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Farewell, Ernest Borgnine

The real deal …


Dodgers, Giants stagger into All-Star Break


Manny and Ernie


  1. Anonymous

     Farewell, indeed.
    A huge talent.  He will certainly be missed.  All our best to his family.
    PS – Perhaps I’m dating myself on this one… but, before I would later look at his body of work for how great it really was, my first recollection of Mr. Borgnine was on the show, “Airwolf” ….

    • i hadn’t seen him for awhile and then he popped up. I thought he had died. That was Escape of New York. how long has that been 20 years? had a full life.

      • Anonymous

        30 years.  Classic, too, and a nice example of why computer graphic backgrounds will never have half the atmosphere of models.

        EB was a classic late bloomer – didn’t act until his 30s.  Despite their similarities, that’s one thing showbiz has on sports.

  2. Marty was great, but my favorites of his were always “The Wild Bunch” and especially his sadistic soldier in “From Here to Eternity.”

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