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Elbert pitching well prior to disabled list delegation

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15 p.m.
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Hanley Ramirez, 3B
James Loney, 1B
Luis Cruz, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Stephen Fife, P

The Dodgers placed Scott Elbert on the disabled list with left elbow inflammation, and used the vacated roster spot to recall Stephen Fife for tonight’s start against Matt Cain in San Francisco.

Ken Gurnick of reported that Elbert “has been dealing with discomfort for several weeks,” which is itself discomforting to hear. Interestingly, however, Elbert has been pretty strong in over the past two months. Since May 23, he has a 0.98 ERA in 18 1/3 innings over 22 games, allowing 18 baserunners while striking out 17 — and stranding all 22 inherited runners.

Elbert has also been more effective against right-handed hitters (.584 OPS) than lefty (.733) this season.

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From the Wish I’d Thought of That Dept., Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus discusses the prospects of introducing a deep pit into a baseball field.


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  1. Anonymous

    I think the deep pit should be where the home plate umpire stands. So they can have a really good look at those ankle high pitches that they have been calling for strikes lately

  2. Anonymous

    here is a nice piece on Fife from the Isotopes web-site dated Tuesday. I linked it here at DT very late that night but I think there’s no harm in linking again:

  3. Anonymous

    from a link provided by foul tip to a Cubs writers material:  Dempster, as the parent of a seriously affected special needs child has much more on his plate when he makes a decision than someone who has a family without those issues.

  4. Anonymous

    Tonight’s lineup out yet?

  5. Anonymous

    There’s a slightly changed version of the article you quoted, Jon, on Elbert has been dealing with tenderness for several weeks, and the club nearly had to disable him early this month while in Arizona. That is a key reason the Dodgers wanted veteran lefty reliever Randy Choate, who was included in the Ramirez It now says 

  6. Anonymous

    I have discovered that we have root beer in Aus!! It is often known as sarsaparilla

    •  No kidding? I always wondered what sasparilla was like (they used to offer it at bars in the old western movies.

    • foul tip

       But still no skunks.

      You’d rather have root beer.  Trust me on that.

  7. Anonymous

    Kemp & Ethier (since coming back) haven’t produced like i thought they would but i think (hope) it’s just a matter of time, long term i think the Dodgers have the bats & arms to beat Frisco. big picutre baby picture. 

  8. Anonymous

    Whats our record since June 1? I believe we are below 500.

    • Anonymous

      by one game Artie, your right. 

      • Anonymous

        Thanks I thought it was more than that. I guess it just seems worse.

  9. Anonymous

    Love the picture of Hanley Ramirez in the last thread, SooHoo knows how to take ’em. 

  10. Anonymous

    I agree with your predicted line-up because Mattingly is much more patient than I am but let’s look at Hairston vs Abreu on the season vs RHP: Hairston OPS 751, Abreu 697 doesn’t seem like a big difference but it’s all in SLG
    More important: last 30 days against any pitching OPS Hairston 741, Abreu 474 (don’t know how to find splits); last 7 days Hairston 846, Abreu 437
    not only that but Hairston has slightly better numbers against Cain: 3 for 10, a double, 2 RBI, 3 BB (one an IBB) but 2 K, Abreu 1 for 5, a double, 1 RBI , 4 BB. I said slightly.

    Next on to Mark Ellis, on the full season against RHP 197/301/236 Is his fielding worth putting up with that? I don’t know. Just for comparison same stats for Uribe 236/313/350 beats Ellis in every one.

    • Anonymous

      Stark #s. But I stick with Ellis, not Abreu. Hopefully he starts proving me wrong.

    • Yah the actual lineup seems fine to me, too. 
      Hairston LF Ellis 2B Kemp CF Ethier RF Ramirez 3B Loney 1B Cruz SS Ellis C Fife P

      Loney has excellent career numbers vs. Cain as well, though Cain has been outstanding this year and Loney… hasn’t, so maybe it won’t mean much. 

      • Anonymous

        you can add Ethier into the mix of hitters that can hit Cain -> .468 BA – .491 OBP (yeah you know me) 

      • Anonymous

        This should be the default lineup unless there’s some special reason for it not to be.

  11. That is quite a haul the Brewers are getting from the Angels in Greinke trade. If Angels make playoffs and Greinke is great-ke, I’m sure they’ll be fine with it, but 3 of their top 10 prospects including #1 prospect Segura. Good on the Brewers, whose farm system had been weak and were basically toast this year.

  12. Anonymous

    Tonight is the worst of situations – blacked out by MLBTV because I live in the East Bay. Having to make do with Gameday.

    • Anonymous

      the world of WBB. No gracias. 

      • Anonymous

        The worst of baseball situations. At least I can listen to Vin for the first few innings before being stuck with Steiner.

        • Anonymous

          You pay for internet radio broadcasts?

          • Anonymous

            I have an MLBTV subscription, so I can hear all games and watch those that are not blacked out. Gnat and A’s games are blacked out, because they’re on local cable, which is not worth the expense to me.

    • KT

      I’ll be around if you need me to explain any situation

    • who told you to move to oakland for gawd sakes. … i kid. i lived in san ramon for a while.

      • Anonymous

        I went to school at UC-Berkeley many, many years ago.  Oakland had a great Chinatown and a great magazine/newsstand downtown.   Had/and still has some wonderful old neighborhoods.

        • still has some great spots. but still has some desolation

        • Anonymous

           That was DeLauer’s for out of town papers. Oakland can be a great place to live – we love it in Temescal – but there are definitely out-of-bounds areas.

          • Anonymous

            one of the managers were i work went to a game (football) out there, his description scared me a bit to be honest, but somebody else told me he went to an A’s V. Yankees game & it was awesome, so i don’t know…

          • Anonymous

            WBBsAs:  DeLauer’s.  I had forgotten the name.  It always had a great selection of baseball magazines and stuff like “Who’s Who in Baseball.”  When I was a kid, my father would buy it for me.  It cost 60 cents, and I would spend hours on it.

  13. ok so how many of you would trade Lindbloom for Dempster?

    • Anonymous

      with Lilly coming back soon, i wouldn’t pull the trigger on that one. Somebody had a great quote from Branch Rickey a few weeks back, i kind of feel that way about your proposal. 

    • Anonymous

      Has the Cubs price dropped to one relief pitcher for him?

  14. Anonymous

    speaking of great quotes (kinda) i dare you not to get goosebumps on this one from Ken Arneson link blogs.

    • Anonymous

      Your post is one of the great things that I like about this blog.  On what other sports blogs would one find such a post?  Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        it’s amazing right!. For me it just sets me on an even keel…

  15. KT

    Come on DP

  16. Anonymous

    Morning in Jakarta with Vin and gameday.

    • KT

      Happy Saturday to you

    • got some world cruisin sons of guns in this chatroom

      • foul tip

        In addition to world travelers,  IIRC In years past there have been commenters from Israel, New Zealand, England, France, 1 or 2 from Aus before John and the other one who popped in recently, military in the Middle East, and likely other countries I’m leaving out.

        Not to mention many states in the US and a couple current and past regulars from Canada.

        In one DT reincarnation there was a world map with DT pins, I think.  It was impressive.

        Maybe Jon could update that if he gets a chance.  Or Bob T, who has his ways of finding out things. 

  17. Anonymous

    Nice DP, just what the doctor ordered. 

  18. KT

    Nice throw Dre
    Long single sets up the force

  19. Anonymous

    Ethier has a respectable arm out there. 

  20. KT

    Come on Dre start it off

  21. Anonymous

    I think the new ownership will gradually make the Dodgers better than the Giants, so they can compete in the west.The Giants are presently better. They have developed young starters so well that it would take a team with substantial resources to compete with them. The Dodgers have the resources, although it may take a couple of years to pass the Giants. Gee–it was almost more fun when money wasn’t the main determinant of who would win!

    • Anonymous

      Will quickly make the Dodgers superior. At the moment, the Dodgers are somewhat better, but not dominant.

  22. KT

    Nice hit James
    Come on Luis

  23. Anonymous

    uh, like the composure there by FIfe…

    • Anonymous

      thinking about it, i think i was more impressed with how well he was holding the runner, i’m horrible at explaining things you guys. 

  24. KT

    Come on DP

  25. KT

    Nice hustle Matt
    Still looking for the DP 1-2-3

  26. Anonymous

    thinking if that ball doesn’t hit Fife is it a DP, i don’t know man, the thing was hit hard. 

    what do you guys think?

  27. KT

    good play Jerry

  28. Anonymous

    As if things were not going poorly enough, now I’m stuck with Steiner.

    • Anonymous

      All I can say at this point is at least its a familiar voice.

  29. KT

    Good hit Dre
    Come on Han-Ram

  30. Anonymous

    Cain threw a down and away fastball & Ethier just went with it. Looked pretty too, the swing did. 

  31. Anonymous

    this could be a telling inning.

  32. KT

    Come on DP

  33. KT

    Almost Jerry

  34. KT

    Nice play Han-Ram

  35. KT

    NICE Catch MATTY!!!!

  36. Anonymous

    Kemp’s got wings!

  37. Anonymous

    Fife is pitching his little hart out. 

  38. Anonymous

    Lilly to pitch 2 innings on Sunday at Rancho

    Dodgers move 2012 draftee LH relief P Steven Rodriguez up 2 levels to AA after 6 1 inning appearances. This is the player some said could be a Sept. call-up. His stat page from low A

  39. Anonymous

    My, my, my!

  40. KT

    Fife trying to help himself…lettle harding and that was going to the wall for maybe an insider

  41. Anonymous

    Fife returned the favour with a rocket to right field. 

  42. KT

    JERRY!!   Fife does help himself

  43. Anonymous

    new ball game boys!! 1-1 on a Hairston double to right field

  44. Anonymous

    that’s right!

  45. KT

    Come on Matty

  46.  yes, a run in this ballpark! Now let’s get some more!!

  47. It’s nice to have 3-4-5 hitters that cause some stress to the other team!

  48. KT

    Good steal Mark…Come on Matty

  49. Anonymous

    Return of the real Gnatt Cain!

  50. KT

    Cain @ 80 pitches through 5

  51. Anonymous

    Didn’t see it, but am I correct that Sheerhope misplayed that ball in the outfield?

    • KT

      No he was playing shallow along with all the other outfielders and it was a gapper…if Fife had hit it harder Sheerhope wouldn’t have even got his glove on it and it would have rolled close to the wall

  52. Cruz plays a pretty nice SS.

  53. Anonymous

    it was hit hard WBB, but i think he just didn’t get down low enough, he barely got his glove on it. 

  54. KT

    Come on Dre start it off

  55. KT

    Good hit Dre
    Come on Han-Ram

  56. Anonymous

    Dre is able.

  57. The gnats get Marco Scutoro… there hasn’t been a trade that’s scared me less since, um, well, ever….

  58. KT

    way to move him over
    Come on James bring him home

  59. Is James coming around?

  60. KT

    Good hit BGJ!!
    Come on Luis

  61. Anonymous

    the right guys in the right situation = another run. yes!!

  62. KT

    Good hit Luis
    Come on AJ

  63. KT

    oh well we got 1

  64. KT

    Nice play Mark

  65. You know. I didn’t see him last time. But Barney can pitch a little.

  66. Who needs Dempster when we’ve got Fife? (kinda serious)

  67. KT

    Come on Stephen

  68. KT

    Cains at 100 pitches and due up 1st in the bottom of the inning…he’s probably done since they have someone warming up

  69. It will be interesting to see if Lindbloom gets into the game tonight.

    • Anonymous

      If you traded a position player during a game would you be obliged to remove him from the line up?  Since he was on the roster at the beginning of the game, not sure if a Josh appearance would mean he hadn’t been traded.  Actually, I have no idea.

  70. Great game Fife! Tip o’ the cap.

    • Anonymous

      very much so, he’s pitched two 1 run games. 

  71. KT

    He’s pitching so well, why remove him only 93 pitches

  72. KT

    good play randy

  73. Anonymous

    always love watching guys stick to fundamentals, love the way Choate made the out. Held the ball with his hand in glove. Coach would have made us run twice around the park if done wrong…

    • Anonymous

      In Japan they would have made you do those laps backwards on your knees.

  74. KT

    there is one very loud mouth fan I’ve been hearing all night

  75. KT

    Come on Belli shut them down

  76. KT

    Come on DP

  77. KT

    YES!! still looking for that DP

  78. Anonymous

    when Belli is right, he’s just unfair… WOW.

  79. Anonymous


  80. KT

    Still think we should have left FiFe in
    Come on DP

    • Anonymous

      Just some facts: In his last 10 minor league starts the longest he went was 7 innings. In his last start on Sunday in AAA he threw 98 pitches, tonight 93. I don’t like burning a relief pitcher for 1 hitter in the 7th inning so I agree with you but the Dodgers know more about Fife’s stamina then we do

  81. alll those lefties have to wonder why randy didn’t stay around longer. 

    • Anonymous

       Good point.

    • Anonymous

      you mean the one who came after the 4 righties or do you you mean the one who came after the one rightie who came after the one leftie who came after the 4 righties? Which do you mean by “all”?

  82. Anonymous


  83. Anonymous

    poor placement of pitches i feel, everything was on the outside corner to these lefties. Me & my comfort of hihnsight… 

  84. KT

    AJ should have hit the batter

  85. KT

    Time to get those runs back
    Come on James start us off

  86. That should bring his July era up to about 8.

  87. KT

    Nice hit Juan
    Come on Luis

  88. Anonymous

    Great start Juan

  89. KT

    good bunt
    Come on AJ

  90. KT

    Come on Jerry

  91. Anonymous

    not exactly the results we wanted but its o.k. 

  92. Anonymous

     The dangers of an overworked bullpen.

  93. Anonymous

    be gentle with my little heart baseball gods. please. 

  94. Anonymous

    Another extra inning game? wow

  95. KT

    Come on Mark start it off

  96. everyone but Kemp and Hanley have hits tonight. Now would be a good time this Romo guy has filthy numbers over the last 2  seasons  plus this one

  97. KT

    now that was the pitch to hit Dre

  98. Anonymous

    yes, yes, yes!!!!!!

  99. KT


  100. Anonymous


  101. Anonymous

    Steiner’s dinger call had my heart in my throat knowing that sometimes he gets over excited.

  102. KT

    VERY VERY Quite now at the phone booth to be named later

  103. Anonymous

    Nobody say nothin till this inning is over.

    • KT

      so you want us to say something? (double negative)

  104. KT

    Good Hit Juan!!

  105. ooh Hanley didn’t need to that crap on the trot. but i fear that’s just who he is.

    • Anonymous

      What did he do?

      • KT

        see below or above depending on how you have your comments (oldest 1st or newest)

    • Agree, that was bush.

    •  what did he do? (I’m not watching)

    • he’s a hot dog by nature and it’s not pretty. guess he’s not old enough. but he’s been doing it since the beginning. i’m sure dodgers fans will be happy with him as long as he keeps hitting home runs. but it’s not very classy. can’t believe Don baseball would be in favor.

      •  Yah I am not a fan of that stuff. I agree. In any sport.

        • giants announcers disagree with you KT. I would never disagree with you. it’s what Don Drysdale would hit you in the head for.

          • KT

            I re-confirmed it…as he rounded second he he immediately turned towards the 1st base dugout and did the finger around the eyes thing…which means ” do you see me…I see you”

          • well with that 95 inch screen you should be able to tell. 

          • KT

            It’s only 80″ but I have an HDDVR and I’m 7 and 1/2 feet away

          • KT

            The Gnat’s announcers are homers anyway…of course they are going to try to stir up trouble

      • KT

        I think he was just happy to help his new team…he did it towards his own dugout, not at the Gnats dugout which really would have been bush

  106. KT

    Come on Luis…Bring Juan home for an extra insurance run

  107. KT

    Come on K then DP

  108. KT

    Come on Kenley

  109. Anonymous

    the Giant hitter is right on Jansen’s pitches.Let’s see what happens. 

  110. Anonymous

    oh man, Jansen struck him out!

  111. Anonymous

    first 2 batters got hits, last two struck out. 

  112. Anonymous

    high heat for both.

  113. KT

    That’s 2 Kenley…1 more

  114. I’ve had such a long week. Is there anyway we can just obviously win a game?

  115. Anonymous

    Henley’s giving me a heart attack this inning.

  116. Anonymous

    Never in doubt.

  117. Anonymous

    had to leave for about 25 minutes. when dre was at bat, its weird but I just knew if Andre got on Ramirez would homer

  118. Anonymous


  119. Okay. Whew. Night all.

  120. Anonymous

    Fun way to break the losing streak

  121. Anonymous

    Steiner is a bit excited. (and so am I!)

  122. KT

    That’s 1 need two more guys

  123. KT

    VODF…just confirmed he did it only to his own dugout

  124. Anonymous

    Bills tomorrow against Zito. 

  125. Anonymous

    Major relief and gratitude for those of us in the North of the State, who will be able to show our faces outside our homes again tomorrow.

    Great contributions from Fife and Hanley!!Kenley is taking years off my life.Go Dodgers.

  126. Found this picture of Mike Krukow after the game. Poor guy, hope he’s okay.

    The HanRam homer really upset him (and he doesn’t like it when other guys showboat, only when Giants do it.) 

  127. Anonymous

    Yeah, like this kid Fife – outpitching Cain at AT&T in his 1st road start – gotta love it.

  128. Anonymous

    And Hanley making a couple real nice plays at 3rd great to see.

  129. Anonymous

    Dodger farm team Rancho C. had 19 hits tonight after 19 yesterday and the answer to Don Drysdale’s immortal question, did we win? is yes both games.

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