Variety Sports Entertainment Summit on Thursday

I’ll be spending Thursday at the second-annual Variety Sports Entertainment Summit, presented in association with the Sports Video Group at the Loews Hollywood Hotel and offering more than a dozen interesting panels about the intersection of sports and entertainment.

For you big spenders who can’t attend, there’s a live webcast you can sign up for.

Along those lines, here’s a look by Variety’s Dave McNary at a new wave of sports films and profiles on more than 30 people whose work bridges sports and entertainment, along with some additional thoughts on the landscape.

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      Mr. Scully is just what baseball should be about — the joy of the game.  Whether he is calling it or being interviewed, that sentiment comes through.

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    I have no idea why I’m posting this on DT.. but, sometimes you guys talk about tv / movies….

    Although I really dislike reality television as it I see it as a departure from the great writing / casting of years past…..

    I must say…

    I love “Storage Wars” … !!!!

    Yuuuup! – I’d like to get a “Yuuup!” Dave Hester “onesie” for my 2 month old daughter. 
    Barry is just one cool cat….
    And, Brandi is … Hottttttt!

    Now, back to this one.
    Just wanted  to give my personal, in-depth review.  😉 

  • Jon Weisman