• Anonymous

     Farewell, indeed.
    A huge talent.  He will certainly be missed.  All our best to his family.
    PS – Perhaps I’m dating myself on this one… but, before I would later look at his body of work for how great it really was, my first recollection of Mr. Borgnine was on the show, “Airwolf” ….

    • http://veryolddodgerfan.blogspot.com/ veryolddodgerfan

      i hadn’t seen him for awhile and then he popped up. I thought he had died. That was Escape of New York. how long has that been 20 years? had a full life.

      • Anonymous

        30 years.  Classic, too, and a nice example of why computer graphic backgrounds will never have half the atmosphere of models.

        EB was a classic late bloomer – didn’t act until his 30s.  Despite their similarities, that’s one thing showbiz has on sports.

  • http://twitter.com/nrmnbates Eric Enders

    Marty was great, but my favorites of his were always “The Wild Bunch” and especially his sadistic soldier in “From Here to Eternity.”

  • http://www.dodgerthoughts.com/ Jon Weisman