track-records against major league pitching. Now that his BABIP is sinking toward more normal levels, Herrera is looking more and more like the organizational depth that he is. Giving Herrera a chance gave us some unexpected contributions, but in the end the only thing we found out was that Herrera is exactly what everyone expected him to be: a guy who can play multiple positions, none of them very well, without hitting much at all.

          • foul tip

            This particular horse is dead after this as far as I’m concerned.

            I’m aware that if Fields were perceived as a difference-maker, he likely wouldn’t be at Abq, or even in the Dodger organization.  No, his overall numbers aren’t impressive.  But sometimes–like now with the misery at 3B–it could be time to roll the dice just because it’d be hard to be worse than Uribe/Kennedy. 

            He could provide pop they don’t and most likely won’t.  If he could be even a small amount of lightning in a bottle, then great.  If not, so what?  Giving him a shot wouldn’t cost the team anything.  Most of us even would have a really quick suggestion for a roster move to offset the callup–if asked ;-])

            There’s a line of thought that says that because someone never has done something or hasn’t in a long time, or the numbers alone say he can’t, then for sure he can’t and shouldn’t have another chance.  That’s not always the case.

            If Fields gave the team proportionally what Herrera has, it’d be worth it.  Unexpected if the key word you used about Herrera.  Sometimes players have grown or things come together, even if only for a short time.  If the Dodgers have players like him on the field at those opportune times, it could be a key ingredient to winning.

            A team’s stars always will get top billing. But winning teams have bit players and role players who contribute beyond any reasonable expectations–like quite a few in the hot Dodger start this year.

  64. Anonymous

    I propose a eight man blockbuster trade between the two “LA” teams — although I understand they sorta hate dealing with each other.  Time to grow up though  ;)

    Yeah, Kendrys Morales, Maicer Izturis, Hisanori Takahashi, and wait for it…..PETER BOURJOS 

    (Izzy then starts at SS enabling  Gordon to shift over to 2B, and five plus years of a  Kemp, Bourjos, and Ethier OF works.  And Takahashi > Elbert.)


    James Loney, Adam Kennedy, Josh Lindblom, and ZACH LEE. 

    (Angels need a better bench, better middle relief, and a starter to replace Haren and/or Santana in 2013.) 

    Besides, a lotta guys NEED a change of scenery.

    • Anonymous

      So we give them a reliever, #76 prospect, and two fillers, and in return the Angels give us good players. I like this idea.

      • Anonymous

        What’s not to like? :)

        • Anonymous

          PETER BOURJOS!  I was thinking the exact same thing.  He isn’t playing everyday.  But I think it would take quite a lot to pry the best defensive CF in the AL from the Angels. 

  65. Anonymous

    Cliff Lee lost again – now 0-5 with a 4.13 ERA – he’s 0-2 with a 7.30 ERA in his last 4 starts.
    Philly now 36-43, 10 games outta 1st, in last place.

    • Anonymous

      Is Chase Utley available to trade for? Or at least have a catch with.

  66. Anonymous

    Point being – no matter how bad you got it – someone else has it worse.
    Disappointed with Billinglsy? – How about Lee?
    Upset with being 43-35, a game outta 1st? – just imagine how toxic the Philly-fan blogs must be right about now.

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