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Helping Hanley

Ken Gurnick reacts to Hanley Ramirez joining the Dodgers. (Jon SooHoo/Dodgers)

Dodgers at Cardinals, 5:15 p.m.
Bobby Abreu, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Hanley Ramirez, 3B
James Loney, 1B
Luis Cruz, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Aaron Harang, P


Hanley Ramirez trade shakes baseball world


Hanley inspires, Dodgers expire


  1. Anonymous

    Lol how much better does that lineup look already?

  2. Anonymous

    YEA, BABY!!

  3. Anonymous

    Ah ha! Like that he’s at 3rd so Cruz gets in at Short.
    Also like that, after 2 good starts from Lincecum, I can now go back to looking forward to his starts again.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to see Lincecum lose 20, but he’ll have to pick up the pace but somehow manage to remain in the rotation.

      • Anonymous

        If they don’t yank him from the rotation sooner, do you think Bochy would even allow the opportunity to happen?

        • Anonymous

           Why not? They’ve got to try to get the most they can out of him, and they don’t have anybody better to call up. A team that’s stuck so long with Zito is not going to dump Lincecum.

  4. Anonymous

    This dramatically reduces the likelihood of seeing Uribe in the lineup at any time.

    • Anonymous

      DRAMATICALLY.  Still, not too bad to have as a defensive sub once Hanley smacks a few around..

    • Sadly, I would rather have Uribe in the lineup over Loney right now. But its truly sad if we are stuck with either for much longer.

  5. Anonymous

    great photo!

    • Anonymous

       And his salary improves the state’s tax base.

  6. Anonymous

    Yup. Love this lineup.

  7. Anonymous

    Go rock it guys

  8. Anonymous

    Awsome Bobby.

  9. T.M. Brown

    Hahaha, wah wah wahhhhhh. 

  10. KT

    Ellis robbed…nice play Freese

  11. Anonymous

    Hanley looks good in blue.  And they said 3rd base was his choice tonight..

    • Anonymous

      from Don Mattingly said the best answer he got from Ramirez in their short meeting came after Ramirez was asked if he preferred to play third or shortstop.
      “He said, ‘It doesn’t matter, I just want to win.’ He’s up for anything we want him to do,” Mattingly said.
      Mattingly then put Ramirez into the lineup, batting fifth and starting at third base. That’s the only position Ramirez played this year for the Marlins, but Mattingly will move Ramirez to his original spot at shortstop as soon as Ramirez takes enough grounders to say he’s comfortable there again.
      “He said he hadn’t played short in a year, so we’ll give him a few days to get comfortable,” Mattingly said. “The last thing I want to do is bring him in, he flies in, changes teams and plays a position he hasn’t played in a year.”

  12. KT

    Defense situated well against Matty

  13. Dodgers lost 2-1 in Manny Ramirez’s debut on 8/1/08. Ramirez went 2 for 4. Kemp batted leadoff. Randy Johnson won.

  14. Anonymous

    Maybe there’s a reason no one expects a bunt single attempt from a guy over 210 born in the Nixon years.

  15. Anonymous

    Ken Gurnick’s reaction is priceless…haha.

  16. If this game is on ESPN as my TV schedule says, why am I not seeing it?

    • KT

      I’m watching ESPN but it’s also on Directv 671 FSMWHD (a cardinal feed)

  17. KT

    Good inning Aaron

  18. Anonymous


  19. KT

    Nice start Han-man!!!

  20. Anonymous

    Welcome to the Dodgers

  21. Anonymous

    Wow—Hanley could be a problematical player. To the positive, he just got a stand up triple. However, if he had run flat out all the way, it could well have been an in the parker!!!

  22. Anonymous

    THAT, is a really good sight.

  23. KT

    Nice job BGJ!!

  24. KT

    I want a K then a DP

  25. Anonymous


  26. This is a first. Oceanic Time Warner tells me that because the ESPN game is a Dodgers game it’s blacked out to Hawai’i. I’ve never seen this happen in 25 years of ESPN broadcasting MLB games. MLB.TV has done it, but never ESPN.

    I’m not a very happy camper right now, I’ll tell you that.

    • KT

      They are wrong…but you can never change their minds

      • Actually I think (or maybe just hope) this was a “we don’t know why so tell him it’s a blackout” answer while they try to figure it out.

  27. KT

    good innig Aaron

  28. KT

    Great Hustle Dre

  29. Anonymous

    Solid hustle.

  30. KT

    Come on James do it again

  31. Anonymous

    Rare error by Loney.

    • Anonymous

      The only 1B in baseball with more than twice as many Es as HRs.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Loney is now tied for 5th with 5 others in errors

  32. KT

    Error by James only cost us extra pitches

  33. KT

    Come on Luis…start it off

  34. KT

    Nice hit AJ

    Come on Bobby

  35. KT

    Come on Mark…start it off

  36. Anonymous

    heart of the lineup now, lets get it back

  37. KT

    Come on Matty

  38. KT


  39. Anonymous

    You mean Uribe couldn’t have done that?

  40. Anonymous

    impressive start

  41. Anonymous

    Kemp has to stop swinging at that slider out of the zone.
    Instant gratification on the Hanley trade is nice.

  42. KT

    Nice play Dre!

  43. KT

    Good inning Aaron

    • Anonymous

      Yes, in all the Ramirez hype, we shouldn’t overlook Harang’s efforts in the heat today

  44. KT

    Good hit Luis
    Come on AJ

  45. Anonymous

    Once again, Mattingly waits around for the DP. Has he even heard of the hit-and-run?

    • Anonymous

      Cruz was on base. In his minor league career he has 34 SB and 37 CS. This, I admit, does not prove your criticism unjustified in this case but it does point somewhat in that direction.

      • Anonymous

         The idea was not to steal, but to open up room for Ellis.

        • Anonymous

          I phrased my comment so as not to get such an answer. I understand your point that’s why I said ”
           it does point somewhat in that direction”. Your reply implies I don’t know what hit and run means. 
          my reply implies that perhaps Cruz is too slow or has trouble getting a lead to be a candidate to run esp with a batter who strikes out so much the last 2 months.

  46. KT

    Good at bat by Aaron so far

  47. KT

    Aaron is cruising
    Start it off Tony

  48. Just checking in…  “Helping Hanley” indeed. Man, he’s already been better than Uribe in one game. ;)  Like a one man show tonight. 

    Also hats off to Harang, who I was worried about tonight vs the Cards but he was terrific.  Let’s get him the W, boys!

  49. Anonymous

    At the start of tonight’s game, the Dodgers led the National League in grounding into double plays with 91.  The next highest total was 78.

    • Anonymous

       Mattingly needs a remedial course in hit-and-run.

  50. Anonymous

    I hate leadoff walks.

  51. Anonymous

    That was terrible – just terrible calling that strike three a ball.

  52. Wow, that was strike 3 down the middle. This ump’s been all over the place. Really frustrating. Don’t blame Harang for being ticked off. 

    • After all those border line strikes he called for Lohse outside to righties, it’s just down right criminal.

    • Anonymous

       Not down the middle, but it sure looked like a strike to me.

      • Anonymous

        No question it was inside the zone – towards the inner edge but unquestionably should have been called a strike.
        Thank the baseball Gods for the DP!

  53. KT


  54. I’m not a lip reader but I think Aaron said something about fertilizer right then.

  55. Anonymous

    Good mop up job Beli

  56. KT

    Come on Free baseball

  57. KT

    What a play by Cruz!!!!!

  58. Anonymous

    That was awesome.

  59. Assist, Hanley. 

  60. KT

    way to keep the inning alive Juan

  61. Anonymous

    It looks like Uribe does not want to be upstaged!

  62. KT


  63. Anonymous

    I have gotten tired of watching Gwynn consistently fail at the plate.  He’s hitting .205 and slugging .268 in June and July.  I am delighted that the club made the move to acquire Ramirez.  Now, let’s move ahead and look for replacements for Uribe, Gwynn and Loney, although I am not sure there is that much out there.

    • Anonymous

       Uribe is the No. 1 DFA priority.

    •  I am more tired of Loney and Uribe. Gwynn is a back up. He plays like one. So do they but are paid to start.

  64. KT

    good catch…strike 3…hit some pine

  65. Anonymous

    Good start from the 2nd Dodger rookie on show today

  66. Anonymous

    Choate looked pretty good there.

    • KT

      I don’t know if  you can call a 36 yr old a rookie especially since he’s played 11 years
      Now I’d call him a newbie

      • Anonymous

        I’m happy with newbie  ;)

      • Anonymous

         Not a rookie, but a pretty good situational guy, it seems.

  67. Anonymous

    So Donnie had had enough of the umpires strike zone today I see

    • KT

      Yea but the ump threw him out and he was never talking directly at him…He was in the conference at the mound looking towards center while the ump was behind him

  68. Anonymous

    Kemp looks completely lost at the plate.

    • Honestly the ump is not helping with those calls. I think each at bat there has been at least one ball off the plate called for a strike against him. Then he goes chasing. He shouldn’t get frustrated and go chasing, but he also can’t take all the blame.

      • Anonymous

        He’s just had an off game I think guys.  This is why we brought Hanley over…

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, agreed – just saying for tonight – not thinking it will continue once he gets a different (more consistent) ump behind the plate.

    • He goes through streaks like this periodically….just means a hot streak is coming

  69. Anonymous

    Beltran joins Matt at 0-5

  70. KT

    Come on Han-Ram…start it off

  71. Anonymous

    I wonder at what point does Loney start to get warmed up

  72. KT

    Lot of people leaving early for the place where the “best” fans in America are supposed to be

    • Fans leave early everywhere, and I’ve been almost everywhere in my long life. People are jealous of LA for a mlot of reasons and they pounce on any perceived flaw.

    • Anonymous

      one reason they are the best fans is that they come a long way.

      • KT

        oh you mean like me when I travel from 4 mile north of the mexican border to see a game

        • Anonymous

          I don’t want to argue but I do think they are the best baseball fans not that I have a strong foundation for my impression. I was just telling you what I think they would say.

  73. Last four Dodger relievers have gotten 11 outs on 34 pitches. 

    • Anonymous

      Choate looked great.  Nice to have that side armed nasty lefty, hope we can keep counting on that.

      • Anonymous

        I love watching side armers, I’m always worried that it looks like their arms are going to fall off!

    • Anonymous

      I wish Tolleson was still there

      • Anonymous

        He’s not? I thought Choate took Eovaldi’s spot and Ramirez got Kennedy’s when he went on the DL.

  74. Anonymous

    Loney.  Goodness.

    • Anonymous

       If he hadn’t swung, the umpire probably would have called it a strike.

    •  that ball was inside and about 3 inches off the ground.

      • Anonymous

        I just feel like he looked over matched the whole at bat.  Any chance Hanley or Cruz could play 1st when Dee comes back?

        •  At least Uribe can play all 4 INF spots.

        • Anonymous

          Are you serious?

          • Anonymous

            Why not?  Loney’s stats look like a defensive sub’s, and while they are better than Uribe’s they don’t scream starting first baseman.  Cruz has proved himself an able fielder, Hanley willing to move around, and we know we need a lead off hitter..

            Maybe Cruz/Hanley at 3rd, the other at 1st, and Dee at short?

          • Anonymous

            I just don’t think we move Hanley around to accommodate Dee Gordon. It’s not like Gordon is any better at fielding SS than Hanley, and whatever intangible value we might get from letting Hanley play SS is probably more than the negative value we get from Dee.

          •  well I wouldn’t worry about Gordon until Gordon can play again.

          • Anonymous

            Just throwin ideas out there..

            If Hanley plays SS, Dee doesnt play and we dont have anything near a lead off hitter.  If Hanley plays 3rd, were stuck between Cruz and Dee at short.  Comparatively, we would want all three of these guys in the lineup opposed to Loney, right?

            Maybe Cruz can play 1st?

          • Anonymous

            But do you really want to see Hanley and Gordon in the same infield? Things could get brutal.

          • Anonymous

            If it puts them both in the lineup over our current first base debacle, I’d give it a shot.  See if we could put some runs on the board and then put in some defensive subs.

  75. Anonymous

    I love AJ Ellis battles.

  76. KT

    Come on DP

  77. KT

    Love it…Come on lets get Furcal

    Missed the bag originally

  78. KT


  79. Anonymous

    No good.

  80. Some defensive replacement.

  81. Anonymous

    2 losses in a row, but at least we are back in this big time with our new players

  82. Anonymous

    Gwynn — a defensive replacement who couldn’t make the play.  With his arm, however, and as deep as he was playing, the runner would have scored nonetheless, unless he missed third base.  Disheartening turn of events.

  83. Anonymous

    We showed a lot of heart. Tough loss.

  84. Anonymous

    Yech;as they used to say. I had no choice but to listen to a Card feed if I wanted to complete this game. D’s should keep building for the future, and I an glad for this new ownership. What is left from the McCourt days is a mess!!

  85. Anonymous

    Well, at least instead of just a 3 and 4 hitter surrounded by “meh”, we now have a 3,4 and 5 hitter surrounded by “meh”. Get the win tomorrow 3,4,5.

    • Anonymous

      What is the superlative form of “meh”?

  86. Anonymous

    Still needed:  A first baseman and/or a left fielder who can hit for a reasonable average with some power, and another starting pitcher (unless Lilly returns quickly).

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