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Billingsley returns from disabled list

Dodgers at Cardinals, 5:15 p.m.
Bobby Abreu, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Adam Kennedy, 3B
Luis Cruz, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Chad Billingsley, P

Chad Billingsley isn’t the only righthander of note coming back from the disabled list. Plagued with a calf problem this year, 42-year-old former Dodger reliever Takashi Saito finally made his 2012 debut Saturday, pitching one inning for Arizona and allowing an unearned run.


The wallet blues


July 24 game chat


  1. KT

    looks like a good lineup to me

  2. Anonymous

    Sally Ride has died.  RIP.  I remember watching her go up to space in 1983.

  3. overkill94

    Sitting Loney against a righty?  Really?  I realize both he and Rivera are crap on offense, but at least Loney gives you much better defense.

  4. Wow – reports saying that Ichiro is headed to Yankees, for a pair of “non-prospects.”

    • Anonymous

      I knew that late last week he said he wanted out if he wasn’t in Seattle’s long term plans, but I really didn’t think they would move him.  At least not this cheaply.

    • Anonymous

      Yanks got money as well but (from Jon’s link) 
      Dating back to the beginning of last season he’s hit just .268 with a .302 on-base percentage and .342 slugging percentage in 1,144 plate appearances spread over 256 games.

    • I have to say even with his production going down in recent years I wouldn’t have minded seeing him in left at Dodger Stadium and leading off, especially at that price. Just shows there are deals to be made out there.

      • Anonymous

        Would have depended on the price, but sounded good to me too.

        • Yeah I just read Yankees will pay just $2.25 million of his salary this season. That paired with the level of prospects they gave up seem like a pretty sweet deal.

    • Anonymous

       This is just wrong, on every level.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

       A perfect way to commemorate Santo.

    • Just seems wrong to me, too.  But hey, so does his .288 OBP this year (yikes). I imagine he’s easily worth that kind of flyer for the Yankees though.

      • Anonymous

         That’s sadly awful for a player of Ichiro’s credentials.

        • Anonymous

          James Loney has a higher OBP than Ichiro in 2012.  Both should be considered nothing more than defensive replacements. 

  5. Anonymous

    Yankees Acquire Ichiro Suzuki

  6. Given the temperature in St Louis today, I assume people will be more forgiving than usual if Billingsley sweats a lot, right? ;)

  7. Anonymous

    Re: tonight’s line-up 
    On the season the weakest offensive player on the roster against RHP is, at 38 OPS points below Rivera who is second worst, Mark Ellis at 209/326/236. Of course, that OBP is better than 5 players plus Treanor at 7th among current non-pitchers. It is worse than Kennedy’s. He is 9th, 6th , and 6th 
    at 243,341,351. Loney beats Rivera in OBP by 45 points. Loney is 8th, Rivera 12th. 
    In the last 30 days against all pitching (I don’t know how to get splits) things do change but not for Kennedy. He is 3rd in OPS at 792. Loney is 9th and Rivera is 6th 173 points higher (OPS). Abreu is, by far the worst except for Treanor and Uribe, as dale noted, at 426. 
    Rivera leads the team for the last 7 days at 1050, Kennedy is 3rd 1 ahead of Ethier. Abreu is horribly last at 368 132 OPS points below Treanor who is just below Loney. Again against all pitching.

  8. Anonymous

    I’d rather have Hairston in LF

  9. Anonymous

    I’d give Gwynn the leadoff spot and left field.  Loney at 1st.  Hairston would be fine, but I like Gwynn versus the right hander and with his defense.

    • Anonymous

      With legit power at the corners I would be fine with Gwynn in LF until Puig got here. He is not a leadoff answer and with Punch at 3B and Judy at 1B, we can’t give away the out.

  10. Anonymous

    I miss watching those summer games on artificial turf. Vinny would talk about the weight players lose. Hard to believe that wouldn’t help Uribe.

    • Anonymous

       There is still too much artificial turf in baseball.

  11. KT

    Good eye Bobby

  12. Anonymous

    Just playing with stats and was kind of amazed that the Dodgers’ leaders this season in games played are Gwynn (92) and Loney (88).

    • Anonymous

      Gwynn has only 7 games without a PA; I found your stat on Gwynn very surprising, dale

  13. KT

    kelly slowed that ball enough for the DP

  14. Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the hit-and-run? I’m tired of DPs in this situation.

    • Anonymous

      Have the Dodgers ever used the hit-and-run less under any other manager?  Same with the squeeze bunt.

      • Anonymous

        I’m ambivalent about the squeeze, but Mattingly seems to wait around for the DP.

        • Anonymous

          Donnie B spent his whole life in the AL. He’s Earl Weaver waiting for the 3 run pop on a team of Mendozas

  15. Anonymous

    From last post, I can and do misplace most anything.  The other day I couldn’t find a check that I needed to deposit.  I started to get aggravated.  Not uncommon in such instances.  I looked high and low.  Finally, I found it in the box in the tiny area under the staircase where I keep checks.  I had been in there earlier in the day to pick up a book of checks for my wife, and then went back to get a book for me.  Otherwise, I never would have found it.  My wife says women have the “find” gene.  She can find almost anything.

  16. KT

    Come on DP

  17. Anonymous

    Loney definitely would have made that play on Jay’s ball.

  18. Anonymous

    Yeah, if Loney was in Bills would not be in trouble now. But Bills has such good stuff and yet can’t seem to save himself. Is it possible he may need a change in scenery?

  19. Anonymous

    Why wasn’t that a balk. ((that is before the hit.)

  20. Anonymous

    Its true that Furcal was a nice player for us, but also that he never stayed healthy.

  21. KT

    Come on Adam bring him in

  22. Anonymous

    One of the greatest wild pitches I’ve ever seen.

    Terrible baserunning by Ethier.

  23. KT

    that was ball 3 luis

  24. KT


  25. Anonymous

    Yeah, baby!

  26. KT

    Insult to injury…Hr ball hits Holliday in the head after bouncing over wall

  27. T.M. Brown

    3R HRs are much too rare for the Dodgers, good for the youngin’ + injury meet insult in the form of Matt Holliday. 

    Also, didn’t watch the first inning but I’d say I’d trade Chad for, say, Aramis straight up and I really didn’t like Ramirez when he was on the Cubs. Good defensive peripherals, marginally above average offensive stats at 3B/average ones at 1B. Chad at this point is a good pitcher on an average team but an average pitcher on a good team. 

    • Anonymous

      Too much truth here!! 3-run homer may upset this Bizzaro universe. Chad what who knows phantom zone.

    • Trade Kenley for Kendrys and move Bills to the bully… assuming we get an SP elsewhere.

  28. KT

    way to get that run back guys

  29. KT

    ellis made that play interesting

  30. KT

    good throw AJ

  31. Anonymous

    Nice catch Cruz!! Although you have provided the dodgers only offense. I Guess it would be unfair to get down on you very much

  32. KT

    Billz shirt is completely soaked now…better get a change during innings

  33. Anonymous

    Dee who?

  34. KT

    that strike 3 was low and inside…I would complain if I was raffy also

  35. ok so i’m listening to lyons tonight. i listen to all the broadcast teams for whatever reason. but i can’t help noticing the HATE for Steve L. I know he’s not Vin. I know he’s not great. but in the world of baseball guys around the league he is far from horrible and people like Mark Grace make him look like a hall of famer. so what is the basis for all the hate for Stevo? Just curious. 

    • Anonymous

      I don’t mind Lyons – I also see no reason to hate him.

    • KT

      you got me

      • Anonymous

        Dissing the fans during the strike has me hating forever. Some things I do not forgive, ala Vito Corleone!

    • Anonymous

       He never says anything that isn’t obvious, in an annoying manner. It’s true that there are much worse homers, but the standard for Dodger broadcasters should be higher than that.

      • Anonymous

        When he said during the strike it didn’t matter if fans came back because most baseball revenue came from TV he lost me forever.

  36. KT

    that ball didn’t look like it was hit that hard

  37. foul tip

    “Plagued with a calf problem this year, 42-year-old former Dodger
    reliever Takashi Saito finally made his 2012 debut Saturday….”

    When did Saito go into the cattle ranching business with Carlos Lee?

  38. Anonymous

    This is difficult. I have been assuming Billz doesn’t have the pluck to throw a strike that will challenge the hitters and  get him the outs. It is possible that when he issues this kind of challenge, he is getting creamed by the hitters. In this case, he has no choice but to nibble and cringe! I still think he can get help because HE HAS THE STUFF!!!.

  39. KT

    Good play by Juan and Luis..bad play by Chad

  40. Anonymous

    Wow – what will all the Billingsley detractors do with themselves if he keeps this up tonight?

  41. foul tip

    Anyone know what the temp was on the field at the start?

    • KT

      they were saying 101 but I don’t think that was the field temp

  42. Trade him or move him to the bullpen.  Not consistent enough to be a 2… no matter what he does tonight.

  43. KT

    Come on DP…tough to dp Raffy

  44. Anonymous

    I appreciate that Bills threw a strike to Holliday, and let him hit a catchable ball.

  45. Anonymous

    Cards 1 for 7 with RISP so far tonight.

  46. KT

    Good hits Matty and Dre

  47. Anonymous

    Bad hitting by Rivera.

  48. KT

    Good hit AJ

  49. Anonymous

    Billz could have gone another inning easy – now all the Billingsley bashers have to go to bed disappointed tonight.

  50. Anonymous

    So the Madres sign Carlos Quentin to a big extension, and he’s not even in the lineup v. the Gnats tonight. Has he injured himself already?

  51. KT

    Nice hit Tony

  52. KT

    SF 1-0 over the Madres

    • Anonymous

      Clayton Richard off to a terrible start in the first, but the Gnats will give it back.

  53. KT


    Insurance runs baby

  54. Great time for your first hit of the night Mark!

  55. KT

    Excellent inning Jamie

  56. Anonymous

    5-1 feels much more comfortable than 3-1.

  57. Anonymous

    Might as well let Wright pitch the 8th with that job in the 7th.

  58. Anonymous

    With the way Bellisario has been pitching lately, and a 2-0 count on Beltran, I hate to say but I saw that coming.  Let’s hope it’s a rally killer.

    • Anonymous

       Belisario will be OK.

      • Anonymous

        I think so, too.  I think it’s a bit of a mini-slump.

  59. Anonymous

    Let’s go Kenley, clap, clap, clap clap clap.

  60. KT

    1 down 2 to go Kenley

  61. Anonymous

    Get the K, K!

  62. KT

    Good play James

  63. KT

    1 more Kenley

  64. Anonymous

    “The Cubs and Dodgers are discussing a trade that would send right-hander Matt Garza to Los Angeles for a package of players including highly-regarded pitching prospect Zach Lee, Jim Bowden of and MLB Network reports”  Suppose this is true, does Dodger management really believe that this roster is anywhere near WS quality?

    • KT

      hope it doesn’t happen

    • Anonymous

       Certainly good enough to win the division, and possibly to advance in the playoffs.

    • SteelMohawk

      For Dempster, I wouldn’t be too pissed to give up one of our top arms, but for Garza, I think it is too much to give up Zach Lee.  Hanley Ramierez could be a better option.  The team needs offense, I know Hanley isn’t an all star these days, but  I would much rather take a flyer on him than on Garza being our saving grace.

      • Anonymous

        I’d much rather have Hanley than either Cubs pitcher. 

      • foul tip

         Hanley seems to have maturity issues, doesn’t he?  Also not performing up to par now, right?

        • SteelMohawk

          He seems to be all that, his HRs are up right now.  The advantage of him, is that he should be cheap.  THe Dodger would be hoping for his return to an all star level player (even now he is better offensively than Uribe), and the the Marlins (Miami) would be getting rid of his contract, and something in return.  Don’t really know what they would ask for Hanley, though.

  65. Anonymous

    Love to watch Loney’s D.

  66. KT

    Beautiful Pitch Kenley
    4-0 for the road…would love to see a 11 game win streak

  67. Anonymous

    Five in a row!

  68. Anonymous

    Bills and Co. all doing a great job.

  69. Anonymous

    Nice effort by Kenley.

  70. Anonymous

    5 straight – and 8 straight against those Redbirds.

    • Anonymous

      Eight straight against St. Louis?  Hadn’t realized that.

  71. Anonymous

    After losing at home to the Dodgers yesterday on a five-run 12th inning, the Mets lost at home tonight to the Nationals on a six-run 10th inning.

  72. Anonymous

    7-1 Gnats. WBBsAs need your help here.

    • Anonymous

       The Gnats themselves will help out soon enough.

  73. Anonymous

    I still want to see Chad have a game in which he retires 13 or 15 in a row.

    • Anonymous

       Me, too — but I would definitely settle for these results!

  74. Anonymous

    Great game by Billz.  If Luis keeps this up, the return of Dee to SS is not a given . . . what a nice “problem” to have!

    The added Wild Card spot means that if you win, there’s a good chance you’re going to gain on SOMEone.  Right now the Blue have one of those spots.  So the prescription is obvious . . . just keep winning! 

    • Anonymous

       Dee will be back, but if Luis can play 3B, we may have this year’s answer.

      • Anonymous

         I like Fields and Cruz on the left, but we’re running out of time if we really hope for Fields to adjust, fit in and get comfy before September.

    • SteelMohawk

      I would rather have Cruz and Dee on the left infield, than either of those and Uribe

  75. Anonymous

    After all Sunday baseball was over when Josh Hamilton struck out in the top of the 9th to end an Angels-Rangers game I noticed how low his BA was which led me to notice he has been in a horrid slump for 3 months; yes, since the middle of April. On Sunday he lost his ML lead in RBI and today he lost his tie for the ML lead in HR when Adam Dunn hit his 29th. Hamilton has hit in 5 of his last 6 games since he got a hit tonight but only 1 hit in each of those 5 games. But, tonight he went 1 for 3 to raise his BA after a game for the first time since July 4. 

  76. Anonymous

    Had to go out tonight; just going over the game:
    Were there any witty remarks about the Cardinal pitcher Barret Browning?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think so but my Browning Invector 12-gauge shotgun is a champ when I take it quail, chuckar, and pheasant hunting.

    • Anonymous

      None that I heard, but Gwynn’s single was pure poetry. 

      Too bad he didn’t get to throw an entire stanza?

      His one-out one-hit performance was an ode to mediocrity?

      How Do I Love Thee when Thou throwest a middle-middle fastball?

      They’ll need an iambic pentameter to measure how far that one went?

      Please tip your servers.

  77. Anonymous

    Also – old Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett was the inspiration for the song and album “Wish You Were Here” after he lost his mind and left the band.

  78. Anonymous

    Why isn’t anyone concerned about Kenley J’s dip in velocity? Looks like he is clocking 90-91 rather than the 96-97 from last year. What else could it be but something physical?

    • Anonymous

      Some of it could be deliberate to gain more control.  He is down almost 1 BB/9 from last year.

    • Anonymous

      Could be to increase movement on the ball.

    • foul tip

       Believe I’ve heard mechanics are part of it.

  79. Anonymous

    Eight in a row!  I remember in the not too distant past when we dreaded series with the Cards.  It seemed like they had our number and my ears would bleed having to hear about the greatest fans in baseball and the genius of Larussa.

    • Anonymous

      There are still three more games left in this House of Horrors.

  80. Adam Luther

    Ichiro.  I guess he didn’t want to tour the National League ballparks.  Were the Dodgers even interested??

    • Anonymous

      I sincerely hope the Dodgers weren’t interested. Although Ichiro asked for a trade, that almost assuredly meant “trade me to the Yankees.”

      Could you picture Ichiro roaming RF at PNC Park? Or Camden Yards? Or Chase Field?
      He could have played for the Giants. We know he can hit home runs there.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not like he went to the Yankees for his offense.  

        I for one am glad the Dodgers didn’t pick him up.  If they’re looking for lightning in a bottle, they’re more likely to find it with Hanley or Aramis (which, ironically comes in a bottle)

      • Anonymous

        “The Yankees asked Ichiro to change outfield positions, hit toward the bottom of New York’s lineup and possibly sit out against left-handed pitching.”I don’t think Ichiro is long for RF and I would have been for the Dodgers topping the NYY offer if possible to see him in LF the position I think he will play for NYY

  81. Anonymous

    I’ll put part of our success on our SS. I offer no proof. We just look like a more fundamentally sound team. If Cruz keeps playing like this I hope he doesn’t get sent down.

    • Anonymous

      Cruz’s sample size is still too small, but he’s already got 6 doubles in 16 games, compared to just 9 for the guy who’s supposed to take over the game with his speed.  

    • Anonymous

      There’s a reason he’s bounced around the minors for so long, but we should enjoy it while we can.

      • Yes. What Dale said. I am enjoying it, just like I enjoyed Elian Herrera’s brief reign. :)   That said, he is also solid defensively and since Dee was still very erratic there it’s nice to have a little stability up the middle (especially coupled with Ellis’ return.) 

        • Anonymous

          Herrera would still be here if he could play ml ss; but he is being used at ss some now at AAA

  82. This is getting interesting again. Dodgers back in mix?

    Dempster *really* wants to come to LA. How can Dodgers hold their ground while still giving Cubs enough to save face? I’d like Dempster but as a rental Dodgers need to not be giving up their very top prospects for him. If it doesn’t work, as my dad would say, “tough noogies” for the Cubs.

    Do Dodgers hold more leverage here? “You can’t trade him anywhere else but us, so, here’s the deal. Take it or leave it.”

    • Anonymous

      It certainly should give the Dodgers some leverage on the quality of player they are willing to give up.  I still believe the Braves will be able to consumate their deal though.
      My contention with Dempster is that he is either a rental, which means less value going to Chicago or he signs an extension which doesn’t really fit the Dodgers needs.  Same can be said of Garza.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed that the Dodgers just got all the leverage in the world if this is true.  If they wanted Dempster, now would be the time.

        I’m still not sure that the Braves don’t pull it off though.  Clearly they’ve offered a more attractive prospect, but the entire thing rests on Dempster’s say so.  If he’s got family on the West Coast of Canada, maybe he doesn’t like the idea of playing in Atlanta…

        That being said, of the two, I’m more attracted to Garza.

        Tried to root on the Padres at AT&T last night.  There was next to nothing to root for.

        • Anonymous

           With Vólquez on the mound, advantage Madres.

      • Anonymous

        Garza is under team control 1 more year

        • Anonymous

          I know, but if you count Eovaldi (and we should), that gives 7 starting pitchers under contract.  To me this is not the current Dodger need.
          Granted, Billz could be moved and Lilly could moved to the pen for a second lefty and long reliever.

          • Anonymous

            De La Rosa will be in the mix sometime as well. Speaking of which, any news on him Jon? Anybody?

          • Anonymous

            Can’t believe I forgot him.  Rubby would make 8.  Does that qualify for free egg rolls?

          • Kershaw, Bills, Capuano, Harang, Lilly, Eovaldi, and Ruby… I count 7 there unless you are including Garza or Dempster in your count. Just wondering if I’m missing somebody.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I was counting one of them.  That is why I said Garza didn’t seem to fit a Dodger need.

    • Anonymous

      How about “We’ll take Dempster off your hands for a blockbuster package of Uribe, Loney, and Gordon.”

      The same rumor mill has the Angels interested in Josh Johnson for Peter Bourjos!  If Josh Johnson is available, the Dodgers have to have something better than Peter Bourjos to offer.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, though I would be open to Bourjos coming to the Dodgers.

        • Anonymous

          Me too. We would be set in CF very nicely! But probable?

      • Anonymous

        Too much. Loney or Uribe and a prospect. I’d like to send both pf them but Chicago ain’t that dumb,,,

      • Peter Bourjos would be starting and playing every day for the Dodgers…so, no, they don’t have something better to give.

        • Anonymous

          Guerra for Bourjos?

        • Anonymous

          With his Tony-Gwynn-like OBP?  Don’t think so.  Great glove, but not much stick.   

      • Anonymous

        How about Mattingly stop entertaining himself with his lineups?

        • Anonymous

          I think Mattingly is doing a great job including his line-ups. Dodgers are 98-72 since last year July 6 that’s 570 ball impossible to comprehend when you look at the roster

          • Anonymous

            Just think how good the Dodgers could be with a more mature Manager.

    • foul tip

      Yup, advantage Dodgers if he’s that strong on it.

      Dempster is the one with the most leverage as a 10 & 5 guy.  He can just finish the year for the Cubs and deal with FA, which isn’t what the Cubs want.

      He and Lilly are reportedly very good friends.  He may see himself signing with the Dodgers out of FA after finishing the year in LA..

      If he were the equivalent player at 1B or 3B, he’d probably already be with the club.  The Dodgers could use him but don’t have to deal from a position of great pitching need.

      And with limited trade currency, whoever they gave up would be someone they couldn’t use for better options at the IF corners.

      • Anonymous

        The Dodgers have prospects are more likely to get better than worse this year.  Give up a few here and a few there and you get a rental here and a rental there.  Save them for a long-term impact player when that player is available plus, patience would be nice until the free agency period has reached the midpoint. 

  83. Anonymous

    Hey all you Trekkies:  Don’t let the Star Wars geeks have all the no women.  Show off your Vulcan mind melds on Aug. 3 for the first ever Star Trek night at Dodger Stadium. 

    “Fans can purchase tickets to Star Trek Night on August 3 by or by calling 866-DODGERS.”

    • Anonymous

       I’ve heard of them both, vaguely…

  84. foul tip

    Apparently Nolan Ryan doesn’t belong to the school that says you don’t criticize your players except behind closed doors.

    • Anonymous

      Gosh, I wonder what he’d say about Uribe.

      • foul tip

         Has anybody asked Tommy his opinion of Uribe’s performance?  The crowd to hear that answer would be SRO.

      • Anonymous

        Uribe gives away at-bats. . . and fails to get receipts so he can at least deduct them.

  85. I have to say the rumors about Hanley have sure grabbed my interest. He’s been on my fantasy team the last two years so I know exactly how well (or bad) he has hit in recent seasons, but he is still a very intriguing acquisition. Despite hitting just .246 this year he does have 14 home runs and 14 stolen bases along with a .322 OBP. Those numbers are miles above our 3rd base options (SS options as well) and at only 28 years old if he gets back to his old hitting ways he would be a steal right now. Rumor is the Marlins aren’t seeking a whole lot in return and the Dodgers could surely handle his contract now.

    • Anonymous

      Would they take Gordon for him when he comes off the DL?

      • I understand Dee has underperformed this year and some of you don’t think he can do any better, but I’m not of that mindset. I don’t think the Dodgers plan on trading him and I hope that I am right.

        • Anonymous

          If the Dodgers were to get Ramirez, they’d have no need for Gordon.  Trading him would be a blessing to his career, assuming he still has one with some other team.  

          • And then we continue with our high level of competition going on at third? If Hanley isn’t much of a defender at either position, might as well stick him at third.

          • Anonymous

            Ramirez could play third and Gordon short.  

            Maybe Cruz and Uribe would have the personalities that would create the team chemistry the Marlins are seeking.  They smile a lot and seem to have fun while Ramirez punches electric fans and then gets infections because he doesn’t take his medicine.  The Marlins understand smiles and fun players don’t necessarily lead to hits so maybe the Dodgers will have to add another player.

            Injury prone Johnson is also available.  Harrang would less risk for the marlins and the Dodgers would get an ace if and when healthy–currently has a blister.  Maybe Guera and Harrang could get Johnson.

      • Anonymous

        players on the DL can be traded

  86. Anonymous

    Lots of one zeros:

    105 – the previous all-time temperature high in St Louis
    106 – the official temperature in St Louis yesterday at 5 and 6 pm
    102 – the temperature at Busch Stadium at game time
    108 – the predicted high temperature in St Louis today
    106 – the predicted high temperature in St Louis tomorrow
    1-0 – the Dodgers record so far at Busch this year
    10 – the number of Dodger players who signed my baseball yesterday


    • Anonymous

       I hope you have your own personal a/c unit.

      • Anonymous

        The heat is brutal, but watching the Boys in Blue win is priceless.

        A 20-oz soft drink in a plastic bottle is $5.25 at Busch Stadium.  I think beers are eight something.  That’s higher than other ballparks I’ve been to lately.  You would think the team is owned by a brewery or something.

        • Anonymous

           Not only that, but one that produces bad beer.

        • Anonymous

          Not higher than Dodger Stadium.

    • Anonymous


  87. Anonymous

    Some new plans in Albuquerque????
    What was also notable about this game was the defensive positioning of the team as Alex Castellanos played 3rd base, Josh Fields played 1st and 2nd, and Ivan De Jesus played 2nd and left field. 

  88. Anonymous

    OK, this is fair:  Uribe and Zack Lee for Dumpster and Blake deWitt…

  89. Very very interesting times…

    I like a Billz/Uribe for Johnson/Ramieriz trade.

    • Man, that would be a steal.

      • Anonymous

        The Marlins might do that, but only if the Dodgers kept Uribe out of it. 

    • Anonymous

      Is that how you spell it “Ramieriz”?
      Inside joke related to my drivers license :)

      • An inside joke to yourself? Dang, that is the ultimate definition of an inside joke!

        No, apologies for the dis-spelling. I was typing between work calls and didn’t take the time to check my spelling.

  90. Anonymous

    A bunch of Dodger fans gathered outside the stadium after the game in the heat to seek autographs.  Some players gave them freely, and kudos to them.  The player who stopped to sign for everyone and didn’t walk away until everyone who wanted, had, and deserves special kudos: Jamey Wright.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll bet there were tens of people who wanted Jamey Wright’s autograph. 

      • Anonymous

        When I was a kid I didn’t care whose autograph it was. I think I had the largest collection of Danny Ozark autographs!

  91. Anonymous

    Jedd Gyorko

    3B – Padres AAA -Tuscon.

    Forget paying the high price for Headly…
    Buy Low….

  92. Could you folks help me here… If Dempster is going to block a trade to anyone but the Dodgers, can Ned essentially foist Uribe on them in a trade? Does that work in the MLB?

    • Anonymous

       It’s a nice thought, but I doubt it. The Cubs want to rebuild and, while Uribe may have the bulk of a cornerstone, he has the hitting skills of a soccer player.

  93. Interesting to me to now hear the Dodgers are prime trade partners for all sorts of teams:

    “The #Marlins keep waiting for #Dodgers to show interest in Hanley Ramirez, but no substantial talks yet.” bob nightingale twitter feed

  94. Anonymous

    lineup for tonight?

    • Anonymous

      Hairston 3B
      Ellis 2B
      Kemp CF
      Ethier RF
      Loney 1BRivera LF
      Cruz SS
      Treanor C
      Kershaw P

  95. Anonymous

    Dodgers announce Arthur Ashe bobblehead night. 

    • Anonymous

      Here’s his 1990 baseball card.  Dodgers get kudos for cinema verité in keeping the specs, but epic fail for the overall likeness.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah…Davey Lopes ended up looking like a mixture of Reggie Smith and Tony Armas.

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