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Wishing Nathan Eovaldi well

Dodgers at Cardinals, 10:45 a.m.
Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Hanley Ramirez, 3B
Juan Rivera, 1B
Luis Cruz, SS
Matt Treanor, C
Chris Capuano, P

Several Dodgers had some nice parting words for Nathan Eovaldi, reports Jim Peltz of the Times.

… Veteran pitcher Ted Lilly said, “I really liked Nathan Eovaldi. I think they got a pretty special pitcher and a really good, hard-working, talented young man.”

Right fielder Andre Ethier, noting that he and Eovaldi had “become really close” friends the last two months, said he saw Eovaldi in the lobby of the team hotel Wednesday “and it was kind of tough seeing him go.”

“I wish him the best,” Ethier said, “but also I think we got someone we need right away.” …


Hanley inspires, Dodgers expire


St. Louis is back to being St. Louis


  1. Anonymous

    Excellent title.  I was definitely disheartened to see him leave.  We define a lot of former Dodgers as Old Friends and he certainly earned my respect enough to get that.

  2. Anonymous

     I hope Eo’s wildly successfull against everybody except the Dodgers.

  3. “The Los Angeles Dodgers today placed infielder Adam Kennedy on the 15-day disabled list with a right groin strain and recalled right-handed pitcher Shawn Tolleson from Triple-A Albuquerque.”

    • Anonymous

      I doubt he ever left the team.  Still doesn’t help answer who will take Eovaldi’s turn in the rotation until Lilly comes back.  Or did I miss it and Fife has already been announced?

  4. Anonymous

    I suppose Kennedy might not ever come back from the DL, although Aug. 12 is so close to the roster expansion date that the Dodgers might find a way to keep him around just in case a need arises for a weak-hitting infielder.

    Wish they could have held onto Eo, but if you’re gonna make an omelet. . . 

    • Anonymous

       He’s clearly good enough to be a major league starter, but at what level is unclear.

    • Anonymous

      While Kennedy is weak-hitting, I bet it will surprise you to see his slash line since May 1 is 276/347/378. And, for July it is 342/372/526 while Mark Ellis’ is 237/308/339

      • Anonymous

        That does indeed surprise me.  It’s more an indictment of Ellis since his return than praise for Kennedy, however.  

  5. KT

    good hit Dre…way to start it off

  6. yup big fan of EO. He will do well if he keeps healthy. i thought he was a possible building block and shouldn’t be traded. but in this case he had to be and the fish knew what they were doing when they asked for him.

    •  I liked him as well. But I am pretty happy with what we got in return. I guess we will have to wait and see how it plays out but at least were not just getting a 3 month rental. Not long ago there would have been no one in baseball you would trade Hanley straight up for if you were the marlins. At worst case he is an upgrade over what we would be playing at SS this year and next year or at 3b

      • I’ll be happy if Hanley recaptures 1/2 his former self.  I think you have to make the trade. But I also think given the issues that it’s way too early to say it’s a successful trade.

  7. Hanleymania is over!

  8. haha Lyons just said CAP was the best Dodger pitcher by far this year. i can see where he would drive some people nuts with something like that. but the guy’s job is non-stop talking about baseball. stuff is going to come out funny sometimes. think he’s above replacement as a major league tv announcer. you only need listen to the card color man to know that.

    • KT

      who would you say is the best this year?

      • i think lyons’ statement is fine for an announcer to say. but there are SOME who would have a big billowing fit over it. cap is a fine pitcher. and i think lyons does a decent job. i would rather listen to him than most of the other team’s guys. of course i rather listen to Vin 30 years ago. 

        • I’d rather listen to Vin now.

        • KT

          you didn’t answer my question.

          • well if you want a serious answer i’d need a definition of Best. not trying to be difficult.  if you ask who i would rather have this year i’d say Clayton. if you ask who i’d rather pitch a game that i needed to win i’d say Clayton. if you ask who i think deserves the biggest round of applause i’d say CAP. if you asked who i thought knew more about pitching i would say CAP. I also have a reasonable amount of respect for Wins. I think to discard it as a value is childish. whose pitched better i think it’s really darn close. 

          • KT

             This year I feel much confortable with Cap on the mound then Clayton. I think our chances of winning are greater

    • Anonymous

      On this point, I think Lyons is correct.

    •  one guy makes 21 starts, wins 7 of them. Throws 140 Ip with 136k’s. 38 walks His era is 3.14 and whip is 1.08 and baseball is hitting .223 off him….

      Capuano makes  20 starts, wins 10 of them. Throws 125 innings and has 112k’s and 37 walks. his era is 2.81 whips is 1.15 and baseball hits .233 off him

  9. Anonymous

    I feel that today is a significant game for the Dodgers, not only because it means a one-game swing in the standings — either 2 or 3 games out — but because we face Cain tomorrow night.  Flying west with a three-game losing streak would not make for a pleasant flight.

    • Anonymous

       Gnatt Cain is 3-8 v. the Dodgers, and usually finds a way to lose.

      • Anonymous

        Cain is 3-8 in his career vs. the Dodgers, but here is how he has fared in the last three seasons vs. us:
        2010 — 2-1, 2.70
        2011 — 1-0. 2.03
        2012 — No record

  10. KT i have a question for you. first the preamble. i admittedly haven’t watched Hanley much in recent years. my first impression is you don’t want him playing shortstop even though i haven’t watched him play the position recently. body type, attitude, dee has way more range, etc. my second impression is that when he’s at the plate he definitely looks like a threat. and thirdly he’s going to make me unhappy at times. HOW ABOUT YOU.

    • KT

      I don’t think he has the range for SS anymore and doesn’t feel comfortable at 3rd yet. If he ever feels comfortable there, he’ll be better, but until then watch out

  11. Anonymous

    Gwynn’s been awful lately, but when the strike zone starts at the toenails that makes it tough.

    • Anonymous

      I agree on both points, but I think the former is more significant than the latter.  Gwynn has looked awful for quite a while.  In my mind, he is fast approaching how I feel about Uribe and Loney.

  12. KT


    • KT

      Make a great play and then your 1st up…seems to happen alot

  13. KT

    That inning could have been a lot worse

  14. KT

    Way to start it off Dre
    Come on Han-Ram

  15. KT

    westbrook doesn’t touch that one and it’s probably stopped by the 2nd baseman

  16. KT

    Good hit Han-Ram
    Come on Juan

  17. KT

    Nice Juan!!
    Come on Luis

  18. KT

    Nice Luis!!
    Come on Matt

  19. Some luck going our way!

  20. KT

    Nice Matt
    Juan gets lucky!!

    Come on Chris

  21. KT

    Good job Chris!!
    Come on Tony

  22. KT

    Cappy thought he was safe ^_^

  23. Anonymous

    Singles party!

  24. KT

    Come on Mark…bring Matt in

  25. 1. Hanley vs. Dee Gordon. At this point, Dee Gordon’s the worst defensive shortstop in baseball (as well as the worst offensive shortstop), so if Hanley can be just average to below average he will provide the Dodgers with far more value. It will also allow the team to play a better bat at 3rd than Dee’s is at short.
    2. Matt Kemp. He’s obviously entering a trough. Historically it takes him a couple of weeks to right himself…hopefully Andre and Hanley can take up the slack.
    3. Kershaw vs Capuano. Statistically, Capuano has edged ahead…he’s having a fine year…indeed, an indispensable year. However, if my life depended on winning one game, it would be #22 on the hill

    • When and if Hanley plays SS for the Dodgers it will end mercifully quickly because it will appear that he’s a 1Bman playing shortstop. Calling Dee the worst shortstop in baseball is one of the best examples i can think of showing how absurdly one dimensional statistics can be when used out of context.

  26. KT

    I liked Lyons suggestion of a try for a bunt hit

  27. KT

    Good inning by our boys

  28. Anonymous

    KT, I think you have a pipeline to the stadium.  Keep it up!

    • KT

      power of positive thinking…They can feel it ^_^

  29. KT

    Let’s go DP

  30. KT

    Cappy looking a little overheated

  31. KT

    bad throw by Tony…Holliday should have been out

    • Anonymous

       I thought Hanley should have made the play.

      • KT

        What’s with tony not making the short throw on the fly…why put hanley in the position of having to snag the ball on a high hop and quickly bring it down for the tag

  32. KT

    This ump is squezzing Cap

  33. Anonymous

    Capuano has clearly lost it.

  34. Anonymous

    If I said anything more about what I think of Gwynn, I’d be guilty of a Rule 8 violation.

  35. Since one bad start this week made Kershaw worse than Capuano, does Capuano’s outing move him down now too?

  36. Anonymous

    With Kershaw on Tuesday and with Capuano today, Mattingly has been late to realize how the heat has sapped both pitchers of their strength and how quickly they can go downhill.

  37. KT

    Wow Dre…poorly played

  38. Wow, Ethier can look so good and then so bad in the same game.

  39. Anonymous

    Horrendous play by Ethier.

  40. I’m at the game. I think the heat got to Cappy. Ethier played that poorly.

  41. KT

    good save Juan

  42. Anonymous

    Fun game!

  43. Anonymous

    Rick Monday seems rather fascinated with the weather radar :)

    • KT

      supposed to be chances of  thunderstorms today

  44. KT

    Good eye Han-Ram
    Come on Juan

  45. Anonymous

    I hope that we haven’t used up all the gas in the tank.

  46. St. Louis is back to being St. Louis. 

  47. Anonymous

    That ball Matt Holliday hit off of Guerra was a ….

    “bleeping… m-i-s-s-i-l-e” ….. :-)

    • Anonymous

       It looked catchable when he hit it.

      • Anonymous

         I thought so too, at first….

        Didn’t take Matty too long to give up on it though… :-)

        • Anonymous

           I once saw Jose Canseco hit one like that….

          “Gapper!….. Oh, wait…. Dinger!” ….

  48. Anonymous

    This is tedious.

  49. Anonymous

    Just tuned in. Seventeen hits? Yikes.

  50. KT

    good play Juan

  51. KT  please make sure everyone doesn’t start giving up on the season again.

  52. KT

    Come on Mark…start it off

  53. Anonymous

    Anybody here collect baseball cards?

    • Anonymous

       I once had a 1957 Hygrade Wieners Card of then Seattle Rainier Maurice Morning Wills.

    • Anonymous

      I used to, several decades ago.  Why?

    • Anonymous

      Used to.  Seems like life was a lot more fun then too.

  54. KT

    great to see matty take one

  55. Anonymous

    Surprised to see that.

  56. Anonymous

    C’mon Juan…

  57. KT

    Good eye Han-Ram
    Come on Juan

  58. Anonymous

    I think that the addition of Ramirez is and will continue to be very good for the Dodgers.  However, it also highlights the large disparity on this club between those players who are good hitters and those who aren’t.  Colletti and Kasten will doubtlessly see that and acquire some more hitters — I hope.

    • Anonymous

       I agree. The walk followed by Rivera’s at bat is a good case in point.

  59. KT

    Come on Luis…we need to start it off

  60. Anonymous

    Motte’s unhittable today.

  61. KT

    Have a good day all…We need everyone together for the Gnat series

    • Anonymous

       I expect the Dodgers to take at least two of three from the Gnats.

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