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July 22 game chat

Dodgers at Mets, 10:10 a.m.
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Luis Cruz, SS
Juan Uribe, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Nathan Eovaldi, P


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  1. Anonymous

    Thought for sure Uribe would be moved to clean up…  that whole iron hot saying.

    • Anonymous

       Benching would make more sense, DFA more yet.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed – though I would suggest that if the guy picked a time to remember how to hit the little white ball thing, he probably picked the right time.

        • Anonymous

           I expect him to revert to form today.

      • Anonymous

        And have Kennedy play 3B? Sometimes the treatment is worse than the illness.

  2. Anonymous

    Hope the Dodgers packed their brooms.

  3. KT

    Good start Jerry

  4. peter drysdale

    Hope this return of the offense continues today and in the future

  5. Anonymous

    Ellis took a perfectly good strike three.

  6. KT

    Eric Collins flyball call is steinerest…terrible

    • peter drysdale

      On that last fly ball to Hairs ton, Stockton seemed to think it was going out and it didn’t even get to the warning track.

      • KT

        I guess it was the swing of the bat that fooled them

        • Anonymous

           Balls that come off the bat fool Steiner.

    • Anonymous

       On fly balls, nobody is worse than Steiner.

      • Breck Lundin

        nobody is worse than Steiner period.  The guy should be a Giants or Angels announcer.  One moment he is loud then next he is too quiet and for both he is constantly wrong.  Be is made to work for the Giants or Angels not the bums.

  7. KT

    that inning was fast

  8. KT

    Come on DP

  9. Anonymous

    I’m getting tired of Daniel Murphy.

    • Anonymous

      There used to be a Daniel Murphy High School in Los Angeles. The Archdiocese closed it a couple years ago.

      The property was sold.

      It is now Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov-Ohr Eliyahu

      • Anonymous

         To clarify: I’m tired of the Mets’ Daniel Murphy.

  10. KT

    tough catch by Matty…way to get out of it EO

  11. Anonymous

    Classic collapse by Adam Scott in the British Open – Bogeyed the last 4 holes to lose by a stroke to Ernie Els.

  12. Anonymous

    I guess Eovaldi doesn’t have to be traded to the AL now.

    • Anonymous

       Certainly not if he can continue to pitch as he did in the first two innings.

  13. Anonymous

    Eovaldi’s getting more swings and misses than in his earlier efforts.

  14. I hope everyone now can dispense with the notion that EO is a two pitch pitcher and his Ks stats means he’ll never be a valuable starter.

  15. KT

    JUAN Gone!!!

  16. Anonymous

    When did Steve Lyons become a prophet?

  17. foul tip

    Just figured out the game is on TBS, so I can see it.

    Just the second I switched over Rivera smacked the HR.

    I will remember this technique for future use. 

    Wonder if it might work on Uribe and Loney? Probably shouldn’t overexpect.

  18. KT


  19. Anonymous

    Foul-ball double getting cashed in is a burn.

  20. Anonymous

     Failure to concentrate?

  21. KT

    EO @ 81 pitches after 4…looks like we’ll get maybe 1 more inning from him

  22. Anonymous

    I’d like to see less replay, and less Daniel Murphy.

  23. KT

    need to get that run back

  24. Anonymous

    Eovaldi still throwing way too many pitches. 

    • Anonymous

      some credit to Tejada who saw almost 1/5 of the pitches

  25. KT

    Need better communication on that bunt
    Come on DP

  26. Anonymous

    Poorly played bunt by Eovaldi.

    • yup. a 22-year-old kid learning his trade on the job because the dodger pitching is so deep 

      • Anonymous

         He pitched well today, in many aspects, but too many pitches.

        • the best thing about today was his increasing comfort with his other pitches. not great execution but definitely better. including a couple hanging curves lol

  27. foul tip

    Home plate ump with a couple pretty emphatic calls.  Reminds me of Dutch Rennert, who put on a show calling about every pitch.

    Trying to see if I had the name spelled right, looked him up and found this on Wiki:

    “In an April 20, 2012 interview on Comcast TV in Philadelphia former
    National League President Bill White told local TV personality Larry
    Kane that an eye exam revealed that Rennert could not see out of his
    left eye and it couldn’t be adjusted with glasses, and “I retired him
    nicely.” White went on to say that he later saw Rennert in Vero Beach,
    Florida and White said Rennert told him that was the best thing you did
    (sic) for me.”

    Even so, it probably would not go well if a hitter took a pair of glasses with him for the ump next AB after a call he didn’t like.

    Wonder if anyone ever actually did that, maybe in the old days, and what happened?  Or, maybe a better question: if it did, how many games was the player suspended?

  28. KT

    Nice K Scott
    1 more

  29. KT

    SF 2 Philly 2 bottom of 5

  30. KT

    Way to get out of the jam Scott

  31. Anonymous

    Elbert seems to be the go to middle relief guy, yeah?

    • Anonymous

      Situational Lefty – that situation was perfect for Elbert.

  32. Anonymous

    If the Dodgers don’t lose the lead at any point, it will be up to the official scorer to decide who gets the win. It would likely go to Elbert. 

  33. KT

    way to get on mark

  34. Anonymous

    Mark made that run happen!

  35. KT

    Nice hit and Hustle Dre!!

    Great hustle Mark

  36. Anonymous

    Well, that was certainly a disappointing way for Elbert to end his outing.

  37. Anonymous

    Collins was foolish to let Niese hit for himself, and Elbert was terrible to walk him.

  38. I think the San Diego signing of Q is dictated by market condition. don’t think it’s a bad move. the theoretical is less important than having an offensive threat and giving your fan base some belief. not sure about signing Street though. also why trade Headley,  “one of the five best 3b in the majors”. can always trade him next year. at some point you have to start fielding a major league team especially if you’re a new owner. 

  39. Anonymous

    WooHoo!  John Mayberry!  3-2 Phils..

  40. KT

    Another hold…way to go bullpen

  41. Anonymous

    I switched from the Dodgers game to watch Ron Santo’s widow, Vicki, deliver a meaningful and memorable speech for her husband’s Hall of Fame induction.  If you get a chance to watch it on YouTube or elsewhere, I recommend it.

    • Anonymous

      Incredible with centuries of baseball in the books only 12 third-basemen in the HOF.

  42. Anonymous

    Who is in the TBS booth with Dick Stockton?  Is it Ron Darling?

  43. Blown call just cost us a run.

  44. Anonymous

    We need another situational lefty in the bullpen.

    • Anonymous

      Elbert is not a situational lefty, we do need one

  45. Anonymous


  46. KT

    Way to eat up david at the hot corner Mark
    Nice hit Matty

  47. Well, that was an awful result. Ethier and Abreu couldn’t even move guys over. Phoo.

  48. KT

    I missed the bad call by the ump…I hope it doesn’t cost us

  49. peter drysdale

    Good DP to get out of inning

  50. man uribe still can’t hit but his ABs are so much better. not as cartoon like

    • KT

      I agree…not flailing at the ball to much now

    • Anonymous

      It’s all relative. The results are more in like with what we expected.

  51. KT

    Good hit AJ

  52. Anonymous

    morning from me everyone, we have another close lead I see

    • KT

      1 maybe 2 gift runs by the umps…in my opinion

  53. James has made grounding into a double play an artform

  54. Anonymous

    What was the missed call or what were the missed calls by the ump?

    • KT

      questionable fair ball double the 4th where the runner late scored (Very very close to the line)
      Definite missed strike 3 ball caught by AJ in the 7th who later doubles and scores

    • Anonymous

      Foul-ball double ending up producing a run and missed strikeout call by home-plate ump produced a second run for Mets.

  55. KT

    good play Mark stopping that ball

  56. KT

    Come on DP or K

  57. Anonymous

    uh oh

  58. peter drysdale

    Great stop by Ellis

  59. KT

    good block of low pitches by AJ

  60. KT

    not hit hard enough to James

  61. peter drysdale


  62. Anonymous

     Wasted chances today and shaky back of bullpen continues.

    C’mon, Blue!

  63. Anonymous

    Had Loney fielded it cleanly, I think the runner would have been out at the plate.

  64. Anonymous

    Could have been better, could have been worse!

  65. hmmm. may see josh wall yet before his trip back to new mexico.

  66. Anonymous

    At least we are now back to the top of the lineup

  67. Anonymous

    Gwynn has been disappearing.  He hit .229 in June and is now hitting .128 in July.

  68. javy doesn’t have much today. but do you go to Wall? tough one.

    • Anonymous

      Lindblom is also available at the point of the above comment

  69. peter drysdale

    Crap. Don’t blow it guys

  70. Anonymous

    Guerra does not inspire confidence.

  71. KT

    another missed call by an ump

  72. Anonymous

    That’s the 3rd blown call – umps have to have dough on the Mets.

    • Anonymous

      He was out by a full step.  How could DiMuro have blown that?

  73. KT

    At least this one didn’t hurt us

  74. Anonymous

    Reminds me of Harvey Keitel (betting on Dodgers-Mets) in Bad Lieutenant – great movie.

    • Anonymous

      Great reference, but, wow, was that a depressing film.

  75. Anonymous

    Justice prevails.

  76. Any reason why you don’t just keep Jamie Wright in to try and close the 9th inning instead of going to Javy? 

  77. peter drysdale

    That’s two by him. Everyone has a bad day sometimes but that’s annoying. At least we got out of it

  78. KT

    good eye Dre
    Come on Clayton

  79. Anonymous

    BTW, wasn’t there a remake of Bad Lieutenant with Nicholas Cage ? Haven’t seen it, but no way he tops Keitel’s performance in the original.

  80. KT

    Excellent bunt Clayton

  81. T.M. Brown

    Walking Kennedy to get to Ellis. It’s like the Mets exist in a baseball vacuum.

    • or they don’t buy into the hype

    • Anonymous

       I don’t think Kennedy would be considered a dangerous hitter in our slow pitch league.

      • I think Kennedy tears your softball league UP. that has to break a rule or two. but i understand you get leeway.

    • Anonymous

      While months are somewhat arbitrary, AJ hit 222 in June but did OBP 380; in July before his 2 for 5 today he hit 225 but OBP only 273. In June he K’d 23 times in 63 AB, in July, before today 15 in 40.
      Kennedy hit 313 in July before his out misplayed into a double OBP of 351. Perhaps the Mets look at recent stats while in their vacuum

  82. KT

    Let’s go AJ
    Jim Joyce just had a lot to say to AJ

  83. Anonymous

    Pitching as if he were still on the Dodger payroll, Bad Penny gives up the game-winning run to the Phils in the 12th.

  84. Anonymous

    Phillies just beat the Giants, and Brad Penny, in 12 innings, 4-3, on a Jimmy Rollins hit.

  85. Anonymous

    We went over this a few months ago.  Javy is not a closer.

    Just how thick is Donnie?

    • Anonymous

      After using Jansen two tight games in a row, I guess he didn’t want to go back to him for the third straight day.

      • KT

        or use Belli but he might use belli now if the situation comes up again

    • well what do you want. to blame him for pitching javy or blame him for overusing belli and kenley. which?

      • Anonymous

        I’ll take the former.

        Put Wall in, which we did, after straining to perform defensive miracles to make up for Javy.

        The gods definitely looked after us this series, lord knows Donnie didn’t.

      • Anonymous

        stupid comment, Belisario and Jansen were not overused merely they were used in their roles the last 2 days plus earlier in the week. Mattingly could not have predicted how few innings he would get from the starting pitchers esp. during the Sunday game in uncomfortable weather in NY.

    • Anonymous

      With the options available to him, I don’t blame Mattingly in the least for going with Guerra when he did.

  86. KT

    let’s go DP

  87. Anonymous

    Wall’s career ERA in eight seasons in the minors is 5.06.

  88. Anonymous

    Nice major league debut for Wall.  Now, let’s get something so he can get the win.

  89. Anonymous

    Welcome to the show Josh Wall.

  90. KT

    Nice hit James

  91. KT

    Nice bunt and hustle Tony

  92. peter drysdale

    Glad to see a play at first go our way this time

  93. Anonymous

    Had that bunt been successful, the Mets likely would have walked Kemp.

    • Anonymous

       True, but I don’t think the Metros have another lefty to face Ethier.

  94. Anonymous

    The Gnats are considering picking up Rick Ankiel as a strikeout guy off the bench.

  95. peter drysdale

    I could go for a grand slam right now

  96. KT


  97. Anonymous

    I like Bad Penny much better today than I ever did when he was a Dodger.

  98. Anonymous

    Gold medal for Misty May’s hubby!

  99. peter drysdale

    But I’m satisfied with two

  100. KT


  101. Anonymous

    Treanor has been a pretty good backup catcher and bench player, especially given how little we expected of him.

    • Anonymous

      he hit 133 in April, 190 in June, and 214 so far in July but he had a great May. All together he has been doing as well as he did last year or as poorly. If he were a Giant you would be making humorous comments about how bad he is.

  102. KT


    • KT

      more more more…I want more….no need for Belli now

      • Anonymous

        It would be an ideal spot for Coffey, but they stop serving beer in the 7th, so he’s probably back at the hotel in Manhattan by now…

  103. peter drysdale


  104. Anonymous

    Watching how the Mets’ rightfielder just misjudged the hit by Kennedy, I got to thinking, Camptown Ladies Sing This Song…

  105. Anonymous

    And here’s Loney, the man who started it all this inning.

    • Anonymous

       In some ways, he started it all with his GIDP in the ninth, IIRC.

  106. KT

    Good eye AJ
    Come on James do it again

  107. KT

    wow 23 total people LOB in this game by both team

  108. KT

    That’s 1…two more Josh

  109. Anonymous

    Instead of possibly being 3.5 games back, we are now 1.5 games behind.

  110. KT


  111. Anonymous

    Woot! Woot!

    Finally tightened the race with the Giants.

    • Anonymous

       Correction: it’s the “Gnats,” and they are embarking on a streak.

      • Anonymous

        Ha! Sorry. Gnats…

        And you did predict this yesterday, as I was slipping into despair.

  112. KT

    Gained ground finally

  113. KT

    As per Eric Stephens of TBLA:

    Josh Wall is first Dodger to pick up a win in relief in his MLB debut since Tim Belcher on September 6, 1987

    • Anonymous

      Keep Wall, send Guerra down. I will never trust him…

      • Anonymous

        Despite the blown save, he did a good job of minimizing the damage. Though no Kenley, he is a valuable bullpen piece.

  114. KT

    looks like temps in the low 100’s in St. Louis until Thursday when it drops below 100 (99) with chance of thunderstorms…Hope they are wrong

  115. Anonymous

    I am cautiously optimistic that, when the Dodgers board the plane from St. Louis to SF, they will be in first place.

    • KT

      The gnats have SD at home

      • Anonymous

         But the Gnats are more than capable of giving games away to the Madres.

        • Anonymous

          Birdsong and Bum Mon/Tue.  Timmy on Wednesday vs TBA.  They’ll probably win the series.

          • Anonymous

             I remain an optimist. The Gnats are terribly overrated.

  116. Anonymous

    Only a half game back in the WC race, as well. Sure feels better to have Kemp and Ethier back.

  117. Anonymous

    Nice rally brewing in A’s vs Yanks for those with league-wide viewing packages.

    • Anonymous

       Unfortunately, being an Oakland resident, I am blacked out by MLBTV.

      • Anonymous

         I think they might black the a’s out everywhere north of fresno, including fresno.

        • Anonymous

          The A’s don’t even have a regular broadcast channel here – only available on cable, so I never get to see them. It’s absurd.

          • Anonymous

            Well, let’s be honest, Lew is openly contemptuous of both his fans and the game itself.  If totally closing games off to ticket buyers meant a couple million more in al east welfare checks, he’d do it.

          • Anonymous

            Absolutely. He makes McCourt look like the poster boy for enlightened ownership.

  118. Eo confirms cutter:

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez:Nathan Eovaldi said he has added a cutter. Worked on it in his bullpen session, threw it in a game for the first time today.

    His secondary pitches definitely looked better today. His fastball is generally excellent. Problem even then is number of foul balls adding to high pitch count and then he still goes out early, as happened today. But otherwise I thought he looked very good.

    Good job by most of the bullpen to really give them many chances to win. A total of 3 runs by pitching staff in 12 innings is quite good. Thankful the Giants actually lost today and Dodgers managed to finally gain a game. Tough series coming up before Dodgers even hit SF, if they can be within 2 games of Giants by that series I’ll be feeling pretty good.

    • Anonymous

      He had many more swings and misses today. For a guy who’s been pressed into service as a starter, he’s done OK.

    • Anonymous

      I like Eovaldi’s up-side.  he was cool under pressure last year – and has apparently not been rattled by the lack of offensive support, which is a good sign for a young guy.

  119. Anonymous

    Just got to work, great to see both 12 innings games went the right way!

  120. Anonymous

    6 walk offs in 11 home games and a sweep of the yanks.

    3 games went exactly 12 for CA teams today.

    • Anonymous

      The 4th CA team only needed 8.5 to dispatch the Rangers tonight. That Trout guy is sumptin else.

      • Anonymous

         Yes, he’s going to start seeing some Bonds-style IBBs if he stays this hot.

        • Anonymous

          You don’t think there’s something fishy about him ?

          • Anonymous

             Of course, there’s something fishy about B*nds. He’s a convicted felon.

          • Anonymous

            So was Steinbrenner.

            I think 16 was angling for a pun there…

  121. Anonymous

    Josh Hamilton, who lost his lead in RBI in MLB to Miguel Cabrera today but is still tied for the lead in HR, just made the last out in a loss to the Angels. In the top of the 9th he struck out with 2 men on base and two outs. In the game he was 0 for 5 with 3 K’s and 5 LOB in his AB’s. Friday was the first day this year that his season BA fell below 300. 
    His BA since April 19 is 266
    His BA since May 10 is 240
    His BA since May 17 is 215
    His BA in July is 164. 3 Dodgers have lower BA in July: Treanor 111, Uribe 120, and Gwynn 150: 2 Dodgers have a BA higher than twice Hamilton’s Kennedy 333 and Kemp 378
    Baseball is a strange game

  122. Anonymous

    Leaving shortly for HOT St. Louis (104/104/103/101 predicted).  I’ll be in blue, about 10 rows behind home plate for all four games.  Let’s go Dodgers!

    • Anonymous

      Keep cool, nsxtasy.  And try to pick up some tips from the greatest fans in baseball for us.

  123. Anonymous

    Just a lovely weekend.  Three days in Bali with my daughter (and without internet) and the Boys got out the brooms.  Sweet!

  124. Anonymous

    To someone who watched little baseball and didn’t know how good the umpiring usually is, this game   could have looked as if the umps tried to promote a Mets win at several critical moments. I’m certainly not saying this is true, but its a good example of how the breaks can go. I’m sure the 
    Dodgers had many breaks go their way during their amazing first half.

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