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My thoughts are with the victims in Colorado and their family and friends.


Root beer reviews: Bulldog


This morning


  1. Jibin Park

     Among the victims, a 3-month old baby.  Unbelievably tragic and appalling.

    • That is terrible. But you have to wonder, what was a 3-month old baby doing at a midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises?

  2. Anonymous

    As harsh as this sounds, does “it” have to be everywhere?

  3. Anonymous

    I realized with some horror this morning that while the news was sickening, I am no longer shocked. Massacre has become unexceptionable. 

  4. Anonymous

    Back to positive escapism:

    In terms of both teams on the east coast the pitching matchups are pretty favorable for the D’s.

    We could win two games, they could lose three.

    Nate is really bad on the road, but Timmy is really bad everywhere.

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