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It’s over until it ain’t over — Dodgers rally in 12

Turns out, the season didn’t end today.

Read more at Los Angeles Magazine’s CityThink Blog.


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  1. What a game!

  2. Anonymous

    You captured it, Jon!

  3. KT

    Today I watched the game in “tape delayed” fashion which is how I usually watch games when I’m working
    It was great not having to go through the agony of the top of the ninth and tenth innings…I think my body said thanks for that after the last few games
    Missed the comaraderie of the live chat but felt I needed to shake things up
    We need a good road showing especially @ the phone booth
    Go Blue

    • Anonymous

      The ninth inning was torture. It looked like Charlie Manuel had swallowed up Tony LaRussa and vomited out a five-pitcher inning.  

      Baseball needs to institute a rule limiting the number of pitching changes in a single inning.  This situational reliever stuff turns people off the sport. 

      •  And yet you haven’t left.  :)

        I don’t think anyone decides not to watch baseball does so because of bullpen changes.  You may not like it, but if you make it all the way to the ninth or whatever, you’re not going to give up the ghost then.

        • Anonymous

          You may not turn off that game, but you might not come back the next night knowing that the same could be in store.  That’s the number one complaint I hear from people who don’t like baseball–it’s too slow.

          • Anonymous

            People who think baseball too slow simply don’t understand the game, which is the most intellectually challenging of all sports.

          • Anonymous

            And people keep going to NBA games and watching on TV even though there are sometimes 5-6 timeouts called in the final 2 minutes of a game.

            The NBA can take the most exciting time of the game and stretch … it … out …. forever.

          • Anonymous

            I haven’t watched an NBA game for probably ten years because of the tedium factor.

          •   the most intellectually challenging of all sports.

            not sure i agree with this. not sure i disagree either..what do others think? its a fun topic.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t agree with this at all. A game where matching lefty with lefty counts as strategy really isn’t that intellectually challenging compared to other sports.

            This isn’t to take anything away from baseball, of which I am a huge fan.

          • Anonymous

            I thought NFL was slow

          • That’s the No. 1 complaint of anyone who doesn’t like anything. 

            Again, the bullpen changes are only a small part of the game – I don’t believe it’s going to be enough to be a make-or-break factor for very many people. 

            I really don’t believe anyone who watched today’s game will decide not to watch the next one – except for a Phillies fan who is fed up with the team losing, independent of what happened in the ninth. In other words, no one will skip the next game just because of Charlie Manuel. 

      • Anonymous

        While I share your distaste for LaRussa, I think your solution is worse than the problem.

    • Anonymous

       That’s “The Phone Booth To Be Named Later.”

  4. Anonymous

    Ahh, the strange fortunes of baseball teams. Having seen every little thing go the Dodger’s way most of the first half, I was not surprised to see a horrendous stretch when everything went wrong that could lead to a loss. Today, with extra innings there were many opportunities for fortune to again stymie the D’s, but it was not to be. A Matt Kemp walk-off wins! What does it mean? Are things back to normal? Or are we back in another streak of good fortune? We don’t know and I guess that is the fun.

    • Anonymous

      I quit watching after the Loney-AB or thereabouts–couldn’t believe my eyes when I came back in. I don’t think this means we are going on another tear like in April, but it’s nice to have another win under the belt as the team departs on a tough road trip.

      • peter drysdale

         I turned it off after the 11th. Shoulda waited just a little longer!

  5. Anonymous

    Even in the afterglow of Kemp’s performance, let’s not forget Luis Cruz’s contribution.

  6. Anonymous

    The Bravos lead the Gnats 1-0 as Mike Minor has breezed through four innings.

  7. Anonymous

    RIP, Robert Creamer, author of the definitive biographies of Babe Ruth and Casey Stengel.

  8. New non-Dodgers post up top. 

  9. Anonymous

    Let’s also give thanks that Matt Kemp’s infield single didn’t land him back on the DL.  The hamstring held up. 

    • KT

      Thank heavens for that…He really tested it so that’s a good sign

  10. Anonymous

    What a win.

    Welcome back Matt, and congrats to Kershaw, Cruz and Abreau with the contributions.  Very very pleased.

    Please, keep the rock rolling in this direction.  Gnats are playing too well to continue slipping..

  11. Anonymous

    Would Rick Ankeil be an upgrade over Juan Rivera?

    • Anonymous

      I would say no.  Flashes of brilliance, but not an everyday player.

  12. Anonymous

    Jon Heyman of hears that the Dodgers seem to have “50 or 60”things going on with 12 days to go before the trade deadline. Jimmy Rollins is indeed one of the many established players that Dodgers executives are considering, Heyman writes. 
    Was that so hard to get in print? Makes me feel good anyway…

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